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    Matthew Williamson - The Collection: Warm Sand by Matthew Williamson

    I Whould describe this as a Organic version of Dior's Dune but lighter and
    without alot of Aldehydes and Ozone
    and tarry benzoin in it but it doesn't last long it dissapers like in 5 Minutes
    and then i have to reply it over and over again. i'm sorry Matthew Williamson but I perfer Dior's Dune
    then your Warm Sand.

    12th February, 2011


    Maja by Myrurgia

    I remeber 13 or 14 years ago i'v recieved a colonge splash version of this perfume. and i remeber it was more
    spicer Stronger with more Incense and more Peppery and i fell in love with
    the scent and i coudent wait to get it
    again when i finished the splash.
    and now i got a mini size of the perfume
    i was so Dissapointed they changed to formula they made it watery Mens aftershave. i coudent belive it.
    what happed to the Maja! they made it tame! I want to Fire back To the Maja
    The old Formula Add more Cinnamon
    Civet Leather Incense Benzion.

    12th February, 2011


    Imari Seduction by Avon

    The pros Juicy delectable Plums Orchid
    a Pinch of Amber & Musk very Delecious
    i love the Color Motif different shades
    of Purple

    The Cons I'm Not a fan of Vanilla
    and it doesn't last long on my skin

    11th February, 2011


    Far Away by Avon

    Oriental Baby Powder in a Bottle i
    Whould describe it i think it's the Vanilla and the Amber is making it Powderly bottle leaves to imagination
    it looks cheap. so i don't know what to
    make of it.

    11th February, 2011


    Emprise by Avon

    This has an Cold and Metallic Opening
    consist of Lemon & Bergamot dries to an
    spicy subtlety of carnation earthy orris
    jasmine blooms with it's androgynous scent
    that are bit masculine and feminine and
    the delicate Lily of the valley.
    the drydown is the usual mossy mix in with
    Sandalwood and the sweetness of amber.

    70's chic in a bottle i love the design
    with it's 70's Futuristic Look and i also look the color very sexy like your in a Disco with orange lights around you

    But Sadly this scent falls short to wow

    11th February, 2011


    Kenzo Amour Indian Holi by Kenzo

    I Was a bit dissapointed with this
    fragrance i expected a spicy woodsy
    firey untamed collection but what it turned out it was a prud very shy on my skin the water drowned out the spices
    the peppers woods but i like the incense i think they shoud add more
    volume of spices woods and put cinnamon
    or chai tea to it but i love the Sinuous Red bottle very different and sensual.

    11th February, 2011


    Rochas Femme (new) by Rochas

    Dark and Indolic Femme reflects the austere and well
    tailored elegance of wartime fashion of the early
    1940's of boxed shoulders and wasp waists mannish
    and yet feminine rochas must have been a milestone
    during it's release in 1943 a scent that is'nt frivilous nor girlish it was simple and yet sophistocated a perfume that conjours the rationed
    mentality of wartime,

    Femme demands but doe'snt
    scream like Cinnabar,Spellbound,Opium,Ciara,or Obsession it slowly draws you in like a spider waits for it's pray or a cat that slowly stalks to get
    his prize, The opening starts off sweet with the note of Peach then dries of a deep and juicy scent of plum. Cinnamon brings the heat and the fire of Femme with delectable nuances Bright slices of Bergamot
    and lemon turns this fragrance to a zesty drydown,
    As this scent dries to the heart of Rochas it turns
    woodsy and grounded begining with Rosemary and powdery Red cartnation Iris seems to have a subtle
    effect usually giving a cool crisp scent but there is no edvidence of that, The note of Jasmine with it's nocturnal Elegance to the senses Greenish and semi-sweet cloves finishes the middle.

    The Base note drydown is my favorite a sexy mix of
    Leather Civet and a tinge of Tobacco, Picturing
    Marlene Dietrich in a skin tight black leather
    low cut gown in a moving train in the first class
    compartment seducing all the powerful men with
    smoke blowing from her glossy red lips from a cigarette from her black Leather Gloves.

