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Eternity by Calvin Klein

l found the top notes quite similar to Eternity for Men, then it dried down into a quite ordinary white floral with no distinguishable notes to my nose. Passable as a workaday scent for a woman who simply wants to "smell nice", but it has zero personality or character for me.

Edit; my SO bought me a bottle of this for Christmas because he likes it. lt has grown on me; it is a very smooth, "clean" scent, & nice for when you want to give your nose a rest from more "challenging" fragrances, but l only wear it occasionally to please him, it will never be one that l love.

Edit; after my SO admitted that he didn't think it smelled quite right on me, it was with some relief that l sold my bottle. lt just wasn't interesting enough for me anyway!
13th September, 2010 (last edited: 25th November, 2011)

Cristalle Eau de Parfum by Chanel

Other reviewers here have used words that describe this very well; pungent, bitter, brutal, harsh; & l agree with all of them. ln my notebook l've written; "nasty, sharp, green, woody, rather like No. 19 but with more cedar, urgh." Maybe it's an overdose of vetiver &/or oakmoss, ( l didn't get any of the top notes described here, it went straight to the base ) or it's a skin chemistry thing, but on this occasion l couldn't wait for the drydown, l had to go & scrub it off ( not an easy task ) before anyone thought l actually wanted to smell like this!
13th September, 2010 (last edited: 02nd March, 2011)

Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

This is a fresh, summer scent to me with a burst of lemon & mint in the opening, sweetened a little by the brown sugar in the drydown. l think it would work well on both sexes, & it has good longevity for a citrussy scent. l love the idea of smelling like a mojito & would consider a full bottle of this, if l didn't already own a bottle of Comptoir Sud Pacifique's Aloha Tiare, & hadn't set my heart on a bottle of Creed's Virgin lsland Water! Very nice though, thumbs up!
13th September, 2010
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Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent

As other reviews have indicated, this does indeed veer between that tart cranberry note & a sweet, sugary violet. One minute l almost like it, the next l definitely don't. l felt very self-conscious wearing this, as if it was wearing me, & as if l was trying too hard to be 20 years younger! The sillage & longevity are off the scale, but this is aimed squarely at the teen market, & it's very poorly blended. Not for me.
13th September, 2010

Gucci Flora by Gucci

A very unpleasant, in-your-face burst of chemicals, followed by a woody-patchouli drydown. Not floral at all! Thankfully it's all over before too long.
13th September, 2010

Tiaré by Chantecaille

The top notes are green & soapy with a suggestion of lily of the valley, & quite strong sillage. There's a whiff of tuberose in there, but it's restrained, followed by a whisper of gardenia, but overall it's quite linear &, l'm sorry to say, nice but dull. There are many far more interesting & longer-lasting florals out there. Maybe my white floral phase is finally petering out, maybe l'd just prefer this in springtime. Anyway, for now l'll pass.
13th September, 2010

Insolence Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

Wow, it really does smell like L'Heure Bleue! l don't really get raspberries, but cherries from this, along with those violet, almond & anise notes. lt's quite linear on me but has good sillage, & lasts a good six hours which is better than average on my skin. l thinks it works as a modern interpretation of a classic, but l still prefer L'Heure Bleue over this.
13th September, 2010

Allure Sensuelle by Chanel

For a fruity floral clearly aimed at the youth market, this is really rather nice. l get melon, peach & a sweet, caramel-like vanilla. The sillage & longevity are good. lt's not something l can imagine wearing much myself, & l like Allure a lot more, but l wouldn't object to smelling this on someone else from time to time.
13th September, 2010

Antonia's Flowers Eau de Toilette by Antonia's Flowers

For the first fifteen minutes or so it's difficult to pick out individual notes here, it's just a bunch of fresh, sweet flowers. Then suddenly the most beautiful freesia note throws itself forward with lots of sillage, it's very true to the real flower & just keeps on going. lt's quite a retro scent, but perfect if you want to smell like a spring flower, & very good quality. Nice!
13th September, 2010

Love In White by Creed

On my skin this simply smells like crisp, freshly-washed linen hanging out to dry in the breeze on a bright spring day. No more, no less.
13th September, 2010

Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

Heavy, cloying, strong, overly sweet oriental. Headache-inducing for me, had to scrub this.
13th September, 2010

Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

l got very little rose from this, just sweet, cloying parma violets all the way from beginning to end. l like parma violets, but l didn't enjoy smelling VERY strongly of them ALL DAY. l'll give it a neutral because the sillage is so powerful & it lasts & lasts, unusual on my skin. l just can't think of any occasion where l would want to wear this.
13th September, 2010

Spring Flower by Creed

On me this is a sickly-sweet mess of apple & melon, with unfortunately no discernable flowers. Very disappointing. lf l smelled it blind l would never guess that it came from a house like Creed. There are far better, cheaper examples of this genre available on the mass market today. What happened?
13th September, 2010
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Fleurissimo by Creed

This smelled very green, sharp & quite masculine to me, not floral at all. There seems to be a note in these green floral scents that dominates on my skin. The same thing happens with Chanel No.19 for example, so l think it's probably a skin chemistry thing. l reckon it could smell great on a man, though! Just not on me, ho hum.
13th September, 2010

Dioressence by Christian Dior

l know this classic gets a lot of love & respect from others here, but l just couldn't get beyond the sharp, pungent, peppery, green opening. Being a gardener l'd have to say it smells like pelargoniums, the mediterranean plants often called geraniums, rather than the true geranium which has virtually no scent. Not something l want to smell of.
13th September, 2010

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

l tried this on a sniffing spree in a local department store, & either l must have been distracted by some other frags l was trying, or this simply wasn't attention-grabbing enough for me. All l wrote in my notebook was; "quite sweet oriental." Hmm, l think l need to try it again sometime, l think l might like it if l spend some time with it. Then again, maybe not. lt obviously didn't wow me, sorry Chanel!
13th September, 2010

Allure Eau de Toilette by Chanel

This is actually rather lovely! lt's a subtle, elegant mix of creamy rose, jasmine & vanilla on my skin, & to my relief l didn't get any of the fruity notes. On sniffing my arm my SO declared it to be "gorgeous", an incredible feat as he rarely compliments me on any of my frags! l think l'm going to have to purchase this, or at least get him to give me some for Christmas. l can imagine it working well for pretty much any occasion, but l'd say it's more suited to warmer weather. Longevity is great & sillage just right. Very nice!
13th September, 2010

Indian Gardenia by Body Shop

An initial perfumey blast gives way to spices & citronella after a moment or two, then a little wood, perhaps sandalwood, followed by a slightly crisp, grassy note, then after an hour sweet, musky florals show up, but no gardenia. The sillage is quite good & could cause headaches in an enclosed space, but it's barely there on my skin after two hours. lt's ok, & might work better in winter, l'll wait & see...

Edit; bottle now sold. There were aspects of this perfume that l liked; the warm florals & gentle spices, but l just couldn't ignore that "bug spray" note of citronella. Neither could my co-workers.
03rd September, 2010 (last edited: 25th November, 2011)

Gardenia by Body Shop

Got this as a blind buy from eBay as it doesn't seem to be available in the shops. The top notes are slightly sharp, crisp & clean, then there are hints of lily & the barest whisper of gardenia, then it's gone from my skin after about an hour. Cheap enough for liberal sprayings & not unpleasant, but wouldn't have bothered if l'd known!

Edit; bottle now sold. lt was just too ordinary & not "gardenia" enough for me.
03rd September, 2010 (last edited: 25th November, 2011)

Eaudemoiselle by Givenchy

This has a very retro feel to me, it's very strong & slightly stale to my nose, & it's difficult to pick out notes. l sort of get the rose & ambrette, but they're lost in a generic perfumey mess on my skin. l did try it on a warm summer day, & l think it might work better in colder weather, the sillage is powerful & it lasted a good six hours while l resisted the urge to scrub. Sorry, not for me!
03rd September, 2010

Ange ou Démon Le Secret by Givenchy

This is an elusive bit of fluff; a sweet, strawberry-like opening & a whiff of green tea, then it starts to disappear from my skin almost immediately. No sillage, l have to sniff right up close to detect it at all, & don't even bother asking my other half what he thinks. The best l can say is it's inoffensive, how can it offend anyone when you can't even smell it?
03rd September, 2010

