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Prada (new) by Prada

This is a beautiful scent, not terribly innovative, but warm and comforting. Amber is the star here, and there's a faintly leathery quality to it. Prada is sweet but not cloying, sensual but not trashy. It's just very wearable, highly versatile. I really enjoy it.
29th August, 2004

Nu Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

Nu began promisingly, warm and spicy like gingerbread. But then, in a matter of minutes, some odd floral notes began to appear. The drydown was terrible, loud and screechy, very medicinal. The warm, sexy incense I'd heard described never appeared, unless that was the fleeting top. Nu was unbearably sour-bitter. I hated this; this is one I had to scrub off. A most unpleasant scent.
12th December, 2003

Dior Addict by Christian Dior

This is a big, big scent, thick and rich and quite powerful. On the wrong person, this could seem like a custard-scented cyclone. The vanilla in this is at once light and dark, and always creamy and deep. There are disquieting green-floral notes on the top that lend a mystery to Addict, something not quite settled that keeps this from being just another heavy vanilla-sandalwood. Addict calls to mind a deep jungle, bright eyes peering from the underbrush, the air thick and sweet and completely enveloping. I may admire and love other scents more than Addict, but there's no other fragrance I crave like Addict.
24th November, 2003
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Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Few scents weave such an enchanting spell as Paris. This fragrance actually reminds me of the movie "Funny Face" in a bottle. It begins with giggles of peach and violet notes that move into rose and lilac. The finish, all musk and jasmine, is very sexy and womanly, the sensuality behind the coquettish notes on top. It's a soft, romantic, utterly feminine fragrance, one of the greatest ever.
17th November, 2003

Stella by Stella McCartney

A marvelous, gossamer fragrance that reminds me of Sterling Silver hybrid tea roses. This just smells purple to me. It's a fresh, dewy rose scent that might especially appeal to those who find many rose notes too heavy or musty. Stella is a lovely, clear, modern rose fragrance.
17th November, 2003

Gardénia Parfum by Chanel

I fell in love with this instantly. I've read that there's actually not a bit of gardenia in Chanel Gardénia, but that doesn't mean a thing. This is fantastic, a wonderfully balanced fragrance, rich and clear and, like all Chanels, exceedingly elegant. For such an old scent, it's quite modern.
17th November, 2003

No. 22 Parfum by Chanel

This is one of the rarer Chanels, and it's also one of the best. It's a flirty, giggling young woman with sausage curls, a pink organza skirt, and... a Ph.D. in physics. There's a weight, an importance to this scent that anchors its girlish flippancies. Chanel No. 22 doesn't sacrifice youth and femininity for gravity and confidence, a difficult trick to pull off. One smell of this, and you'll realize just how many scents are in the debt of Chanel No. 22.
17th November, 2003

Bois des Îles Parfum by Chanel

This is one to seek out. It begins with bracing wood notes, a slightly medicinal smell that reminds me of a cold winter wind. Its heart is warm and sweet, with jasmine and vanilla like a fire in a log cabin. Bois des Îles is complex and so simple at the same time, a really beautiful fragrance from the greatest fragrance house ever. It's a shame this isn't more readily available.
16th November, 2003

No. 5 by Chanel

Perfume begins and ends with Chanel No. 5.
16th November, 2003

Kingdom by Alexander McQueen

This is genius, a scent at once offensive and seductive. It opens loud and spicy with civet and loads of cumin, goes very big and floral with rose, neroli, and jasmine, then dries to a sweet, soft vanilla and sandalwood base reminiscent of Dior Addict. It starts with a roar and ends with a purr. It's vulgar and crass and completely amazing. An instant masterpiece.
16th November, 2003