    Femme is Fire beneth an icy exterior

    11th February, 2011


    Terracotta Voile d'Ete by Guerlain

    Terracotta recreates the arid beauty of pure red sand
    sunbaked under a turqouise sky spicy texture of cinnamon adds to the dry earth Red carnation blooms
    in the vastness of a barren dessert the warm dry air
    blows across the horrizon reveals a scent of powdery sweet nuances iris turns terracotta sharp with a cold
    metallic tinge it conjours a image of ancient pottery found in dark caves of the Southwest colorful Markings of a long forgotten tribute to some Maiden, Creator or earth goddess from a mysterious Civilization Nocturnal Jasmine grows out of tiny
    creavasse of rock blooms an intoxicating green menthol scent, Rose opens the heart with an velvety
    texture Warm Red Roses that hangs like vines of adobe
    houses basking in the sunset Airy and powdery smell
    of Vanilla steeps though the senses sweet and delectable, diluted white lily subtle and yet i noticed Her scent of sweet spiciness trying to come
    though but it's drowned out by the more domineering
    notes of Cinnamon Vanilla and Iris, Green mint brings freshness to Terracotta briefly relaxing but it doe'snt last long it flees quickly off my skin
    sometimes i don't agree with the note cards some scents i can detect some scents is like finding a needle in a haystack and pear is one of them,

    Terracotta maybe the first Fragrance to recreate the scent of nature without any synthtic artiface when it comes to Perfumery it does'nt use any plastic synthictics it smells like they choose the finest
    ingrients to recreate the essence of Terracotta
    Guerlain makes the Best of the Best.

    10th February, 2011


    Versace Woman by Versace

    Sexy and Feminine the opening starts with Ripe and
    succulent Red Raspberries in one minute dries to a
    creamy scent of vanilla deep juicy plum dries the
    top layer, Unfortunitly it turns synthitic but it
    dos'ent overwhelm but still smells delicious during the scent life on my skin which sadly it fades quickly i forgot to mention the rose note durning
    the middle of the top opening quietly soft and not
    embransive it plays a passive host compare to the
    harsh top opening, Amber sweet and not cloying
    adds a bit of sweetness to the Raspberry and tart
    plum, The wood note which is elusive hard to dectect
    lotus just seems invisible a flower that only reveals
    to a select few but not a my skin.
    It's hard to classify this is it an average Frangrance
    or above average it has a promising opening but fails
    with it's silage Womanly and yet fun these are one of
    those scents that gives both signals.

    09th February, 2011


    Sheer Veil by Vera Wang

    Fresh opening of rain soaked violets begins this quiet
    grace purple lavender invigorates the senses; white lily
    with a diluted spiciness dries the heart of the perfume
    Gardenia must has to be the shyest flower of this scent
    it's hard to detect like a elusive secret.

    Simplicity is the most beautiful art this modest
    scent may not be the first to be noticed in a
    crowd but it has it's own beauty an minimalistic
    elegance that says less is more.

    04th February, 2011


    Hiris by Hermès

    Hiris is a introverted elegance a well-poised muse
    never reveals herself within words nor action just
    her scent of Iris, Hiris opens with it's homage the
    Iris a flower a symbol of refinedness and modesty
    a scent of cool orris earth adds to the sharp coldness
    of the fragrance, the coriander subtle enough not to
    cloy over the iris but noticeable in it's spicy drydown
    diluted amber dries the top note, delicate and elusive
    note of Rose opens the middle note softens the sharpness
    of the Iris with it's velvet texture a demure beauty
    Neroli turns the fragrance a bit citrusy and grounded.
    The drydown consists of unsweeted honey makes an organic
    and woodsy finish to this almost of a masterpiece of a
    scent next dry cedar conjours a feeling of a forest
    after the midnight rain fresh and finishes with almond
    tree an nutty accord.

    Hiris is a class of it's own not Loud gaudy kitschy
    it doesn't take bright colorful sequins dolly heads
    fake rhinestones on bottle it's a simple dark blue
    bottle less is more.

    01st February, 2011


    Vivara Variazioni - Sabbia 167 by Emilio Pucci

    This has to be the driest note of Iris i have ever smell
    it recreates the dryness of the sand to the T and leaves
    no punches but it's a overwhelming scent so i would
    be careful how much to apply this scent is loud and
    if you want to be notice this scent is right for you
    Dries with a bitter note of lemon I can't detect
    any Mandarin orange it seems to be drowned out from
    all the dry Irises. The drydown is an faint hint of
    Sandalwood, Less is more the saying goes and this
    the prime example with only 4 notes it doesn't take
    a lot to make this scent powerful due to the Irises
    also i also notice that this a youthful and more brighter version of Molinard Habanita with the same Powdery Compound but this aimed for the Younger Crowd.

