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Into the Blue by Escada

The Opening of Into the Blue starts off
with a scent of freshly cut grass that dominates 15 minutes of applying, Watermelon note starts steeping
though but the synthitic overtones fails to deliver the picture of a fruity paradise but still bring an air of interest, Lotus know for it's delicate elegance and with it's powery watery nuance quietly drifts placidly
The drydown is a confusing hodpodge of musk and peony, the note from the Peony
with it's sweet and powdery smell pleasent but shy and unobtrussive Amber and Musk notes IMHO don't blend well with the grass and watermelon bring a sour
tinge to In the Blue,

The real showshoper has to be the botle
Conjours the feeling of diving into the seas of different shades of Azure of Bali where the Ocean
meets the Flawless Turqoiuse sky Suspended in time the sense of oneness and tranquillity overcomes the senses in a Zen Paradise.
10th July, 2011

Hugo Deep Red by Hugo Boss

This should be called Deep Orange because on my skin
I get a blast of Juicy Oranges and Mandrian I expected something more deep and intoxicating worthy
of the Color that made men drop to their feet when a
Madame comes struting and use her wiles
for suduction or in the middle ages people feared it was the symbol of the devil and mortal sin but instend it's tame with no silage it fades within 15 or 20 min I would like it to have more spices mixed with incense with pomergrate to fire this up it's not bland but nothing to wright home about.
28th May, 2011

Imari by Avon

Imari is it Ambiguous or Androgymous? everyone has there own interpretation of what the mind preceives of what a scent should be, She is neither Girlish nor Womanly, Imari avoids the sweet naivete of candy notes and airy florals She is a deep and worldy Woman who takes no nonsense nor sugar-coateed Sentiment from no one.

The Scent of Imari opens with the note of Aldehydes dry and musty like dust on old leatherbound book forgotten from age then dries with Irises gives off A metallic smell like freshly carved ivory Piano Keys newly played while the thinly covered dust float slavishly in tune to the music under the beams from a Venetian blinds in the Early Morning light,

Imari dries Warm and Spicy due to the presence of Incense descreert enough not to overpower yet definde to make it's presence known, The incense note is also a thinly Disguised metaphore of Dimly lit
street filled with rustic stores of exotic antiques and old Opium Dens
and a Pagoda that silently hides between the house of vices incense burns quietly thoughout the night with the scent of sandalwood add to the nocturnal side of Imari.

The Note of Musk starts the Finishing of Imari very prominate it seemed to drown out the other notes ie
Vanilla amber and ceder But the Sandalwood holds it's own and adds a fiery woodish twist to Imari The Musk IMHO is my favotite note It has a Mannish quality and make the scent a bit Androgymous almost masculine if you left out the Tuberose A Man can wear can wear this, So what is the question Is it Ambigious or Androgymous My Answer whould Be mostly Androgymous it's Blurs the line of Feminine and Masculine,

My Final verdict This is not a scent for young Girls it's a scent for a confident Independent woman who knows what she wants out of life and aware of her Sexuality and know how to use it.
28th May, 2011
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Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

A Tale of the Parisian Sisters Y.S.L Paris & Dior Diorissimo both French and exudes Glamor yet very
different like Night and Day; Paris is a bold
gregarious Sister nothing is quiet about her everything
from the notes Of Paris is big The opening packs a punch
from the Sweetish mimose bright greens Roses hyacinths
to the fiery Sandalwood finishing she'll demands your
attention and wont let go; She also has a lot of personas She's a hot clubber on the dancefloor seducing
all the guys amid her path A top corporate raider who
has everyone under her thumb Or a Diva who needs to be
a center of attention.

Diorissimo a reserved sister of Paris prim & proper
and modesty is her aura Simple and Elegant she doesn't
need a thousand floral notes nor Hot deep incense to be notice
just a few fresh Lilies green notes and Bergamot ,
Her Persona include being a Ballerina plus a housewife and mother
she rather work
behind the scenes then being center stage;
If Y.S.L Paris is the fiery part of Parisian Elegance
so Diorissimo is the Ice.

