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L'Agent Eau Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

I didn't expect to like this but it's just great. Off the top it's spicy and peachy but very light. The bergamot and mandarin seem to play supporting roles, they're not strong or distinct but work together to stop the peach from being heavy or sweet. I detect a lighter freshness to the syrupy sweet of the peach which is probably the melon but none of the reported apple. There's a definite white floral bouquet which develops the longer the scent sits on the skin. At first it is dominated by the magnolia and is very clear with great projection. The other more sensual flowers to come out slowly but they serve to create an impression of something deeper without it becoming at all old ladyish as many people complained about the original. The whole project warms considerably and then mellows over about 4 hours. At the four hour mark I thought it had died completely but no - there is more! It has almost no projection but right against the skin it leaves the most wonderful sweet and dark amber which just a suggestion of flowers. It's absolutely divine and not at all foody and continues for another 2-3 hours. Overall this is a wonderful summer scent - its mature and complex but not so heady that you can't wear it in July. Definitely FBW.
01st June, 2012

Omnia Coral by Bulgari

The new Omnia by Bvlgari pretty much gets a rating of 'meh'. It smells very nice but it is without a signature of its own.

The scent is very light and clear and sweet. It is right in line with the whole fruity floral trend and is not at all obnoxious like many others of this type. Right off the top you can smell an indistinct floral and intensely sweet red berries - the very very slight citrus and and the darker pomegranate give an impression of clarity and brightness to the mixture that distinguishes this from some of the more typical fruity florals. Overall it is much more fruity than it is floral. None of the notes particularly standout but you can sense their presence in the well blended mixture.

The fragrance hits it maximum warmth in about an hour and pretty much smells like it did at the opening but with a very clean musk that gives it a bit of warmth and makes it meld well with the skin. It fades out slowly over the course of 3 hours or so.

I will say that to the best of my knowledge Hibiscus smell of pretty much nothing and I don't notice them at all in the composition. But if adding the note is to give the idea of tropical and bright without the typical additions of cloying sweetness or pina colada then it is spot on and a perfect analogy for what the fragrance smells like. Likewise I don't really notice any cedar. Omnia Coral is very well blended and pleasant and reasonably 'adult' for the fruity genre but it's thoroughly forgettable. A perfect perfume for days when you don't actually want to smell like any sort of perfume. That's not my sort of thing but if it is yours then give it a try.
01st June, 2012

Calvin Klein Beauty by Calvin Klein

I was just browsing and an eager SA convinced me to try this. I can't give a full review because I paid no attention to the opening or mid-notes. It was as CK's usually are, pleasant and completely forgotten within an hour. The review comes some five hours later when I got a whiff of something sweet but sex-like on my wrist. I'd completely forgotten I had this stuff on and suddenly I'm getting what smells like the dry down of Annick Goutal Passion.. musk behind something green and very floral some combo of lily and maybe honey? I came to BN to check what others were saying and I was surprised by the scathing reviews. Sure its not ground-breaking but for the brand and the market their aiming at the scent is right on. On the top it is very feminine but inoffensive and hours later it still has some presence and smells like perfume rather than laundry detergent. Not bad.
06th September, 2011
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Polo Explorer by Ralph Lauren

I have no idea what it is, but once every thing in the top and middle notes as disappeared there is a spicy something or other that is breathtaking. That said for the first 4 hours all I smell are synthetic cedar wood chips (like the stuff used to line pet cages) and a green fresh mandarin and something metallic. Its not gross but not good among its contemporaries either. If only wish I could figure out what was in the spicy base and make just that into a scent....
03rd August, 2011

Activist by Body Shop

I recently bought this as a present for a male friend but spritzed it on my skin first and ended up leaving the shop with a bottle for myself as well. Whatever it's marketed as it's definitely a scent that can be worn by any gender. At first the scent is very very spicy, like an Oriental with any and all warmth removed which makes for a strange but refreshing spicy aura. The thing that really made me love this was just how quickly it settles in and just becomes warm and skin like. I detect cinnamon, some woods and a lightest touch of something warm which is either the amber described or some covert vanilla. Its not foody at all though, just like spicy gorgeous skin. I can totally understand the root beer comparisons but my only root beer comparisons are soda and this isn't that sweet. It just begs to be cuddled but given how light it is has been working out perfectly in the summer heat. Warm, sensual, and simply lovely in addition to a budget friendly price get Activist an enthusiastic thumbs up. Would probably be great for lawyering.
02nd August, 2011

Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle by Christian Dior

I was excited about this release (being in love with Hypnotic Poison). I had visions of a orange sharp bitterness as opposed to the warm-almond-bitterness in the original that would be very interesting, but sadly there's little to get excited about here.

I've never though that Hypnotic Poison, made for a 'good poison' because there's nothing particularly dangerous about it. But sniffed next to its new flanker the original is positively lethal. Eau Sensuelle is sweet, in both attitude and scent, and the infusion of orange blossom just lightens the whole effect of the heavy foodiness that I loved in its parent frag. The effect being that on skin it smells artificial, not bad, but it just sits there being pretty and uninteresting and obviously 'little girly perfume'. I have nothing against something obviously feminine, just against companies thinking feminine means insubstantial and well 'girly' - we're women damnit! It's fresh and light, and the vanilla in there is oppressively dessert-like much more so that the original. In fact my overall impression was that of slightly fruity vanilla ice cream. From first spritz until it dies (3 hrs after a liberal hand) its very orangey-floral-vanilla and doesn't develop much. If there's truly any sandalwood or musk in there it completely sheer, though I cringe to think of what sort of cup cake frosting this would smell like without it.

