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Prada Amber pour Homme by Prada

When youve got a new clean cut hair cut, brand new suit, and want to feel like a million bucks, THIS is the fragrance to wear. Absolute class, sophistication, elegance, cleanliness, ect. in a bottle. IMO Prada Amber is a must in everyones collection
29th November, 2010

Millésime Impérial by Creed

In my opinion one of, if not THE most overrated fragrances of all time. Nothing really special about it to me at all. Nothing attractive, nothing that jumps out at me. I dont understand how something like bleu de chanel gets hated on so much and something like Millesime Imperial gets so much love. Bleu gets criticized for being so boring, well are u keeping me? MI is much much more boring then Bleu de Chanel and Bleu de Chanel smells better by far. It also projects better and lasts longer.

For the amount of praise it receives, MI is the most overrated fragrance of all time.

Im tempted to give it a thumbs down because of the hype that it didnt live up to, but since it doesnt neccesarily smell BAD, it doesnt warrant a thumbs down.
12th October, 2010

Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

ive written other reviews, but those were when i just started my fragrance journey and knew absolutely nothing and had a very inexperienced nose. I have now had lots and lots of experience, as this hobby has become a huge part of my life, and when all my excitement over new things calms down and i rate everything on a fair scale, Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male is, in my opinion, the greatest mens fragrance in the history of the industry.

First of all, the scent itself. From the amazind Mint and Lavender opening, to the absolutely hypnotizing Vanilla middle and drydown, this fragrance is absolute sex in a bottle, an absolute lady killer, and must be by far the most complimented fragrance of all time.

Secondly, many fragrances can smell good, but do they last? and can someone smell me from over there...With Le Male, there is never any worry about that. It projects like a beast and lasts long. That power, coupled with the hypnotizing scent, makes for an absolute gem.

Third. Yeah. Its popular. Its one of the best sellers in the history of the the industry and for damn good reason. Just because it sells alot doesnt mean it should be looked down on. If it wasnt so amazing, it wouldnt be so popular. Its as simple as that. Its overall financial success in the fragrance industry shouldnt be something that you fault this fragrance for, but something that should be recognized and rewarded.

Ive been very very very pleased with alot of fragrances, but there is no fragrance in this world that has left the impression that Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier has left me. When i smelled it on a friend for the first time, i was absolutely shocked. SHOCKED.

This IS the greatest fragrance of all time, and it shouldnt be knocked because so many of tried copying it and it shouldnt be knocked because it doesnt smell funky or like a womens perfume.

Basketball has Michael Jordan. Mens fragrance has Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male.

All hail, The Holy Grail.
12th October, 2010
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Bois du Portugal by Creed

When im 45-50 years old and in the middle of my law career, this will be my scent. Right now, i can appreciate it and like the smell, but i would not wear it at the age I'm at now (18)
12th October, 2010

A*Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

edit: ok. i got a little excited. its not the holy grail. its amazing and i love it. but not the holy grail
18th September, 2010 (last edited: 17th October, 2010)

Givenchy Play Intense by Givenchy

dont really love it. it smells identical to axe dark temptations to me. not one of my favorites.
13th September, 2010

Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

i sampled this today. very very disappointed. i saw the reviews about the pencil shavings, and i was hoping they were wrong, but they were spot on. this is just nothing attrative about this scent to me. nothing at all. i would not recommend this fragrance to anyone under the age of 60


i never thought i could have this much of a turn around..

When i first tried this, i didnt know much about how fragrances change on your skin, so i smelled it on paper and quickly passed, but oh my.

This is right up there with Le Male as my favorite fragrance of all time. It is, as alot of people refer to it, a campfire in a bottle. a complete comfort scent. in my opinion tho, strictly for winter nights.

Its spicy in the first blast, but then on my skin it mellows down to a incense-y, woody, smoked honey-ish fragrance that is sweetened just slightly enough with a perfect balance of vanilla and amber.

I absolutely love the bottle as well. I got a small one because this is a fragrance that ill onnly wear winter nights, and i will only need 1-2 sprays of this(usually one).

Depending on your style, i think this fragrance can fit different kinds of men. I can picture the leather jacket and jeans guy wearing this, but for me, this is a fragrance ill wear when im wearing a fancy cashmere sweater or a peacoat. Its very much a formal fragrance in my opinion.

Please please please do not try on paper only. spray it on your skin, let it sit for a couple minutes, and return to heavenly warmth.
28th August, 2010 (last edited: 16th December, 2010)

Boss Selection by Hugo Boss

i saw it for a cheap price so i said "hey why not". This fragrance is not bad and its not fantastic. its not an everyday kind of scent, and its not amazing enough that i would wear it over other fragrances for very special occasions.

this will be something i wear if im going to a dinner with family or something when im not really trying to impress anyone.
10th August, 2010

Givenchy pour Homme by Givenchy

very decent frag. prjects and lasts on my skin. Gets compliments literally EVERYTIME i wear this stuff
its spicy, woodsy, sweet. very good fragarnce
05th August, 2010 (last edited: 23rd December, 2010)

Pi by Givenchy

This is the cologne i only bring out for times when i am in desperate need to impress people. this is the best. most alluring. girls absolutely droool over this
05th August, 2010