05th April, 2011

Rare Gold by Avon

If gold had a smell then Rare Gold fits that persona
pure luxury in a bottle rich and full; notes of Tuberose
Gardenia Orange Blossoms & Succulent Peach caresses your
your skin like a silk of gold Translucent and sensual
on a gold dust painted bed in a dark cavernous room in
some Arabian Nights parable soft amber flames glows adds
the mystery and Sex of this scent; The Drydown deep and
woodsy first opens with burning Sandalwood adds the fire
Musk and Amber brings the Animalistic side to Rare Gold;
Sex in a Bottle to the T.
04th April, 2011

Chance Eau de Toilette by Chanel

Chance is a younger and more vibrant sister of the Chanel Sisters
sweet and a bit sassier then of the more
reserved iciness of Chanel no 5's and the Les Exclusives
series Opens in my opinion a sweet vanilla gourmand or
to be placed in the oriental vanilla category The interplay of
Pineapple and Vanilla is sort of a break
of the usual routine of cold Aldehydes and crisp green
note notes that is a trademark of a Chanel Perfume;
Chance is a like breath of fresh air A fragrance for a
Chic and independent young Woman who wants to
have fun without being childish The drydown turns
spicy with
pink pepper Lemon adds a zesty touch, Hyacinths
and Irises changes
Chance to a Metallic with a cloying factor
which can be Overwhelming
The finishing is sweet and woodish opens with
sweet patchouli lies
against patches of diluted musk Vetiver closes
Chance with nuances of dry Woods,

Chance is a Luminous beauty with a inner youth
and positivity that invites us in it's realm.

24th March, 2011

White Linen by Estée Lauder

When I tried White Linen on a test strip It was love at
first sight W.L was the first Fragrance In my opinion
to recreate freshly dried linen that just came out of
the drier or or cloths drying in the Wind under a clear
blue summer sky on a clothes line and when i received
a sample bottle of White Linen i was ecstatic and
sprayed on my skin Then it turned sour on my skin and
i was a bit puzzled is this a bad sample because
sometimes perfumes do go bad due to age or
manufacturing or it's my skin chemistry some scents
don't work on some scents and maybe this is not one
of them I don't want to pinpoint that White Linen is
a mere disappointment which is not or a average run
off the mill Fragrance i really think it's the harsh
aldehyde with the with the mixture of Lemon and Honey
Aldehydes have to be carefully blended to make sure
not get a plastic and cloying smell smell but nether-less
a unique Treasure.
24th March, 2011

White Shoulders by Elizabeth Arden

White Shoulders conjours long lost memories and love
long forgotten like a message in a bottle from years
ago collects our treasured feelings and nostalgic
wistfulness; Rose petals lies gently on a alabaster
basking in the early summer sun glowing
in hues of pale pink and blood red blowing from a
rose garden giving a scent of intoxicating spender
A summer breeze blows though delicate white lace
curtains gives the sweet scent of French lilacs floats
in the air and adds an aura of peace and
tranquility and Relaxes your Grandmother's white
Persian Kitten after playing with her Antique
pearl necklace.
21st March, 2011

Ma Griffe (original) by Carven

Ma Griffe opens crisp and lush of Green Notes caresses
your senses of different shades though light and dark
swirls vibrantly like an Rousseau painting primal and
instinctive from the surface the opening gives an impression of innocence and the green notes adds that
metaphor as we walk further into the Ma Griffe Greenhouse the air becomes thicker and the floral becomes deeper The note of Peach steeps though the
air like a sensual Verita; Rose adds an velvety touch
to this dualistic scent Orris brings the earthy side
and nocturnal jasmine closes the middle with an green
herbal smell; The drydown turn Ma Griffe uninhibited
and Primal; Labdanum with a mixture of Civet adds a
Animalistic spirit Cinnamon brings depth and a bit of an edge; Watered musk dilutes the volume but noticible.

