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    Sex Appeal for Men by Jovan

    Newest formulation. Sadly, this is nothing like that little bottle I had in the early 80s -- it has the same scent, but watered-down. One can track the downward slide of these classic scents (PC, BS, etc, as mentioned in other reviews) by the size of the bottle offered, e.g., my Pierre Cardin is 8oz and my Sex Appeal is 4oz. Anyway, one finds a nice patchouli-based powdery musk type thing and I do detect a little anise, I think, or perhaps the notes blend to an approximation of it. It is definitely rooted in the 70s, but not stuck there in my book. Easily wearable and perhaps a little safer because of the reduced concentration. Marketed to men, but I would gamble anyone could wear this and be fine. All-in-all, a decent value the purchase of which would not be a waste of one's hoarded funds.

    10th May, 2013


    Connect for Men by Jivago

    Good points in Tony T's and Andrew's reviews. Not really headache-inducing, but more suited to the older set. It smells good, but kind of dated. My one wish is that it were stronger -- it is almost in powerhouse territory, but lacks that definitive push over the edge. Still, it is available on the cheap and smells good enough. There's plenty better, but this isn't bad at all.

    08 December, 2010


    Scuba for Men by Fragluxe

    A decent little aquatic "fresh" & modern concoction. Nothing special, but it well done and pleasant enough. Longevity is reasonable. Price is more than reasonable. Packaging is fantastic -- it looks like a scuba tank! If you're looking for something like this or you collect Fragluxe, then you could do far worse.

    30th November, 2010


    Smalto by Francesco Smalto

    Ah, Smalto! So much "almost". 'Tis a pity you are allegedly the replacement for my beloved Francesco Smalto PH. For this task you are indeed ill-suited. As a fragrance, however, you are not terrible. Not amazing, but not terrible.

    The dry herbal opening and heart are very nice to me. The initial blast settles down to very little projection or sillage very quickly. It is a nice smell -- rustic, as noted. It doesn't seem that sweet to me at all.

    Then comes the confusing drydown. It seems that odysseusm is right on point with the bottom of this one. I can't get my mind around it and it doesn't fall into sync with the heart and opening. Sometimes I am OK with it and other times I find it repulsive. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.

    It's cheap enough to buy blind, so make your own decision. Also, although a bit masculine, this could easily be considered genderless.

    29 October, 2010


    Salvador by Salvador Dali

    Balanced and dignified -- a gentleman's scent of some excellence. Superbly blended. Slightly animalic in the opening, but nothing to offend. Not sweet, but certainly not dry. Very sadly discontinued -- this is easily one of the best compositions the house has produced.

    27 October, 2010


    Moustache by Rochas

    Off-scenter has, more or less, nailed this one. It works on so many levels, but the main one is that I get to smell like 1949. Being that I was born in 1966, that is an amazing thing to me. So, this is really not so much of a great review as it is a bit a prose from a viewpoint of profound admiration. The citrus opening moves into the animalic heart and the rest is pointless to me. I love drydowns, but (for some reason) Moustache's drydown doesn't matter to me. The opening and the heart notes carry this one. Lovely stuff and highly recommended..

    13 October, 2010


    Kanøn by Kanon

    Not outdated, but not timeless... Perhaps "evocative of the era" is a better phrase to describe Kanon. Woody, powdery and I think I detect a very slight bit of something animal in the opening. The citrus could be fooling me, though. Flirts with old style barbershop without getting soapy and touches on 70s outdoorsy very well. A balanced scent that I find to be quite good. It doesn't seem to have changed much over the years, either. As noted, it is very affordable. My bottle says it is an EdT, but it seems rather to land in EdC territory -- at least that makes it hard to overapply!

    01st October, 2010


    Agua Verde by Salvador Dali

    All the reviews are spot on. Even on some of the negative points regarding sillage, projection and longevity. The positive points far outweigh the negatives to me. I do wish it was more heavy duty in the sillage department, but the scent is so nicely balanced that it doesn't matter. A neat take on vetiver, with the fig and nutmeg blending in perfectly. It's impossible to overapply or offend anyone with this. Works well at the office for me. I am quite pleased with this overall and keep it in constant rotation. I understand how some could be put off by the reputation of house Salvador Dali alone because of Pour Homme and Black Sun -- both of which *are* heavy duty. Agua Verde, however, is very different... If you like vetiver and would like to experience a different take on the style, then give it a try.

    29 September, 2010


    Cigar Aficionado by Cigar Aficionado

    [previous thumbs down review revised]

    I think I get this stuff now. It is perfect for adding some oomph to otherwise fruity tobacco fragrances like Remy Latour Cigar, Cuba Gold or Tabaco Latino. I just add a spray or two of Aficionado. It is powerful and does reach back to the 80s for inspiration, but does not develop much. As a bottom end, however, for lighter fragrances it seems to serve a purpose for me.

    25 September, 2010 (Last Edited: 23 August, 2011)


    Pure Cédrat by Azzaro

    Very sparkly and crystalline in the opening. I was amazed for a moment before my brain finally kicked back in and forced me to realise that all these mesmerising citrus notes were not going to last. And they don't. Gone very quickly into the mid-notes, where I get some citron left and some cedar (both are faint). This runs into the drydown which is a very generic citron-tinged musk that really isn't much to write home about.

    All in all, not a bad scent for an hot summer day, but one can do much better.

    As with a lot of these citrus mixes, it is good to get some on your clothes, which seems to hold the citrus notes longer than the skin. I just pull on a shirt right after the spraying...

    22 September, 2010


    Agua Lavanda by Antonio Puig

    Shamu1's notes apply perfectly. This is the ultimate lavender. I much prefer the complexity of the woody Spanish lavender over the sometimes cloying sweetness of English lavender. I use this stuff in all its various forms, which, I guess, is just the big jug of splash. I wish this came in 55 gallon drums. The only problem is how quickly it dissipates and becomes a "skin only" affair. Absolutely wonderful and perfect in every way.

    15 September, 2010


    Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

    All the reviews are spot on in my opinion. I probably could not live without this stuff. Having only used the most recent formulation, it looks like I'm off to find the other two as well.

    Fahrenheit is one of those rare scents that I always find myself thinking "should have used a couple more sprays". Not that it is weak, but that I admire the full run of the drydown from top notes to dying embers. This juice holds its own with many a niche scent.

    Amazing stuff.

    12 September, 2010

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