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    31 rue Cambon by Chanel

    wonderful feminine scent. delicately powdery iris/floral. light, but great performer. sophisticated, well balanced, some development to follow and not get bored, dignified and totally pleasant and safe at all stages. would greatly fit any serious woman of any age.
    ... i dare wear it as a man too, like the great off-scenter.

    edit: two full wears of it have brought much stronger to my attention a first thought subtle dirty nuance i have noticed when testing it: not just rotting, but even decaying roots. this appears in the heart, and although fleeting, it creates a vile foody resemblance to my senses: a combo of meat balls and a spicy far eastern ethnic cuisine... (might be born by the french artistic movement of exoticism...) i don't like to call it repulsive, since it is still very interesting for me... elegant but challenging french stuff!

    15th September, 2014 (Last Edited: 27th September, 2014)


    Méchant Loup by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    imo scentwise this is absolutely ingenious. for the first 30 min. on, this is one the very finest examples of a complex masculine perfumery i have experienced.

    behind the lightweight and pleasant texture hides something really frightening. extremely impressive scent that plays around both galantness and machismo. a symbiose between the free spirited forest elf and the stalking predator. the scent's name is artistically justified.

    ... and then the fleeting house signature reveals itself again ... too bad, since it starts breathtaking but does not perform so well after the first hour or so. the dry down is practically the falling apart.
    nevertheless, i am happy to have got a chance to know this. probably the stand out from l'artisan's range.

    23rd August, 2014


    Oud Stars : Gao by Xerjoff

    i grew to appreciate Zafar immensely, but this one is just too much - the blue cheese is heavily suffocated by a fresh strong furniture lacquer over the poor wood. i personally see no sense of trying to wear this. overly synthetic.

    11th August, 2014


    03. Apr. 1968 by Rundholz Parfums

    not too many notes in the pyramid, right?... this is one hell of a dirty incense! the 3 listed notes don't give a good idea for what it is. i need to spend more time with it, but so far i like it a lot. would appeal to lovers of dirtyness... it is not elegant for sure.

    12th July, 2014


    Royal Oud by Creed

    i tend to avoid creed, but i must confess that this one is quite solid. being far from a piece of art, it just does the work great. somewhat rough, but never too loud, nor too soft, it is a tank that delivers for hours with a sturdy projection. quite masculine and very mature scent, to my senses.

    12th July, 2014


    Dom Rosa : Eau Sanguine by Les Liquides Imaginaires

    quite a classy scent, one of the very best among the new recent releases i have smelled. the champagne accord is to me the main note for the entire time. really interesting to try detecting everything else every time i wear it. as of now i notice mostly pear at opening, rose at middle, and very subtle woods at dry down. very well blended, i actually consider the scent warm and pleasant to wear. slightly medicinal and barely metallic to my nose. ( to me a cold and very metallic scent is f.e. cedre sandaraque by pg, one i actually like too, nothing feels like that here)

    12th July, 2014


    Fusion Sacrée Lui by Majda Bekkali

    a cacophonic bomb of notes. it is like an olfactory fusion of dozen home fragrances. it gets finer and more personal parfum like only towards the end of the dry down.
    not sure who needs an essay-like long list of notes blended.
    it is made obvioulsy of very high quality ingredients since it does smell very natural, but i remain in wonder how could one of the best perfumers ever let this on the market.
    after all, if you are looking for a natural smelling scent with a great longevity and projection, there is nothing else like this i know of... but the loudness and richness here do not click right to me

    30th March, 2014


    Rêve en Cuir by Indult

    one of the most mind blowing art-perfumes i have got a chance to sniff. basically a fusion of a subtle leather and a luxury spiced confectionery - two olfactory objects which on a first thought don't belong at all together, but the ingenious Kurkdjian managed to amalgam them, creating a masterwork in terms of both artistic originality and practical wearability.
    patchouli gently lurks in background, together with all other notes perfectly blended in one stunningly impressive entity which lacks a sugary character, but remains dry and just subtly sweet.
    for the time being, this scent is on top of my probably most favorite category: oriental semi-gourmands.

