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Reviews by vuduciel

Total Reviews: 12

Adidas Fair Play by Adidas

I don`t know what`s wrong with this one. Only last for 10 minutes on me. The opening is so `melon`, people around me said that. Even with the $8 price tag in here, Indonesia, I won`t recommend it.
04th October, 2010

Corduroy by Zirh

Sweet and warm. Not offending. But no longevity whatsoever on me. Probably because the climate in my country, Indonesia, which is tropical and moist. Better for night use. For the price of tester I bought, only $10 here, there is nothing wrong to apply every 2 hour or so.
04th October, 2010

Hugo Energise by Hugo Boss

This is one of my favorite besides Aigner Clear Day. Different in smelling, but each has its power. Longevity is excellent. The price is quite a bargain too.
04th October, 2010
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B.Clean Fresh by Benetton

Benetton never become my favorite because of its short lasting freshness. Maybe its good as an aftershave ?
04th October, 2010

X Limited by Etienne Aigner

A `normal` fragrance for me. Some years ago my friend trips to Singapore, and he gives me this. One of my first frag collection too. Never had another bottle.
04th October, 2010

L'Eau par Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo

I prefer this baby after Energise or Clear Day. Not many people wear this anymore, I guess. Fresh and soft.
04th October, 2010

Hugo by Hugo Boss

Quite good longevity. The price is right too. Classic for my nose, I find it not offending anyone. But I do not look to buy this `old` guy again.
04th October, 2010

Ferrari (Red) by Ferrari

I like it, though many negative reviews. One of the first above $20 frag I bought. Warm, sweet. But never feel any needs for another bottle.
04th October, 2010

Cold by Benetton

I always try to get a tester if I could, if not, I play around on the level of under $20 price tag. This is one of the first cologne I try, worth your money as a junior high school, like me back then. Fresh and sweet.

My wife tries HOT also, kinda nice too.
04th October, 2010

Clear Day for Men by Etienne Aigner

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Different in fresh cathegory. One of my favorites since 2007. Always had one ready. Sillage and longevity is quite good.
04th October, 2010

Cigar by Rémy Latour

I don`t know why I bought this at the first place. Not my style. And I dropped it, of course I don`t mean to, it still half full. Never regret it though. No longevity, and in tropical weather, it smell too musky.
04th October, 2010

Benetton Sport Man by Benetton

After trying for only a few days on 2008, I consider this one not worthed the $15 price tag. Fresh, yes, but many others with same price offer better longevity and sillage.
04th October, 2010