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Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

I'm sorry, I normally don't write any sort of review, but seriously the amount of bashing some people are doing is ridiculous. This cologne is not out of this world or life changing.

If you want something that will knock your socks then this won't happen. But to the people who are calling this a "disaster" or "terrible" is really over exaggerating this scent.

I would never classify this scent as an aquatic, because it really does not fit in the realm of aquatics. I'm not a good person in describing smells but Bleu de Chanel is not a horrible fragrance that most individuals are making it out to be. You need to actually apply this to your skin to see how it reacts to you. On me it smells wonderful and I've received numerous compliments in how good I smell.

It's also a all year round fragrance and all occasions. So it's very versatile type of fragrance.

People that say this smells similar to this and that fragrance. well NO SHIT, they probably use the same ingredients. I dislike fragrance bashing because really? is there a need for it?

You either like the scent or you don't, don't go bashing it because it didn't meet your standards or expectations. Sorry this isn't a "niche" fragrance.

In the end I will conclude whoever reads this is to really go out to the store and sample it on your skin. To keep an open mind about the fragrance and never trust all reviews. If i went by just what the reviews here are stating I would never have bought this. I may not have a "refined" nose, I'm just a regular guy who likes fragrances and in the end I think that's why we are all on basenotes.
22nd September, 2010