    23rd January, 2011


    Habanita by Molinard

    Cigarette & Roses a bit of Wiskey and a
    touch of Incense Bring this into an
    Elegant Testament Which i find amusing
    Picturing a smoke filled dark Cabaret;
    A Male Impersonator ala Marlene Dietrich
    Julie Andrews in Victor and Victoria
    it's a sensuality to a Sexualy Repressed Convent School Educated girl Like
    Madchen in Uniform like Senerio then
    she sings
    *Wenn ich mir was wunschen durft*.

    at the end of the song she leans over
    and slowly kisses the girl and this was a sexual Awaking for this Schoolgirl.

    Picturing David Bowie in his
    Berlin years Eleganly Dressed with a cigerette on his hand and a pint of wiskey on the other. in the Movie just a Gigolo. The darkly Oud i can dechphier
    in this perfume like the deadly Sexuality of Rudolph Valentino and Pola Negri sizzling on the screen to a bewildered Movie Goers. Japanese Silent movie Star Sessue Hayakawa Seducing
    the wife of a British Admiral.

    The powdery rose brings you to mind
    Opera of the Last Diva.
    the Bottle is very Beautiful Greek
    Nymphs Engraved in a Opaque Bottle
    very ideal for home decoration when the bottle is empty Leather makes it Dangerous.

    If you can find sex in a bottle this is it. i give it a 10!

    23rd January, 2011


    Field Notes from Paris by Ineke

    Field Notes from Paris evokes an inner wistfulness
    of late spring in May opens with zesty orange blossom
    and crisp lemon slice steeps in the evening air, in a
    minute it dries to a sweet scent of violet a symbol
    of lost love and nostalgia and grass green and lush
    from the gentile spring rain dries Elegantly in acute
    melancholy. Coriander with it's spicy nuance opens the
    middle note with grounded underpinning Patchouli is diluted and elusive which i can't detect either ceder
    those two note are a hidden mystery, the Finishing drydown is sweet with Vanilla then dries with an resinous Benzoin then ends with a soft and milky texture or Heliotrope.

    21st January, 2011


    Magie by Lancôme

    Magie Conjours a esoteric mystery Opens with the darkest
    and the most animalistic note of amber pure and unsweetened, Walking though a dimly lidded cave on a
    nocturnal moment threads of Calligraphic Arabic verses
    of gold Dangles with an Ethereal glow, Elusive jasmine
    grows in the Rock's crevice elegantly grows on the on
    the bare walls with sinuous beauty with it's leafy vines. I detect Civet in it's purest form adds to the
    Dark Exotica of this scent Wisp of incense smoke pierces
    though the utter darkness of the cave following the smoke until you saw where the smoke is burning from
    a beautiful incense burner etched in the shape of a
    dragon burns with the note of dry sandalwood, as the
    incense burns your transfixed by the smoke dancing
    revealing our Inner thoughts.

    Magie is a dark beauty delighting in sensual pleasure
    a bit of danger with Civet and meditation with amber.

    21st January, 2011


    Organza by Givenchy

    Organza is a Multi-faceted Hodge podge of a scent
    it changes like a Chameleon like when you first spray
    it on your skin it's zesty opening of Bergamot Orange flower and green notes starts off freshly then in a few
    seconds turns cloying with Gardenia with Nutmeg which
    makes me a bit Nauseous Middle note is Uber sweet with
    Honeysuckle which is my least favorite flower dries buttery with Tuberose There's a lot 0f Nutty nuances
    in this scent like dry Walnut Jasmine blends nicely
    in a not so nicely scent and peony with sweet and tangy
    smell. the drydown is of course with amber but it's a bit diluted due to the Gardenia and Tuberose Effect
    i don't detect any woods and it dries with a powdery
    Vanilla Finish,

