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Vera Wang Anniversary by Vera Wang

This takes Vera Wang to a much darker place and at the same time it's very classy. It's difficult to pin point what it is exactly that creates the sum of all its parts, but this combination of scents makes a beautiful fragrance- first you think violet...maybe a little jasmine, but, it seems that all notes work in harmony making it unclear as to what exactly it is that you are smelling. I love it! I am definitely going to buy before it's gone (maybe stockpile?) lol!
It's truly warm and decadent!
31st August, 2010

Ancient Attar Pure-Fume Spirit Spray by Aveda

I love's truly sexy in my opinion and if my cat peed that scent, I'd be wearing it! Needless to say, the above comment is a 'little off'. No ammonia in this attar! You can only describe it as 'other worldly'. I am love it! <3
27th August, 2010

Sanrio - Hello Kitty by Demeter Fragrance Library

I honestly thought it smelled of strawberries! It's a fun scent. A bit young for me but I love 'Hello Kitty' and while I was on a trip to Montreal, they were selling them at this hat shop and I just loved it so I bought one :)
19th August, 2010
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SJP NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker

I was extremely surprised by this perfume - and coming from SJP!!! I found it harshly sweet and not something I would expect coming from such a fashion forward celebrity. I was very disappointed. SJP, where's 'dirty'?? lol! <3
19th August, 2010

Alien: Liqueur de Parfum by Thierry Mugler

If you like the original Alien then you will certainly love this! It's Alien but more...It's hard to explain but it's as though they have somehow intensified it in a very surreal way making it more vibrant and beautiful.
19th August, 2010

Indian Gardenia by Body Shop

I use this as aromatherapy in my home. It's a warm floral scent. Sometimes I like to mix it with rose absolue and vanilla :)
19th August, 2010

Tobacco Flower by Body Shop

This fragrance was an impulse buy for me. I think I was much younger and the name appealed to me. I smelled it and was pleasantly surprised it didn't smell a thing like what I had expected. It was a very sweet floral. I really liked it when I bought it but then quickly grew tired of the smell.
19th August, 2010

Skin Musk / Bonne Bell Skin Musk by Prince Matchabelli

What can I say? I love musk! This smell reminds me of people who are kind and warm hearted. It's like they have a secret and that secret is how they learned to be wonderful people! I suppose my past experiences with musks have always been with people that I liked or admired so it is hard for me to not love musk and this one as simple as it may be, it's just so cozy and animalic :)
19th August, 2010

Satsuma by Body Shop

This scent is very uplifting. The orange appeals to me very much although it's not something I could wear everyday-
19th August, 2010

Special Edition Cosy Cashmere by Body Shop

This scent disn't agree with me. It was just not something I could wear. Too dry/warm...and something that just didn't agree with my stomach. It is rare that I don't like a scent but unfortunately this was one :(
19th August, 2010

Poivre Rose / Pink Pepper by Body Shop

It is exactly how I envisioned this scent to smell like. Sweet pink flower and pepper...
19th August, 2010

Vanilla Vanille by Body Shop

This is definitely vanilla. I love vanilla but I prefer it to be mixed with other scents. This is much too sweet. If you like edible type scents, I would highly recommend this.
19th August, 2010

Clean Ultimate by Clean

This is truly the ultimate clean scent. I like Provence as well. I love the smell of freshly cleaned anything so I was easily sold on almost the entire line :)
19th August, 2010
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White Musk by Body Shop

I have always loved this scent. It's simple and warm. It reminds me of growing up as a young woman. You only needed a little dab otherwise it was 'White Musk' overkill! lol! :)
19th August, 2010

Yellow Jeans by Versace

It is unfortunate that this scent was discontinued like the others said...This scent was the most nostalgiac scent I had ever smelled in my entire life. The very moment I would smell it, I could not stop thinking of my childhood bedroom. The light green rugs, the pink and lace drapes, the strawberry shortcake wallpaper...etc. I am disappointed I never bought it. It had an amazing impact on me and the smell was unusal but pleasant...fresh, fruity, sweet lemon...I couldn't tell you what it was composed of but it really does smell 'yellow' to me :)
19th August, 2010

Tiffany by Tiffany

This is beauty and sophistication in a bottle. This is one of the classiest perfumes I have ever worn.
19th August, 2010

Nokomis by Coty

I remember this being the first scent that I smelled at the drugstore that had eucalyptus in it. I used to spray it on when I had a cold. It's not a bad smell actually.
19th August, 2010

Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

I wanted so very much to love this fragrance. I tried it several times and it is a good perfume. Bold Boudoire is what I would call it. It's a little too harsh for my taste and this is one of the only fragrances that gives me mind boggling headaches because of it's potency. There's something seductive about it though but since I couldn't really get passed the headache, I couldn't enjoy it. It is old world and made me think I was wearing Cleapatras perfume that had been unearthed from a tomb. This isn't a bad thing; it just doesn't mesh with me.
19th August, 2010