    30th March, 2014


    Amyris Homme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

    after two full wears i got to again admire Kurkdjians' genius. full bottle worthy, great multifaceted scent.

    06th March, 2014 (Last Edited: 10th March, 2014)


    Montecristo by Masque

    i realised from the very first wear this is a masterfully blended, very original scent, but i was not blown away. after 3 full wears i came to fully appreciate it. rustic but sophisticated, very masculine but elegant, mysterious yet easy going. on me it has less than moderate projection, which bothered me at first, but now i think it is part of its enigmatic appeal.

    i have never considered it 'challenging'. can be worn anywhere. actually, could even be a great formal wear too.

    05th March, 2014


    Scandal pour Homme by Roja Dove

    a great fougere

    being more into orientals and semi-gourmands, i have traditionally neglected this genre. however, among the fougeres i have smelled as i remember, this one definetily stands out. it smells very natural and well balanced between lemony and soapy green. different nuances are to recognize as the scent progresses. from the middle on, darker, woody notes lurk in background. just at the time i thought the citrusness gets too punchy. never get off balance and a joy through the entire time.

    i would never pay that much for a bottle of fougere, but being roja dove a 20ml decant came 'justified'. i will use it ocassionally.

    10th October, 2013


    Pétroleum by Histoires de Parfums

    surely not scary at all ( very different than ambrarem). the rose comes very distinctively on to me, almost to the point of a rose based scent ( i might be hyper-sensitive to this note).
    wearing it is not a 'challenge' at any point. i would say it is 'interesting' instead 'challenging', since it feels comfortable.
    masterfully crafted, high art prefumery.

    25th April, 2013


    pc01 by Biehl Parfumkunstwerke

    excellent scent, enjoyable all the way. yes, nothing outstanding, but extremely well crafted and natural. furthermore, i don't consider it so typically feminine. from the middle on it slightly reminds me of roadster cartier, but much, much better executed and way finer. ellegant stuff that anybody could wear, i feel perfectly comfortable myself. longevity is about average to low on me, 2-3 hours.

    27th March, 2013


    Romeo Gigli by Romeo Gigli

    surprized nobody among the recent reviwers mentiones civet... the great thing about this scent. such pronounced civet i have only encountered in ungaro ii. gigli can not even stand against a healthy bottle of the latter, but the scent is worth attention. surely it is not a piece of art like most malle or lutens, levels below, still a good masculine scent. the juice is green... very much kiwi with civet

    01st March, 2013


    Acteur by Azzaro

    i got it recently, after reading positive reviews by respected bnoters, with respect to azzaro and for the low price.
    good scent. herbacious rose. opens refreshing and pleasing, but does not develop much. gets a little sharper on the herbs, almost with metallic feel. it feels sharp but somewhat hollow. then calms down before reaching dry down which is the most interesting part for me. distant animalic nuances lurk in background, giving it almost yataganish feel. i do notice the menitoned ambery touch at the end.
    satisfactory projection and longevity.
    compared to other rose scents - i like it better than the musty cacophonic zino, but it is not on a level with the ingenious iquitos, the majestic No.88, and the synthetic but very well composed seductive le labo rose 31.
    i don't know if this is a reformulated version. i got a bottle and i know i would be wearing it sometimes, but all together it is far from superb and i don't think it is bottle worthy for advanced fragrance lover.

    05th February, 2012


    Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

    the more i wear it, the more i don't like it (unlike with some other stuff where i experience the contrary effect). at first it seemed to me rich and masculine. what bothers me is its very synthetic core, easily revealed if you try to wash it off... what remains is a very unpleasant, strong chemical smell... you may not walk in a rain wearing it, but imagine what would happen if you apply 'generously' in a hot day, and then sweat a lot...

    11th September, 2010

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