    Organza is a woman who changes in a different costume
    for scene in a movie or in a Carnival that goes with a different theme but why i keep from loving this because of the excessive amounts of white florals
    and nuts like Nutmeg and Walnut which i'm not a Fan

    13th January, 2011


    Hidden Fantasy by Britney Spears

    Hidden Fantasy is a High School Vixen who seduces all
    the boys with her Feminine wiles and leaves them dry
    after all that hot love making in a steamy backseat of
    a car after when that is all finished she dumps you
    and goes for her next prey, The opening starts off nice
    and innocent with orange plump tangerine and virginal
    Lemon Verbena, then under all that good girl persona
    things start to get a bit naughty with the sweet and
    decadent note of Napolitano steeps with it's libertine
    sexiness dries off with a dark earthiness of clove.

    Delicate airiness of lily opens the middle heart with it's spiciness accord powdery note of vanilla mingles
    with lily giving it an cloying drydown strangely enough
    i don't detect any wood notes but maybe it's drowned
    out from the domineering note of amber give it a warm
    seduction and ends with dry sandalwood giving it an
    deep and esoteric nuance.

    10th January, 2011


    Baby Doll / Baby Doll Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

    Sexy but in a innocent girlish dolly-like naivete called
    Baby doll a scent gives an impression in two ways I'm not a Child and yet not a Woman like Bravado or a Woman child- sexually a Woman plays a vulnerable and yet an
    a woman with full of dreams and a bit head in the clouds
    kind of Romantic view of the world ala the roles Marilyn
    Monroe was famous for, a complete contrary to the Pragmatic Pierre Balmain's Jolie Madame, Tough as Nails
    Robert Piguet's Bandit, and the Fiery and Tempestuous
    Sister Opium. Oranges open with an crisp and citusy
    brightens your senses then dries with tart and juicy
    pineapple then in a few minutes the scent dries deeper
    with black currents adds a sexual undercurrent then
    sour green apple dries the opening.

    Light and delicate freesia with it's airy sweetness
    blown across the summer sky then heliotrope a warm
    vanilla like scent comes steeping though has a bit of a cloyish quality Demure pink roses gives it a Velvety
    elegance. The drydown is simple with the usual Sandalwood dryness and the typical Powdery finishing
    of Vanilla.

    09th January, 2011


    Elle by Yves Saint Laurent

    Elle reflects the chicness of modern Womanhood confident
    yet refined this scent is the new Era of the powerhouse
    scents of the 80's a scent just screams HERE I AM JUST LOOK AT ME! commands your attention with just one spray.
    Open zesty with Almalfi Lemon with a crisp and bitter
    texture in a minute it dries a bit softer with Petals
    of peonies with it's semi sweet airy scent floating in the notes, Sweet and succulent Litchi plump ripe with
    the purest transformation to dark pink to bright Red
    dries sweetly finishes the top Layer with intoxicating
    nuances. Delicate and spicy pink pepper opens the second
    layer turns the scent with a bit of dryness that adds
    to the intensity Jasmine is very easy to detect in This scent and give off an greenish herbal smell.

    The drydown or the bottom layer fades and the only
    note i can pick up is the diluted silage of Patchouli,
    and deep almost elusive patches of musk that finishes
    this Scent.

    What i also think why this scent is sexy the reason for this is the shape and the color of the flacon
    Clean slender lines reminiscent of the perfectly
    built and well groomed businesswoman domineering and
    Sexual who put men in their place and also the color
    the sexiest of all flacon colors conjours bright neon
    signs of a nocturnal city, adds to the futuristic
    minimalistic style of Today.

    09th January, 2011


    Cozé 02 by Parfumerie Generale

    Sit down light a toke and enjoy the trip as you go through a yummy and groovy journey with COZE! this non conventional scent opens with pure and uncut Cannabis
    that adds to the inebriation of the mind dries with
    crushed patchouli evokes the earthiness of dancing barefoot in wet mud under a summer's rain, then dryness
    of paprika with sundried nuances and grounded pepper
    make this a fiery exotica of the southwest a world of azure blue skies and terracotta red earth finishes the
    top level,Tobacco opens our second journey with it's
    wisp of smoke caressing your senses with it's dry bitterness Dark Chocolate adds to the sexiness and
    animalistic properties Oud brings the dark and esoteric
    mysteries of the mind Sandalwood with golden hues ends
    this journey with dry fiery nuances.