Ma Griffe dries to a dark and esoteric finish of
styrax and dry sandalwood,This scent is a Chameleon
crisp and green at the opening deep and reseinous
drydown, i would love this if it wasn't a bit cloying
but still a nice perfume i would give this
3 out of 5 Stars.
19th March, 2011

Kuan Yin by Essentially Me

Essentially Me's Kuan Yin smells like your bombarded with Pledge Lemon scented wood
polisher because of the most synthetic
combination of Lemons and what Gypsy said
Latex definitely latex spraying around your body This is an Disappointing scent.
16th March, 2011

Sun Moon Stars by Lagerfeld

K.L Sun Moon Stars is like a strange Bird cannot decide
if i like nor love The opening has a sparkling anise
opening S.M.S has a similar Banana note stands prominent
Like D&G's Sicily but it's doesn't give an syrupy
cloying effect like Sicily; Sun Moon Stars is dried and
more ozonic touch; Red Orchids swim around juicy Peach
Gives an Intoxicating Aroma airy Freesia dries with a
dreamlike and lucent feel closes the top layer.
Heliotrope similar to the scent of Vanilla opens
the Heart of Sun Moon Stars; Rain soaked Narcissus
Gives out a darkly sweet scent almost like a mystery
The Drydown turns sweet with Vanilla which dominates
the other notes from the base seems to drown them
a bit but i can dectect a faint amount of Amber.
15th March, 2011

Rubylips by Salvador Dali

Sweet and Succulent; Ruby Lips is a blast of juice
coursing though your taste buds opens with Tangy
and ripe Yuzu wet crisp and juicy green apples
adds freshness Red Current sinfully sexy and full
of flavor; Orchid faint at first slowly steeps though
the senses like sin of temptation consumes the soul
Rose makes a shy hostess a floral so innocent that doesn't belong in this house of primal sexiness
The Basenote finishing turns sweet with a Vanilla
Gourmand drydown fiery Sandalwood adds a woody
accord Patchouli dries to a grounded finish
R.L Is a delicious scent but sadly it has no strong
13th March, 2011

Hot Couture by Givenchy

I'v heard so much good reviews about H.C so when i finally got my sample and was disappointed expected
something more juicier and with more projection but instead it's has a synthetic Strawberry Jam scent
with a plastic drydown I don't see any sex appeal
nor artistry I notice tuberose when it mixed with
Magnolia it's a recipe for nausea Not even the etchings
of a black pepper drydown can save this I tried to like this sorry to the fans of Hot Couture but it's not for
13th March, 2011
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Tom Ford for Men by Tom Ford

When i think about Tom Ford three letters S.E.X
spanked across the bottle, Mr Ford known for Kinky
and Luschious Ads brings shock and bad taste T.F
channels Larry Flynt the king of smut and pubisher
of Adult Entertainment Hustler to the bone and leaves
no puches. Tom Ford for Men gives an air of elite
and arrogant tenure only a select few can share
Exculsive and V.I.P it may be shallow but one's
gulity pleasure starts creeping in and want to
know about the rich and the elitist, The opening
which i was a bit disappointed and expected to be
more deeper and more Resinous with incense woods
leather and Myrrah, Instend it was more aromatic
and in a fougere class because of it's sharp citric opening but still it was nice, then dries sort of boozy like a tinge of vodka swiming around the Lemon almost like a cocktail drink.