Marc Jacobs Splash Gardenia by Marc Jacobs

Smells limpid & fresh in the vial, for the first 20 minutes on the wrist it's mainly orange blossom & neroli, with that metallic quality l usually get from neroli. You sense other florals in the background, but that citrus note dominates... then suddenly it mutates into a cross between Un Matin d'Orage & Ophelia, with a delicate, rain-soaked-garden effect that l like. l prefer those two to this one however, as l don't have to live through those top notes to get there. As someone who smells real gardenia blossoms fairly regularly, l can state that this bears only a fleeting resemblance to the true scent, & it only lasts around three hours on me, hence the neutral rating.
03rd September, 2010

Velvet Gardenia by Tom Ford

This is quite difficult to describe, it is floral, but earthy.. there's a whiff of tuberose & jasmine at first, but mixed with a kind of "new car" smell, the kind that used to make me car sick as a child. lt has a dark, mysterious, haunting melancholy to it, definitely not a summer scent & not for a party mood, it would probably work best on a damp autumn day when wearing leather.. maybe that's a leather note in there? After a few moments there is a true gardenia note, & now l realise why it makes me feel sad, because it conjures up a memory of my Greek "mother" handing me a gardenia blossom before l left the village l visit regularly in Greece. l had it in my hand on the long bus journey back to Athens, but although l love the scent, it became too overpowering & l had to wrap it carefully in a tissue & put it in my bag before l got ill. The jasmine becomes more prominent after an hour but it stays quite linear after that, slowly receding like a storm into the distance, still detectable six hours later. l have great respect for it's composition but can't imagine wearing it in public, only when l want to stay home alone wallowing. Therefore l'll have to give this a neutral. mikey_p put it perfectly; "lf Tim Burton did gardenia, this would be it"!
03rd September, 2010

Rosebud by Ayala Moriel

A very classic, realistic but dry rose scent, like pot-pourri, with a whiff of cedar in the base. l have the greatest respect for Ayala & her work, but there are other scents of hers that l like much better. l like my roses fresh, deep & dewy, so this isn't quite what l'm looking for.
03rd September, 2010

Nina (new) by Nina Ricci

Toffee apples. Very sweet. Very girly. Probably just your thing if you're seventeen. Not my thing at all.
03rd September, 2010

Gardenia by Royal Hawaiian Perfumes

Powerful tuberose, & not in a good way. l love tuberose when it's slightly tamed by other notes, as in Carnal Flower or Beyond Love. Unrestrained tuberose is cloying, nauseating & headache-inducing to my nose, & I tried it on a warm, humid day too, which didn't help! lt doesn't change in the drydown & was gone after three hours. It's labelled as Tiare Gardenia, two notes l ADORE, but sadly contained neither. l don't normally say this, but... YUCK!
03rd September, 2010

Aloha Tiaré / Tiaré by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Original version ( Tiare ); l agree with Ayala that it's very much the scent of monoi ie. tiare gardenia flowers soaked in coconut milk, something which to me is utterly delicious & indulgent! lt's sweet, creamy & soft, not a big night out scent but lovely to wear at home on a summer's day.

Newer version ( Aloha Tiare ); Begins with a sharp burst of lime, followed by creamy sweet musky florals & a whiff of tuberose, mixed with coconut, rum & brown sugar in the base, just like a mojito! lt's very similar to Virgin lsland Water with perhaps a little less finesse, but it lasts for hours on me, & it's very refreshing to wear out & about in the city on a hot summer's day. See Jitterbug Perfume Lover's review for the images this conjures up for me, unfortunately all in my head as l've never been to Hawaii! Some day.....*sigh*
03rd September, 2010

Gardénia Parfum by Chanel

l, too, am underwhelmed.. at first it's just a generic "perfume smell" on me, then there's a whiff of tuberose & jasmine, but absolutely NO gardenia. lt disappears on my skin in less than an hour. Not unpleasant but l'm so disappointed considering this is a Chanel, that l have to give it a negative rating.
03rd September, 2010

Azahar by Adolfo Dominguez

l was sent a free sample of this along with another scent l bought from eBay, & l have no personal experience of the authentic azahar scent as described by other reviewers, but l would describe it as a fresh, sunny mix of orange blossom & neroli. There's a whiff of musky woods after about 15 minutes, but apart from that it doesn't develop much on my skin & disappears in less than an hour. Nice, but disappointing for it's poor longevity.
03rd September, 2010