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M by Puredistance

This is the strongest and finest oriental I know! I do get all the advertised notes but they are so brilliantly blended and balanced that the fragrance became much more then the sum of its parts. Espescially the pairing of dirty/raunchy elements with classy elegance is a stroke of genius, in my opinion! It's not an everyday fragrance and while it's seductive in a "fancy-dress ball" sense, it probably won't work well as a "panty-dropper" for the youngsters. It demands and evokes a certain type of matureness, I think.
08th April, 2012

Cuirasse by Jacques D'Auvillers

I sniffed a lot of leather fragrances already but never have I found one that satisfied me so deeply like this beauty does! In fact this is as close to my personal Holy Grail as it gets... It is a very rich and creamy leather and at the same time it is slightly green, fresh and clean. Longevity is good, sillage is just right - not shouting but talking with a clear voice to those next to me. It was and remains a love at first sniff!
01st December, 2011

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Kouros taught me how much of a difference the used amount of a fragrance and also the distance from which you spray it can make.

My earliest experience with Kouros was when I was a little kid back in the mid 80ies and a friend of my mother used to wear it (correctly). //Time Warp// It has only been a couple of months since I became a perfume addict but I feel a great passion for finding the perfect scent in every genre and I take my research serious (thank god for the internet, right?).
The first genre I was going for is the "manly man's scent" one, which for me basically means the powerhouses of the 70ies and 80ies. After disovering and falling in love with "Yatagan" and "Jazz", there was one fragrance that got mentioned on a regular basis: YSL Kouros (I wasn't aware of the fact, that I already knew it from my childhood). I noticed that there are only two groups of people who write about it, lovers and haters. Whenever that is the case, I become very intrigued and there is no stopping me in testing it myself. So I went to a department store and sprayed it on paper: Yuck! It actually smelled of a crude urional cake, just like some people had reported. I threw the paper strip away before I left the store. However... a few weeks later Kouros kept popping up in very interesting reviews of people who I deem reliable. So I went out again, bravely sprayed a large amount on my wrists and Yuck again! Scrubbed it of as soon as I could.
Then I watched a Youtube-review of it and the guy adviced people to be very careful and basically to

Spray it from a distance of at least 30cm away from the target spot, only one spritz per body spot and don't sniff too closely in the first couple of minutes!

Anything else leads to the brutal nose-rape, that some people obviously experience with Kouros.

I tried it again with all that in mind and voila! I loved it and suddenly those childhood memories came back to me, too. The results where so different the last two times I tried it, that I did not remember smelling it before at all.

Now Kouros is my most favourite "manly man"-scent. I wear it whenever I feel adventurous in an sporty/outdoor way or when I want to feel like a very dynamic junior manger-guy. Sillage and Longevity are just amazing and I guess it will be in my wardrobe for at least as long as I don't need to move to a retirement home - it just wouldn't feel right, wearing it then, I guess.
10th September, 2010
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