Violet leaf opens the middle drydown and bring a sweet and crisp wet texture to the fragrance underpinning of pepper lays below the violet and
counteracts well and basil adding to the spiciness to the middle base,The sweet and smoky Tobacco closes the Heart, The Finishing is suble and not as loud like the top opening and middle Grounded Patchouli gives a Earthy feel to the scent dry vetiver which i can dectect nomally i can't dectect vetiver in T.F it's visible warm amber is a bit diluted but noticible and Ceder finishes it.
09th March, 2011

Oleg Cassini for Women by Oleg Cassini

The opening is sweet like sugar laced with honey
dries with a nuances of fruit of peach and freesia
to finish the top layer of this fragrance then turns
a bit deeper with leather a tar like opening but seems to fade due to the presence of Tuberose,
Tuberose is a hit and go with me i love Amarige
that is devoted to the flower but with Cassini it's
too cloying and drowns out the other notes Cassini
is a typical 80's Powerhouse elaborate and overbearing but this is'nt my favorite it does
nothing for me.
08th March, 2011

Vintage by Kate Moss

I had high expectations for this perfume
the bottle is beautiful a art deco emerald cut light bottled green colored
falcon reminiscent of 30's glamour or
jean harlow's dressing room or the movie dinner at eight. i'v been anticipating this for days but when it arrived i was dissapointed i expected
a heavy incense oriental but i got is a light wispy scent of freesia orange
cherry blossom to me it's a lighter
younger version of chanel eau premire

this has to grow on me.

08th March, 2011

Opium Eau d'Été by Yves Saint Laurent

This is a delicate more lighter sister
of the original Opium with it's pepper
notes incense benzoin Opopponox bitter
balsem woods and coriander. this version
can be worn anytime then the original.
the opening has the same scent as the
predacessor but it's silage does'nt last long like the first one and it fades very quickly on my skin. maybe because of my chemistry or it a vital sample. but netherless i prefer the originial.

08th March, 2011

Sensuous by Estée Lauder

Starts off very sexy with warm woods and Honey
Delecate petals of magnolia blooms with a seductivly
sweet scent and it's stately elegance then dries with lily with a tingere of spiciness Jasmine floats shyly giving a greenish herbalness which is suble, Then turns synthtic giving an impression of Sugar got stuck in some plastic but it's bearable and in fact
what makes it for what it is, Amber is pronuanced
in sensuous and gives off a sweetness which it can
be Cloying at times I can detect Cinnamon dry and
semi-sweet when mixed with the note of pepper conjours a delectable and sensual aroma The drydown is my favorite Sandalwood adds a inner fire to a
icy and refined flagon, Sensuous has a Luminosity
an innerglow that is comfident without aggression
Sexy but not smut it gives suble hints no tacky
bright colors or designs just simple and elegant.

07th March, 2011

Eau Parfumée au Thé Rouge by Bulgari

Pure and unsweetened Fig opens this unique scent
there's a another Fig fragrance i whould like to mention Acqua di Parma Fico di Amalfi but very different from each other Bulgari Rouge has more
of a grounded opening of Walnut and Ginger that is
missing from the note cards evokes the earthy side
of the Fig scent which Fico is more sweeter milkier
and smooth but unforntunaly a bit synthitic,
Rouge dries a bit peppery of the note of pink pepper
with an undertone of Green Tea The basenotes finishing which it's light and hard to detect, resin
is diluted deep basin musk i bearly notice; my nose can't seperate and idenify a lot of notes and this is one of them. anyway my verdict I whould like if it did'nt have the heavy walnut opening but otherwise it's a above average scent.

06th March, 2011

Boucheron by Boucheron

They don't make them like these anymore the complex
and multilayerd floral was so in vogue in the 80's
back then Perfume was an artistry they had the time
to examine and experiment every note possible in a
Fragrance ranging from florals spices raisens
and deep animalistic notes now modern perfumery
is a mere shadow of the glorious 80's now choked
with watery fruity scent that has no charactor or
silage hastely produced for the masses leaving
art and more profit to the industry.

But Boucheron is much more then that it's a relic
to the past we need to make people aware that these
gems exists and don't think of them as a granny
perfume or it smells old and outdated look beyond
those boundries and see what have you been missing
before it gets discontinued.

What surprises me about Boucheron is the notes
complex yet well put together like well crafted
jewelery or a finely chissled sculpture Boucheron
is a work of art, It opens crisp with Bergamot
sharpness of Lemon aromantic cassis and closing
the openiing is zesty basil, in a few minutes dries fruity with apricots sweet but it does'nt overcloy tangerine with it's tangy nuances makes it's presence known there's a hint of spicy Gerainums noticible and add some spiciness to the perfume.