    This scent is daring and doesn't follow conventional rules of perfumery this is a unique piece.

    08th January, 2011


    Theorema by Fendi

    Theorema captures the essence of pre hippie chicness
    of the early 60's from smoke filled cafes to an old count's piazza Theorema gives a vibe of an Jaded
    Roman Jet setters ala La Dolce Vita with the spoils of
    war. Long gone but we have it's Zeitgeist, The opening
    is cozy with chai then dries with an etching of Pepper,
    grounded nutmeg & Cardamom adds to a dryish opening Bright citruses with it's transparent clearancy blown from a distant and lush pastoral fields gives an warm
    Mediterranean travelogue then closes the top note is
    sun scorched Brazilian Rosewood.

    The Heart is cinnamon fiery sweet earth dries with
    spicy carnation falls in with the mysterious elegantness of Osmanthus velvet texture of the rose
    starts to steep though adding an demure presence,
    The drying down dark and Resinous with benzoin leaves an allmost esoteric mental frame amber adds to the sweetness then dries with fiery Sandalwood.

    07th January, 2011


    Tocade by Rochas

    Tocade it may look simple but it's a complex perfume
    to describe it does have an powdery opening mainly due
    to the Freesia note, Tocade is sort of a dead ringer to
    Chloe's Eau de Parfume with it's spicy freesia opening
    but it's less soapier and more of an sweet gourmand
    drydown there's a greenish opening which i'm not a
    fan of green notes but i love the spicy Geranium scent
    adds to the fiery flavor The florals in the middle section is hard to detect drowned out from the dominate
    notes of Freesia Amber and Vanilla but if you smell it
    a lot closer you can just find a little bit of Rose and
    Magnolias, The drying is the dominate part of the fragrance it starts with Amber just an overbearing
    sweetness might put you off a bit musk serves the basis nice as if a passive partner strangely enough
    i notice a sweet scent of Praline a foody drydown?
    is it just me or the perfume because i notice it
    but anyway ends with powdery Vanilla.

    These are one of the scents that are in the abyss
    of deciding is this just a commoner trying to be an sophisticated aristocrat trying to please the masses
    or the buyer it's fancy Flacon design tries to impress
    but to me it fails the test.

    05th January, 2011


    Sparkling White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

    I got this for a Christmas gift and when i sprayed it
    on my skin it opened with an sharp metallic scent of
    aldehyde and i thought this must be an inexpensive
    version of Chanel no 5 Unlike chanel it dried sweeter
    and more softer florals came steeping though the notes.
    What Sparkling Diamonds conjours up for me is a sight of
    fresh white Lilies wet from the nocturnal summer's rain
    giving off an sweet aroma from their long and sinuous
    Petals blowing in the clear summer sky Gardenias blooms
    under the Sun's gentile rays the reveal it's pure and
    unblemished petals of Elegant white folds with it's
    stately and trademarked buttery sweet scent, dries
    with elusive jasmine blooming in a shady bush with it's
    herbal greenish smell gives it an earthy quality.

    Rose opens the middle with a velvety heart then
    deep intoxicating of vain narcissus adds to the vanity
    of beauty, The drydown is cloyinish with amber adds
    the animalistic in us and dries with dry woods.

    Sparkling Diamonds i can put in three words

    Breezy Sexy and Beautiful.

    05th January, 2011


    D&G L'Amoureaux 6 by Dolce & Gabbana

    Opens green and fresh like newly sliced Cucumbers
    and fresh green notes, tart blueberries steeps through
    the senses and dries with a grounded aroma of Cardamom
    with spicy etchings. The heart dries metallic and woodish note of Orris note and blonde woods.
    The drydown is a diluted Velvetness of suede and
    ends with musk, This scent is too simplistic for me
    to be acerbic which i usually do in reviews but this
    does not grab me to give a worthy of a review these are
    one of those plain Janes that are under looked and

    03rd January, 2011


    Premier Jour by Nina Ricci

    Modern and sexy and if bland i'm not a fan of skin
    scents but this seems to be alright, opens green
    and woody with clean etchings of white gardenia. dries down sweet with vanilla and sweet pea I don't smell
    any orchids nor detect them but it has a beautiful musk
    drydown Basically there's not alot to say about this
    these are one of the self explanatory fragrances with
    the No Fuss No Muss kind of altitude with modern
    Perfumery nothing that screams out individuality.

