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Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens

I've always loved natural 'skin smells' and the muskier fragrances and so I was fascinated to read of people's various encounters with MKK.
I decided it was worth the risk of a full bottle blind buy and placed an order on the Serge Lutens website. Just for info, the buying experience from Lutens was excellent, with fast delivery of an exceptionally well packaged and beautifully presented black box, the size of a small house!

On first smelling of this fragrance straight from the bell jar I was disappointed. Nothing notorious here, just a deep, warm completely non-floral scent. If it had been music it would have been a very low note played on a cello. I dabbed some on the back of my hand and waited a moment or two before trying again. This time something was definitely happening. The deep warmth now definitely did smell of something slightly disturbing. I immediately recognised smell of my cat when he sometimes sticks his back end a bit too near to my face. Or, and forgive my bluntness here, a trace of the heavy lingering smell that is sometimes found in restrooms after toilet use. Then the animal/human hindquarter notes began to open out and expand to include an extremely dry biscuity, surnburnt skin smell. Finish with a strong pungent edge, the smell of warm, moist furry or hairy places - I immediately understood the references to crotch!

I guess that broken down to its component parts I this all sounds pretty revolting and not a smell we should aspire to. However where it happens MKK evokes these associations because it REMINDS people of these primitive smells, not because it actually smells than way and to me, taken as a whole, I find MKK to be utterly amazing.
On me it stays fairly close to the skin, though I've already had a couple of people sniffing the air, bloodhound style and then coming over to bury their nose in my neck! Longevity is excellent, it stays on until you wash it off and the longer it's on your skin the better it gets.

So, for the 'your skin but better' or musk aficianodos out there I'd very much recommend trying this - I think you'll love it!

21st August, 2010