Tuberose opens the heart of the fragrance with a buttery sweetness delicate note of jasmine gives an herbal feel and smell Narcissus dominates the middle notes almost drowning the others into obillvion with it's deep and intoxicating scent Lily of the Vally is the elusive note of all i can't dectect, the drydown to the ending sweetish with amber patches of musk and traces of Civet for animalitic properties Benzoin note makes the perfume a bit milky and resianious; the finishing notes of sandalwood adds the dryness and vanilla with it's powdery sweetness
06th March, 2011

Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens

Rich full and sexy, Ambre Sultan might be the most
accuate Amber in perfumery nothing synthitic nor
chemically enhanced Serge Lutens uses the finest
oils to bring back to nature to it's simpicity,
Aesthetic wise i can conjour in a number of ways
to describe this and let my imagination run wild.
If the color of Amber had a scent no doubt Amber
Sultan whould fail, like it's namesake it's warm
and opaque not translusent or delicate, to lure
you to an ancient world where the sky touches the
earth the note of Sandalwood adds the firey nuances, Myrrah and incense burns throughout the night
with it's pure white smoke ascends the endless sky like an offering of the night and the cool wind blows through sand dunes and refreshes your senses
This scent brings to Ancient in all of us.
06th March, 2011

First Eau de Parfum by Van Cleef & Arpels

Let us examine two version of aldehydes VC&A First &
Chanel no 5 VC&A First has a harsh Aldehyaic opening
synthitic and volumed then chanel with it's more discreet and diluted silage In a few minutes V.C
turns to a soft floral scent with accords of black
current raspberry that leaves a sparkling texture
Chanel dries with neroli the note of bergamot dos'nt
overwhelm but still defind the senses ylang ylang
brings the velvety feel of no 5 orris root gives it
an earthy touch, V.C Is Chanel for the 80's a bit
Multi layered then Chanel no 5, A fruiter and outgoing sister aldehyde to Chanel which is reserved
and refind V.C and Chanel has the same Civet note
but Chanel adds a richer and deeper note of civet
then V.C.

Chanel exemplifies the grounded and pragmatic view of femininity while V.C is the Airy more romantic head in the clouds view.

01st March, 2011

Oriens by Van Cleef & Arpels

Luscious and yet Refined Oriens has an dual identity
It's sexy without being agressive it's a high class
seduction subtle never demands it but you can feel it
in the air, Opens with mandrian orange leaves a sparkling texure, Oriens turns deeper and succulent
of the presence of Black Current bringing a sense of
dark and primal sensuality the drydown is going through the tartness of Red Raspberries is sin in a
fruit rubbing against your lover's lip for delicious
satisfaction, Jasmine does'nt intrude and adds a
quiet and elusive grace the shyest note in the perfume brings refinedness, The drydown turns a bit synthitic but sweet of Praline a decadent end to a
scrumptious fragrance, praline is like creamy vanilla icing slowly pouring down on juicy raspberries finishes Oriens with a delectable pleasure.

17th February, 2011

Métal by Paco Rabanne

P.R Metal is like a cold blade glading across flesh
almost give a sense of vircera Secerations Magnifiques
without the blood and iodine, There is nothing soft
about this, Clean and Antiseptic lines make you think
of a monochrome colored room free of clutter there is
nothing execpt a large screen white chair staring at
a man controling your emotions thoughts like Big Brother a clinical utopia a Minimalistic Aestheticism in a bottle, Bladerunner's Femme Fatale and replicant Rachael must have worn this when trying to seduce
Deckard only the most iciest femme fatales can pull
this off there's no cozy Ambers no spices or warm
resins an unique scent that does'nt follow any rules a class of it's self.