    29th December, 2010


    Teint de Neige by Lorenzo Villoresi

    Teint de Neige brings the essence of snow to life delicate snowflakes of pure white
    falls on stone Angels beneath a dark azure
    sky, Roses with blood red elegance falls
    on the pure and virginal snow releasing
    the velvety warmness to your senses then
    turns sweet with the presence of tonka bean Reminiscent of a old woody cabin
    siting near the fire place the scent of
    freshly baked ginger and vanilla bread
    just came out of the oven on christmas
    eve Musk from the deep earth finishes
    this pale beauty.

    Teint de Neige conjours the beauty of
    clear and translucent sight of icicles
    hanging on windowsills with it's prism of crystaled color on christmas day,

    22nd December, 2010


    Un Jardin Après La Mousson by Hermès

    Opens with dry earth with the presence
    not listed in the notes is galbanum with it's leafy greenish scent then dries with
    Cardamom a spicy ginger extract and if you
    don't even notice i can even pick up a scent of oregano dry and delectable then
    the fiery scent of Coriander starts steeping through making this scent like
    a lush spice garden in late spring afternoon then pure yellow ginger spices
    dries to an powdery finish.

    I would love this scent if it didn't have that nauseating green note opening
    but this scent would be promising with
    out it.

    20th December, 2010


    24, Faubourg by Hermès

    An elegance of golden splendor; 24 Faubourg is an modern reincarnation of
    L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain Fresh green
    notes opens crisp and bright in a few
    minutes dries to a sweet note of peach
    and airy Hyacinth ylang ylang dries with an velvety texture that ends the top note, Delicate white petals of gardenia
    opens the middle note with an buttery
    scent Jasmine with it's green herbal
    earthy feel Iris adds to the mournful
    spell of Faubourg.

    The basenote dries to an powdery touch
    of Sandalwood Amber warms the senses
    and ends with the eluvsive scent of
    patchouli. 24 Faubourg conjours for me
    a Autumn evening glows with an amber
    sunset with an feeling of wistful yearning as you walk though the tree lined street smelling the aroma of golden leaves caresses your senses
    and the beauty of the colors gives you
    a sense of nostalgia 24 Faubourg is a
    rarity in perfumery it's not rushed though the fragrant markets it's a well
    crafted beauty that took their time
    with every note and how that note works
    on that consumer it's a perfume with an
    old soul and a autocratic aura that i find Positive.

    18th December, 2010


    My Queen by Alexander McQueen

    My Queen is a prime example of a powdery purple floral but it has a misfortune
    to fade from my skin it opens with an powdery note of violet it's sort of a reminiscence to kenzo flower but more
    milder and diluted and doesn't cloy
    dries with an nutty fringe of almonds
    heliotrope makes it milky and a bit soft
    but i'm not noticing any orange blossom
    then dark musk dries the middle with an
    animalistic qualities,

    the drydown turns powdery again with iris with it's earthy accord in a lot of
    perfumes i don't detect patchouli but
    in My Queen i can smell a good deal
    and doesn't overwhelm me and it ends
    with dry vanilla.

    My Queen it's hard to say that it's a
    above average or an average scent it
    advertises as a supreme darkly regal
    scent but to me it's a weak scent
    tries to be unique but it fails so
    i give it a 3.

    18th December, 2010


    Vivara (new) by Emilio Pucci

    This isn't your original Chypre your grandmom used to wear it's clean and modern The opening is green with an sour
    tinge of Galbanum then as it dries it sweetens with Amaretto an alcoholic note
    that is a bit brave and daring even if the
    consumer is under 21, orange blossom is a tad diluted also jasmine but Narcissus
    with it's deep and intoxicating properties is dominant and blends nicely

    Orris or Iris adds to a powdery earthy
    finish and with dry Vetiver.

    The Boozy sweetness is a cross between
    Ralph Lauren's Pure Turquoise & Queen Latiffah's Queen also i never tried
    to original Vivara so i can't judge
    but this is nice but it does'nt last long on my skin.

    17th December, 2010

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