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Claiborne for Men by Liz Claiborne

Very good. My current everyday casual go-to. Inexpensive? Yep. A little synthetic? Yep. Kind of immature at times? Yep. What can I say? I like this scent a lot. It’s sweet and fresh, but I don’t mistake it for a woman’s scent. Citrusy, fruity. It's got a good balance to my nose.
Living in Southern California, there’s a lot of warmer weather, and this scent works well in this desert climate. Top notes put me in a good mood, and after that, the drydown gets a bit fruity, but I haven’t ever found it cloying, even when sweating.
Having surely offended many in my youth by dousing myself in Kouros or Obsession, I’ve got anxiety about it now, and try to stick with safer scents with less sillage, though Claiborne retains moderate sillage and good longevity for me. A youthful scent. I feel like it’s a guilty pleasure, and I rarely smell it on others.
Is it really discontinued? There are references to this in the oldest reviews, but it's 2010 and still easily available, at least online.
To me, Claiborne is like a strong number 2 or 3 starter on a loaded pitching staff: he puts up good numbers and gets his team a lot of wins, but doesn’t get the credit or attention (or the money) that the ace of the staff gets. And you know, sometimes, the ace has a bad year, and Claiborne steps in to shoulder the load. Apparently though, some of you see Claiborne as a spot starter at best, or worse, a minor-leaguer. To each his own. For me, he’s getting a lot of innings.
29th August, 2010