13th February, 2011

Niki de Saint Phalle by Niki de Saint Phalle

Niki de Saint Phalle and Chanel no 19 don't seem
too different from each other they both have the
simular sharp green opening although no 19 stays
cool and crisp, Niki dries warm and reisenious
with Leather and patches of Civet Niki is a warmer
and extroverted cousin to No 19 with it's cold cypre
like wet grass and dry oakmoss comes to show you that
every Oriental and greens are a Indivual.

12th February, 2011

Limes by Floris

I just love the Lemon Lime opening an zesty beginning dries lovely to an delicate watery scent of Lily of the Vally
hidden among the rocks with it's gentile
scent and the subtle musk dry down.

it's more of a pleasant and Diluted Version of Eau de Guerlian which it's a very power citrus aromatic fragrance
that uses to much on mint and smelled like Mint Tooth Paste.

12th February, 2011

Vol de Nuit Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

The Bottle is beautiful the artistry and
craft they painstakingly created with it's
Topaz cut and ruched glass cut with
gold insignia inside a circle with gold
metal Vol de Nuit is the hight of Art Deco
and liquid from the fragrance is pure gold. Channels the playboy aviator & eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes with
his planes and women of course women!
numerous of them well know actresses
you can think of had an affair the most
well know was Katharine Hepburn Jean Harlow
and Ava Gardner.
Squiring jean Harlow on the red carpet
of the Lavish Permire of Hells Angels
beautifully reenacted by the Pop Singer
Gwen Stefani from the Martin Scorsese's
The Aviator.

Or Walking though a Brown Smokey Quarz art deco nightclub
where the smoke stains the mirrors and the women whearing
skin tight Golden Dresses And Men with italian Suits
And the feeling of sex Is every where and the sound of a
single Saxophone Playing though the night.

the scent which i agree with Kastehelmi
it does fly off your skin there is no silage strength and if you compared
to shalimar it is obvious that Vol de nuit is an icy sphinx not letting know
her life nocturne introverted Elegance
compared to shalimar with allmost an
more of a masculine yang presence aggressive and yet like Vol refined.

12th February, 2011

Cinéma by Yves Saint Laurent

With one purchase of Y.S.L Cinema and in
return takes you to a world of the highest
Echelons of Glamour where Gods and Goddeses rule the silver screen irreproachable divas in exclusive suites
made of finest marble & gold flowers of
Calla white Pomeranians tip toe across
the bed and servants wait on you hand
and foot ala Sophia Loren or Cate Blanchet or male actors like Mastroianni
or George Clooney driving Lamborghinis
though Roman Plazzos or going to an exclusive and Elegant restaurants drinking Martini and wearing Armani or
Dolce & Gabbana while the Paparazzi
hounds waits outside.

But what does this picture smells like?
the top note starts very sweet with an
sugar note then dries to an nutty note
of almond blossom then the flowery hypnotic scent of peony in it's beauty,
and an curious little flower Amaryllis an delicate floral makes it more feminine jasmine drifts quietly in the background and the ending performance
dries exquisitely with warm amber
musk with it animalistic undertones
and the ending of the show is the powdery texture of Vanilla.

12th February, 2011

Sakura by TerraNova

This has to be the greatest green tea scents every produced i love the delicate cherry blossoms mingling with green tea
notes it's not dry and sour like Elizabeth arden's green tea. it's not to heavy but
stands on it's own but liz arden's green
tea to me has more of an organic compound
and sakura don't want to say synthtic
arden's add an earthy chemistry of woody and smoke and sakura
is simple and sugery.

12th February, 2011

Aqua Allegoria Lavande Velours by Guerlain

This is pure Lavender at it's fineset
Lavender is known for Positive qualities
like releaving insect bites headaches
and insomnia and it's calming. to me
this is more up lifting then calming
so i don't agree with the calming aspect
of Lavender.
At first 10 minutes lavender drowns out
the other notes the drydown is an a little dissapointing because it's very
hard to detect the other notes mainly
for the dominace of Lavander but i do smell a faint vanilla note but that's

12th February, 2011