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Reviews by sierra 18

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Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

Rich vanilla that evolves

I received this recently, as I have been on the hunt for a nice vanilla-based fragrance. While I have Frapin's 1697, I had come across too many interesting reviews of this frag to pass it by.

So, having worn it now for a while, I find the following:

1. I get a very strong vanilla and tobacco-leather off the start.

2. The leather and tobacco fade quickly on me unfortunately, but it does leave a cinnamon note that I find interesting.

3. The vanilla is sweet, with a hint of cherry. Some reviewers have likened it to the cherry-vanilla car fresheners that you hang from your rear view mirror. I get what they're saying, but this scent is not anything like that, rather, its more of the scent of the vanilla-cherry you get when smelling certain unburned aromatic pipe tobaccos, such as the famous IQ pipe tobacco blend.

4. This fades to soft, so the sillage is low on my skin, but the scent is there the next morning, so the longevity is long. In other words, it lingers a very long time, much as my Tom Ford Tuscan Leather does, but that lingering scent is also faint as of about 2 hours of wearing it.

Overall, this one evolves on me, to run through a series of vanilla variations, starting with a tobacco scent, then into cinnamon, then more of a cherry-vanilla, then just smoke and vanilla at the final gasp.

Its a very nice scent, not sure if its worth the high price. However, I thought that of my TF Tuscan Leather, and that 50ml bottle of TL has lasted me over 2 years owing to its strength (a little goes a long way) and to its heaviness (strong and complex, so not an everyday frag). I foresee Tobacco Vanille being like this; strong, and not an everyday wearer, but a very unique one.

Pros: Strong vanilla note, with complexity
Cons: Not as much of a dry tobacco as I would like, such as L'Artsan's (unavailable) Tea for two"

16th October, 2013

Speakeasy by Frapin

Very happy to haqve purchased this one

Since purchasing Frapin's 1270 some years ago, I've been a very ardent consumer of most things Frapin. Not every scent of theirs works for me, but I'm always interested in anything produced by this house and when I saw Speakeasy become available, I purchased a bottle sight unseen online.

Immediately upon application, I get a strong mint that has a gentle citrus twist. It's not the best mint I've ever experienced in a cologne, but it is quite acceptable and sets a brisk, pleasant tone of alertness and purpose, thus best applied at the start of a busy day.

On me, Speakeasy evolves and warms into a very pleasing, yet subtle, accord of leather, a rum taste, and citrus. This is the body of the scent for me, and it continues in this vein until the end. The only change for me is the gradually diminishing longevity.

This Frapin scent is different from all the others of its family for me, in that the boozy rum accord is much more subtle to me than the very ubiquitous and specific rummy taste of other members of the Frapin clan. This fragrance therefore strikes a different, more alert tone, with a pleasing, spicy-leather body. Other Frapin frags like 1270, 1697, Caravalle Epicee and Passion Boisee all have that flat-on-my-back, dopey grin of the perpetual rum-drunk feel, a saturation of rum. Speakeasy, similar to Frapin's L'Humaniste, is outside that heavy Frapin-rum scent that I love. It is fresher, lighter, yet with the spice and boozy accords, still a member of the Frapin family; it just looks like the fair-haired, fresher-faced younger brother of the boozier-flavoured Frapins.

I use this one regularly when dressing for work or for casual social affair; its never overwhelming. I will definitely replace my current bottle once it hits the end of its life.

Pros: Distinctive combinations of mint and citrus
Cons: Lower-end longevity"

15th October, 2013

1270 by Frapin

Soft comfort in exquisite style.

My first Frapin fragrance I ever bought, which led me to acquire quite a few more by this maker of delightful, comforting scent. Most of what you read in these comments is, in my opinion, accurate. This is a boozy, rum-scented creation which is the olfactory equivalent of being wrapped in a very soft, very comfortable Frette cashmere blanket.

Once the initial rum fades, a very pleasant dry-down of vanilla and dried fruit remains, enveloping you in soft comfort that is never overwhelming or cloying. Just one of the most amazing fragrances I have experienced, from start to finish. I often treat myself by putting it on before work. Since my work involves wearing a uniform, my civilian clothes hang for 11 hours on my locker. After shift and a shower, changing into my going-home shirt, redolent of 1270, is an experience that makes my heart lift even after the worst shift.

Since this scent is not cloying, overly sweet, harsh in the corners or too strong, chances are, you will be very happy with this choice.

Pros: Never cloying, beautiful in every stage from start to finish.
Cons: None.

02nd July, 2013
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Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

Very strong leather right from the get-go, with a secondary, strong presence of smoke. I find this to be very much like Caron Tabac Blond. My wife finds that one me, this is like smelling someone who was in a smoky room. It does however, have a spicy or peppery finish where my body chemistry is concerned.

Very long lasting. This is not a scent for the timid.
04th November, 2010

Opus 1870 by Penhaligon's

I very much like this offering from Pen's, which is a nice addition to the collection. I get s lot of dry, white cedar from this one, from the very first, through the middle and into the finish. There is a slight crust of cinnamon around the edges, which is certainly welcome, and none of this frag has anything cloying or synthetic about it. This is a welcome addition to my other Pen's scents.
31st October, 2010

Canali Style by Canali

Soft, but distinctive leather start and middle, with a morph into a very light musk dry down. Not particularly complex or startling. I bought my 100ml for $20, so there's no complaint here.
26th October, 2010

Black Pepper by Molton Brown

I agree with the descriptions on this cologne; warm and spicy, but I don't seem to notice the low silage reported here. For whatever reason, I have to be careful how much of this I use, since it can be strong up front, with decent longevity for me.

This fragrance is inoffensive and, to my neophyte nose, textured, warm and rich. One of the favorites in my stable. I will say, that the Molton Cassia Body Spray has very low longevity, but the Black Pepper seems to run for a number of hours on my skin.
15th October, 2010

Racquets Formula by Penhaligon's

I have been using this one since the mid-90s, finding it at Bergdorf's in NYC. This cologne has a blend of vetiver and citrus, compounded with a powdery aspect infused with musk that I have never experienced before. It all combines to produce a men's fragrance that is light, yet which has the olfactory strength to stand up and project itself, without being overwhelming or--gasp--cloying.

I often reach for this one when I can't decide one way (light and citrusy) or the other (heavy, spicy, woody). This fits the bill nicely in between those worlds to produce a scent that turns heads and results in violent pulls back into the hug from appreciative women who have never experienced it before.


15th October, 2010