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T for Him by Tommy Hilfiger

This one is kind of interesting. The initial blast is kind of offputting, but there is something addictive about it. The only reason I got it (for free. A friendly basenoter gave his bottle away) was the mentioned laundry note. I'm a nut when it comes to clean smelling fragrances, especially if they come with a twist. Some people here has written about a peppery accord. Another one mentioned a "screechy ambiance" in T for him. I think both are right, but then comes that laundry note which is very hard to pinpoint. It is a bit of a mess, but a nice mess. Kind of like the dusty concrete floor in the laundromat. Or maybe just the entrance, since the detergent note is so subdued.

I'm giving it neutral here, but I'm on the positive side.
02nd February, 2010

Rousse by Serge Lutens

A very very wellbehaved cinnamon fragrance, almost too soft and mellow in the beginning. There is some sort of clearity to it I just can't put my finger on, but after a while I get and iris like sensation.
30th April, 2007

Aqua Allegoria Lemon-Fresca by Guerlain

Starts suprisingly fresh, the lemon has a very very slight bitter touch which attracted me to it. But after those nice topnotes something happens. Something sweet happens and it is overly sweet for me! There is something in it which hurts my nose and everything just goes all blurry. Can't focus on any notes at all with it being so hazy.
03rd February, 2007
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Costes by Hôtel Costes

I can't help but compare Costes with the original Comme des Garçons EdP, they sure have the same ultra spicy opening. But when the CdG goes on and on and adds that hay note, Costes take on another route into a more airy and softer drydown. I bet there are some sort of flowers or fruit in there too. Quite lovely I must say and will hopefully become one of this fall's fragrances.
29th August, 2006

Sun Men by Jil Sander

I just got a sample of this and I must say that it is better than I expected. It sure smells quite "common" and synthetic, no doubt about that, but it has another familiar tone to it that I quite like. It make me think back on a specific summer I went on holiday in Israel when I was about 13-14 years old. I was wearing a mini of Samba Man and this one comes quite close to that one. For the sake of good old memories I will always kind of like the smell of Samba. So here it is, but with a lovely note of rosewood hidden within.

I could see myself purchasing this one, when in need for something ozon like for the few times I don't want to stand out, but enjoy what ever I'm wearing none the less. On the contrary of how MonkeyManMatt feels about it, I find it quite powerful with fair longetivity.

I do want to seek out the female origin however...
28th July, 2006

Mystery of Agatha by Agatha Brown

There is a decayed grass feeling about this one, a bit like wet hay. That accord feels pretty unique too me, can't really pinpoint it down at all. I sure haven't made up my mind about this one, but I find it intruiging and that is always a positive thing.
13th March, 2006

Gaultier² by Jean Paul Gaultier

I'm defiantely giving this one thumbs up, even though I was more in love with it to begin with than I am now after owning it a few months. Nice enough to get a good grade though. Sweet, bubblegumish, vanilic and a bit dirty.
03rd January, 2006

Heliotrope by Etro

So soft, subtle and simple, yet amazingly beautiful. Warm and comforting and suprisingly light. I think MonkeyManMatt's description was right on.
03rd January, 2006

parfums*PARFUMS Series 6 Synthetic: Skai by Comme des Garçons

I bought this thanks to Indie_Guy and it is just as lovely as he has described it here. I agree on what he says here and that spicy warmth is something very close to cinnamon to my nose.

And I have to mention the drydown. Or more accurate what is left of it after the drydown. The most amazing snuggle friendly skin scent I've ever felt! Like a clean cat's fur and the neck of your loved one.

Skai is nothing short of amazing!
19th November, 2005

Emporio Armani City Glam for Him by Giorgio Armani

I'm all with MonkeyManMatt here. City Glam for boys sure is a stinker. One of the few samples I have at home (of around 80 or 90) I will never ever put on my skin again.
05th October, 2005

Secret Wish by Anna Sui

This one smells very fresh and reminds me of a fruit market. Lovely at first sniff actually, with a wonderful, slightly bitter, grapefruit note sticking out. It stays very close to the skin and seems to fade out a tad too quickly.
25th September, 2005

Indra Purple by Ulric de Varens

This one is incredibly sweet and bubblegumish, also a bit cheap smelling, but I can help but love the cutness of it! There might be some tuberose in this one, which gives it that wonderful bubbelgum note, for which alone I could buy this cheap scent.
23rd September, 2005