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Donna by Valentino

A gift from my gorgeous daughter. It's sweet without being cloying and overpowering...musky roses and so feminine. I have been wearing through our hot humid summer quite happily and I can't wait to see how it translates in winter. Love it! Try it!
19th March, 2016

Elie Saab Le Parfum by Elie Saab

Holidaying in NY around thanksgiving time and wandering around a department store - as I do ... sniffing, spritzing, sniffing. A beautiful bottle caught my eye and an even more beautiful sales assistant extending the bottle for me to try. I love this!! It is elegant and sophisticated and lovely. The start is floral and citrus which is pretty enough but after a while the honey starts dripping which sounds sweet but the combination is just lovely. I wear it in the daytime. It is perfect for warm summer days and always smells fresh to me. My favourite fragrance this summer.
21st February, 2013 (last edited: 04th December, 2016)

Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo and Coco Mademoiselle too!! Almost identical. I would not wear either but I would probably choose CM over JC. Do a blind testing and see what you think.
21st February, 2013
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Zen (original / black) by Shiseido

I bought this one whilst holidaying in NY. It was winter time and I loved Zen's dark mysterious presence and I think, for the season, it smelt beautiful and very reasonably priced to boot. I wasnt thinking about how this lovely dark beauty would translate here in sub tropical Brisbane, Australia. My trip was about 4 months ago and I am waiting for our (mild by comparison) winter so that I can feel comfortable wearing Zen. I pick up the bottle from time to time and I am itching to spritz but I know it would be a little cloying and heady - for me anyway. That's ok I can wait.
21st February, 2013

Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna

OK, as celeb frags go - I quite like this one, buying it for my 20 something year old daughter. It is young and sweet and I love to smell it on her. She loves it too. Sensual/tropical - Im no good at breaking down a fragrance to its marrow but this one is more than I expected. Worth a sniff.
21st February, 2013

Lady Vengeance by Juliette Has a Gun

Lady Vengeance is (if you'll pardon the stolen lyrics from a CSN&Y song of the 80s) a rose in a fisted glove..... it is feminine but strong, sexy and strikingly beautiful. I love it!!
25th August, 2011

Angel Schlesser Essential by Angel Schlesser

I like this one. It starts out very similar to D&G Rose The One but unlike RTO, it doesnt turn on you. Angel is fresh and clean and honest and I enjoy her company for the whole of the day. No romance here, just fun and freshness.
30th April, 2011

Rose The One by Dolce & Gabbana

My lovely Sister gave me this one ..... a birthday gift. I love rosey perfumes!!
This one is pleasant and starts out rosey and dries down to a rosey sweet but changes to an almost sickley sweet faint rose as the day goes on...... doesnt stop me from wearing it but I wont be buying another.
30th April, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana by Dolce & Gabbana

Why did I not buy another bottle of this? My only purchase wasin the early 90's probably not long after it was first released. It's strong and seductive and self assured .... mm perhaps says more about the way I was NOT feeling about myself at the time. Definitely my next purchase!! Love it.
30th April, 2011

Stendhal Elixir Noir by Stendhal

I must say, the sexiness of the bottle does suit this perfume... It is a little sultry and definitely one for the night time. I have worn it but a couple of times but I am thinking I may reserve it for cold winter night occasions - when a warm sultry frag is required. Not one of my favourites, but a keeper.
30th April, 2011

Eau des 4 Reines by L'Occitane

I first purchased Eau de 4 Reines about 10 years ago. That first experience evokes the
same feeling today. So clean and fresh and rosy... like walking through a rose garden after a heavy summer downpour. I love this perfume and whilst it is only an eau de toilette, I find myself catching small but pleasant flashes of this wonderful scent 7 or 8 hours into the day.
Here's to the fabulous 4 .... may you never change.
01st April, 2011 (last edited: 19th July, 2016)

Red Door by Elizabeth Arden

I regret that my very first Basenotes review is a negative one. I admit to buying my mother a bottle of this 'scent'. I thought at the time - well i definetely wouldn't wear this one but an older person might carry it off. On a mature woman it could possibly have a classic, soft, 'old lace' quality which was how I would like my mother to be remembered .... so I bought a bottle for my dear old (at the time 80 something) Mum. She really liked it, since her youngest daughter had bought it for her birthday, and wore it often. I'm sorry Mum. Red Door should be renamed Eau de Nursing Home. Far from classic elegance ... it has a claustrophobic odour of unsuccessfully masked incontinence. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I had grown to hate her lovely Red Door so I patiently waited for the bottle to finish ........ unfortunately my sister on noticing her perfume was just about empty went out and bought Mum the economy size bottle. Sadly though, Mum misplaced her replacement bottle not long after that (NO - I swear!! She really DID misplace it) but it was quickly replaced with L'Occitane Eau des 4 Reines (which I shall review sometime soon). Here's to a long list of more positive reviews in the future!!
29th August, 2010