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1903 by J Peterman

I was floored the first day I wore this. Slightly sweet, green and a little smoky, it drew positive comments all day. I think it can be an all year scent, but probably at its best in the Spring and Summer.
25th February, 2007

No. 88 by Czech & Speake

A fragrance of cold, haunting beauty. The rose note lingers on and on,lending an air of sadness. A fragrance to admire deeply although perhaps not like.
31st March, 2005

Helmut Lang Eau de Cologne by Helmut Lang

The perfect office fragrance. Has that clean, just laundered shirt smell. Superb.
17th March, 2005
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Pour Un Homme by Caron

Not a fragrance for the impatient. This scent takes is time developing. At first the lavender and vanilla seem to be at war, with neither winning. Then,gradually the vanilla becomes dominant,with the lavender still having enough presence to give it something of an edge. Exquisite drydown.
04th March, 2005

Classic Vanilla by Pinaud

The vanilla acts as a base for the other fleeting, mostly citrus notes. Not bad, a little sweet, but an excellent value
25th February, 2005

Crown Imperial by Crown Perfumery

The best citrus fragrance I have ever worn. A pure lemon burst followed by the mellow, exquisite lavender drydown. Crown at its best!
20th February, 2005