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Mitsouko by Guerlain

An almost putrid jungle note of greenery in the parfum/extrait can be a little overpowering at the open, but this mellows down to a most unusual peach note that goes on for quite long.

Woodsy, damp notes prevail in the drydown that serve to unify the wearer (me) and Mitsy in a bond of love.

Awesome! And my 2nd favourite scent of 2010.
21st October, 2010

Poême by Lancôme

Cloying, synthetically sweet-smelling. With a longevity that matches that of original Poison.

Mellows to a wet-towel scent after 15 hours.

But it's ability to lift spirits means it avoids a thumbs down in my books
20th October, 2010

Stradivari by Prince Matchabelli

Having very very limited experience with less than 40 fragrances and almost none with identifying notes in any scent, I'm rather handicapped in reviewing this one, but will attempt it anyway because of requests to fill the void.

My very vintage bottle of this intriguing fragrance(cologne parfumee) still packs a spicy punch at the outset despite its age.

Some unfamiliar florals dance with the spices to produce a pleasing masculine & herbal aura for the first half hour, reminiscent of some of the Aramis colognes, but with less bite.

It then settles down into a consistent muskiness, which mutates into a pleasing aroma of cedar and perhaps sandalwood towards the drydown.

Something between what is perhaps an Indian barbershop scent and a perfume that you would wear to a gathering of familiar folk, when the warm woody aroma would open up hearts and induce a sense of closeness and intimacy among those within its thrall.
04th October, 2010
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Molto Missoni by Missoni

A delightfully bright fruity-floral...seemingly more fruity than floral!

I get a lot of grapefruit & benzoin, the latter which detracts from it a little, which otherwise would garner a 5-star rating from me.

Great to lift the spirits of the wearer & the sniffers!
29th September, 2010

Imprévu by Coty

It's so potently green, it's almost eye-watering even when sniffed from my sealed bottle! I think it's a very complex & dense chypre,but don't see myself unsealing my 15 ml bottle to give it a try anytime soon.
28th September, 2010

Shalimar by Guerlain

It took me a couple of weeks to take a liking to this lady in the parfum concentration. For the EDC, I had no trouble at all liking it : it's like a vanilla desert that transitions into slightly smoky vanilla and then becomes incensy after a couple of hours.

The parfum opens with a lemony fizz that became insecticide-like within 10 minutes and stayed that way for about an hour before morphing.

I kept going back to the parfum & giving it one chance after another. Then a fortnight later, the 'insecticide' phase didn't last as long, and I detected the subtle florals & incense within 20 minutes.

One can certainly tell that it's a complex scent, but not everyone can fall in love with its complexity.

Looking forward to trying the extrait from the 50s that I recently bought!
19th September, 2010

Bal à Versailles by Jean Desprez

Decadent...Lush....Dirty and/or animalic....Gorgeous!
15th September, 2010

L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain

As close to heaven as you can get. Beats the more popular Shalimar hands down,IMHO.

Contrary to some people's experiencing moodiness when sniffing this, I become happy and upbeat instead!

It's like vacationing without having to take a plane or go anywhere near an airport.

And the journey is made by ship! A ship laden with rich spices & herbs, sailing serenely under an almost cloudless sky.

Somewhere between India and Morocco.

Lovely beyond description
15th September, 2010

Tailspin / Passionnement by Lucien Lelong

Unusual to say the least! Coal-tarry & medicinal throughout, it's a hard scent to like.
14th September, 2010 (last edited: 29th September, 2010)

No. 22 Parfum by Chanel

Although the ingredients don't look that numerous, it has a distinctly classy feel to it somewhere between the initial blast and the middle notes.

Despite my skin being somewhat of a fragrance sponge, No. 22 hangs on quite admirably, giving way to a unique incensy aura about 2 hours after application.

No. 5 is much easier to wear, but No.22 is no less Chanel than the former.
14th September, 2010

Arpège by Lanvin

I find the opening quite radiant, and addictive enough that I can sniff under the stopper of my precious black boule for a few minutes at a time. On my skin, the vintage parfum quickly loses that bright opening to become a sweet floral.

But it's classy & reminscent of languid ages past.
28th August, 2010

Joy by Jean Patou

What a bright floral!Though overpowering, with a 'wall of roses' effect on me at the beginning, I can't help but luxuriate in this scintillating tango of flowers.

The concentrate must have murderous sillage, given that sniffing from the stoppered bottle of parfum for a minute or less fills my nostrils with the fragrance of blooming May roses for at least five minutes!
28th August, 2010