It smells good but given the innocence and sheerness (probably because its only available in EDT) it doesn't have any 'tude like the other poisons; evenly the relatively tame Pure Poison is more in your face than this. If you want something spring-time fresh the vanilla ruins it, it you want something foody vanilla the fruity freshness makes it 'inedible'.

Thumbs down, not because its bad but because it's just a dud. That said, I got plenty of compliments - people do after all love ice cream. I just don't want to smell like it.
19th February, 2011

Kelly Calèche Eau de Toilette by Hermès

At first the scent is very green and bright, but it dries quite quickly. As it dries the florals begin to come to the fore, I can identify rose and iris very clearly but no others. The flowers are very well balanced and soft without being powdery, overall the rose is clearest to my nose but its very well behaved and not lush or distracting. The leather is present from the first, and I thought it was the bright top notes making it smell so 'clean' but the sanitized leather is pretty much the only leather. It does strongly remind me of a new high-end leather purse, which is no accident I suppose, and surprisingly I really loved. Once the flowers and greenery dies the leather warms up a bit and takes on a slightly darker (lightly salted?) scent but to its end the fragrance is very clean and lovely, very wearable.

There's is almost no silage but on the skin its noticeable for 4-5 hrs before I would re-apply. There's nothing wow-ing about this scent but its so lovely and perfectly balanced without being boring or generic that I can't help but think if added to my collection it would get plenty of use. I can see it becoming my perfect interview, or business meeting fragrance.
08th February, 2011

Hot Couture by Givenchy

I tried this scent while shopping for a frag for my sister, it was the EDP

Its opening is harshly chemical to my nose. The raspberry is more tart than sweet, which is just fine with me, but it was also unrelentingly loud and lasted for almost half an hour. The tobacco is present from about 10 mins in but with the fruity top notes it smells very fake to me, not deep enough. The dry down takes entirely too long to arrive and soften that opening. When it (finally!) does it's all warm chocolate which much improves the lingering tobacco and becomes more comforting and foody, but it still doesn't save this from my 'Do Not Buy.' list.

I found it overall to be too harsh. The scents seem to sit on top of each other rather than mingling in order to produce something more than just the sum of the components. Too bright and too dark all at once; like they couldn't decide which idea to run with and couldn't really mix them together either...

Edit: just read the other Comments and jmaddux23 hit it right on the head, they should change the name of this stuff to 'eau de teenage brothel'.
30th January, 2011

Love In White by Creed

Love in White is absolutely lovely. Its soft, floral, and incredibly fresh. It leaves an impression of fresh flowers and uber cold water/air to me... That said, reading the add copy I get nothing that would at all suggest 'Aegean sea' unless we mean an Aegean sea goddess who is resting on a bed of gardenia instead of the sand and has managed to avoid both salt water and breaking a sweat.

I've only gone with thumbs up because, while for its price tag the perfume doesn't do anything that can't be found for much less, it still smells incredibly good and I wouldn't say no if someone offered me a bottle.

30th January, 2011

Kingdom by Alexander McQueen

I was swanning about in a department store when I first smelled Kingdom - and to my 17 year old self it smelled of absolute sophistication, womanly, and sexy. Sadly, everyone else I encountered thought the stuff was positively rank and I stopped wearing it. I came across the gorgeous (though annoying and impractical) bottle in a box of old things recently and decided to try it again. It was love all over again.

There's nothing shy or cute about Kingdom. Immediately after it's sprayed there's a royal blast of sparking intense citrus and cumin that is not for the faint of heart. After a minute or two I notice an additional floral note in the background that takes some of the shock value out of the top notes. As Kingdom begins to settle down, that sparkling citrus thing completely dies away from me but the cumin takes over and its incredibly dark and sensual and lasts for several hours. In its dying phases Kingdom gets warm and much more floral, in a way that is enchantingly subtle and a complete surprise after its bad-ass beginnings.

I consider Kingdom to be the perfect scent allegory for a great night out - it starts big and intoxicating, gets incredibly sexy and finally drifts off to a beautiful floral with enough personality to linger on the sheets in the morning.

I understand where the complaints of a body odour scent might come from, but for me Kingdom is much too cold a scent for that. Cumin aside, something in the mix keeps Kingdom slightly sweet and too perfect smelling to be dirty or sweaty. I wouldn't call Kingdom sophisticated any longer but it's definitely adult and quite a statement fragrance. I'm glad I didn't throw out my bottle and am finally able to truly appreciate it.

27th October, 2010

Pure Poison by Christian Dior

Its first impression is very bright and easy to wear without smelling generic or cheap. I get an immediate floral warmth, there's considerable sweetness in there as well but it doesn't at all smell like candy. The longer it stays on my skin the more the white floral develops but its either too well blended or too subtle for me to identify a particular flower. The sweet dies down fairly quickly but the floral something that appears on the first spray never fades. I don't notice much development of the scent but its beautiful and lasts for 4-6 hrs after a light application.

Its a perfect warm weather daily scent - it has some personality and the floral is very well done without that annoying 'girly bouquet' scent that I hate. Truthfully I don't know that this makes for a good 'Poison' but its a great scent anyway. It always gets compliments.
26th October, 2010