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Baie de Genièvre by Creed

I like this barbershopesque fragrance for out of doors in the chilly, breezy Pacific Northwest on a sunny day. The refreshing juniper berry and cinnamon blend well with this environment. The fragrance starts out quite strong but after 10-20 minutes depending on temperature, it has died down enough to be just right and remains that way for several hours. To my nose, the fragrance is quite linear which is one reason why I chose it. I give it a thumbs up in a retro sort of way.

In this part of the country, it is easily a 9-10 month of the year fragrance, avoiding late July, August, and September when the weather finally heats up and dries out. If one lives essentially in doors, I'd use BdG during the coldest 6 months of the year.
17th April, 2011

Opus II by Amouage

Amouage Opus II instantly cools my nose and invigorates through the entire drydown. It feels crisp and dry making it ideal for the dank, grey, wet 9 month stretch that defines the climate of the US Pacific Northwest. After a fairly quick tour through the topnotes, the fragrance settles in close for a private, exquisite experience. Far more linear than the ever-evolving Memoir Man from the same house, it delights from the get go and never quits until it finally finished its course. The longevity is very very good and is startlingly long on clothing lasting well over 2 days.

I find it absolutely unisex even with its masculinesque notes in the base as few of the delightful ladies I know are addicted to smelling only as if they'd just been showered in petunias and roses. It is a delight to either gender.
12th December, 2010

Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

I love this stuff.

I loved it when I was a little kid in the 1960's and that enjoyment has never faded. Perhaps that is why I have 3 separate bottles: One for my fragrance shelf, one for the clinic, and one for the car. The bottle in the Volvo was purchased in 1996 and got forgotten when the car was parked in 2003. We were just going through the old brick today and rediscovered the bottle of Old Spice. It was popped open and smells as good as, if not better than, my brand new (plastic) bottle.

It is one of the very few fragrances that has a permanent space reserved on my shelf, and that is coming from someone who thinks that $450 for a bottle of fragrance is perfectly acceptable under the right circumstances.

Had Shulton kept with the times and incrementally increased the price to match inflation, it would not surprise to discover people willing to pay $75/bottle of EdP it today. Show me most of the Macy's/Nordstrom's fragrance shelf and Old Spice will match or exceed most of those in terms of likability. It smells like dad. It smells like my great uncles. It smells like my son. How awesome is that?!
06th September, 2010
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Reflection Man by Amouage

If one wishes to indulge in a comfortable and safe scent, Amouage' Reflection Man is the fragrance. It's good all the way around, all the time until it is no longer detectable. In so doing, it's much softer than many niche frags out there. Now one won't often use the words comfortable, safe, and indulgence in the same sentence when discussing fragrances, but Lucas Sieuzac has pulled that very thing off at genius levels with Reflection Man.

If one wants to have a fragrance that is like a bully who's in your face, aggressive, belligerent, or threatening, this is most definitely not the fragrance for you. If one needs a fragrance that changes character several times throughout its useful skin life like a chameleon, this is not the fragrance for you. If, one needs a fragrance that is gentle, kind, intelligent, and rich, jump right in.

Longevity on my skin is a solid 8-10 hours, if it is sprayed on my clothes, it is easily detected 24-26 hours later. It's a great at-work fragrance, a fantastic cuddle with your little kids adjunct, works for a morning stroll at sunrise, or during the evening wind down. Part of the genius of this frag is it's any time, any where applicability.

While more interesting, more intense, more characterful fragrances are out there, this is a great go-to scent. Luvvitt!
05th September, 2010

04 Petrana by Odin New York

As a Basenotes newbie who does not speak fragrance-talk, I'll keep the review simple:

It's great for any setting where Burberry London/London SE would be used, has very good longevity on my skin, has reasonable sillage, and is an excellent value at the price point. When my bottle runs out, I'll buy it again as I'm using it frequently.

I think it is an equal to Burberry London. It is more simple, is very linear to my nose, but is simple *good* the entire time.
04th September, 2010

Polo by Ralph Lauren

The 1980's were wonderful to me and Ralph Lauren helped it be so. Polo Green became my signature scent and remained as such until JPG's Le Male replaced it 15 years later, yet the bottle always seemed to empty at a decent rate. The only reason it is used less now is that there are more scents in my collection. It's still among my favorites along with ABBA, Allen Edmonds shoes, and Aviator glasses.

I think it's a scent keeping around for a lifetime along with Old Spice and Shalimar.
04th September, 2010