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Essential by Lacoste

Lacoste Essential it's ESSENTIAL I just like it a lot this stuff is really good!
It's a mix of fresh, woody and sweet smell wich is awesome
The first hour or so it's fresh but not very manly!
But then when the middle and base notes appears it's manly but fresh and woody
I think it could be a signature scent!
really Great i love it!
I get like 4-5 hours with this one it's not very bad!
Compliments just a little because it don't proyect like crazy
But i get compliments from my girlfriend
she loves it
But you'll get complitments most in the hot days!!!
11th August, 2010

Z by Ermenegildo Zegna

OMG!!! Z by Mr Zegna
For me a marterpiece i don't know why but i think it's my skin
that makes this fragrance so awesome first i get like 6-8 hours
but the first 2 it proyects like crazy on the hot days of summer! i don't know if
it's just my skin, because i just make 4 sprays (2 on my neck and 2 on my wrist and that's all)
This catches the attention of the ladies and make them crazy!!! they just go around me and ask me what that was!
I just love it, a nice aquiatic
When I first smelled it, it remind me of Acqua Di Gio but like a blue version of it with those top notes very fresh and citrus eith like a blue berry feel to it and the heart notes are more floral but the tops notes are there , but it's pretty linear
One of my favourites!!
Try it!!
If you are an ADG fan and you don't like that sour note try the fruty version of it wich is Z by Ermenegildo Zegna

11th August, 2010

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

Polo Blue!! It's just GREAT
I really like this scent a lot, i love it
Fresh, clean and fruity!
I like a lot the smell of polo blue a good summer fragance
The only think I don't like about it it's the longevity
'Cause sometimes I get 3-4 hours and sometimes 6-7
But Overall nice scent!
And It's a fav of the girls
A really good compliment getter
I always get compiments qhen i wear it
11th August, 2010
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Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren

I remember this fragrance back in the day when it was my signature sent
It's fresh and clean and smells like body wash, like a nice and clean shower
and it's a little bit floral too
On my skin this last about 8-10 hours wich is great
But i Wouldn't buy it again beacause I wore it a lot of time maybe just a 75 ml
But It's a very good fragance i think!
And a Machine of Compliments the girls love it!!!
11th August, 2010

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

The one, The Only ,The Famous!! Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani!!!
This stuff is really cool one of my favs for the summer, With Z by Zegna and Polo Blue, i like it i really do I have 2 bottles of this and the shower gel!!!
Just got lucky!!! :) cause the gel was for free!!
Well longevity on this one 6-8 hours on my skin!
The first hour is just heaven!!! like a nice and fresh clean shower in the hot afternoon!!! and the silliage is very descent it projects like crazy!
And in the second hour it starts the fruity-acquatic side of it and it still projects
then it stays close to the skin and i reapply it 4 hours later
because I love the first 2 hours!
I think this and Z by Zegna are the most compimented of my collection
The Girls love it!!
Mi gf Goes crazyt with this!
And here where i live! it's not too common!
But a lot of guys use 360ª Red by Perry Ellis
Or Just me by Paris Hilton
But the real thing is this
I dont like the other 2 is much as i like this one!
You Should try it!
this is a little bit more natural!

11th August, 2010