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Happy for Men by Clinique

This is seriously some of the best stuff ive ever smelled and after having it for only a week Id have to say this has cracked my top 5 (as far as smell goes) ... But now for the bad news. As many have said before the projection is close to the skin even after 5 sprays, and the longevity for me even with 5 sprays was 2-4 hours.... So as a final rating id give this an 8 out of 10. If this lasted at least 6 hours and projected at least decent i would give this a 9.5 just because I love the scent, but the projection and longevity on this is just terrible .
22nd March, 2011

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

The search is finaly over and I think Ive found the holy grail !!! Because for me this is the perfect scent and perfect cologne. This smells classy,smooth,fresh,green,pleasant, and masculine without being over masculine which has been the exact characteristics ive been looking for in a scent. Another thing I love about this is its very versatile and can be worn all year round for any occasion .Out of the 20 something fragrances I own this is by far my new favorite and as far as being compared to cool water I have to say this. I can see the similarities but cool water is a lot more synthetic and sweet and doesnt have the smooth,classy,natural vibe that GIT has so to me if your really into colognes GIT is deffinitly worth the extra money.A scent you must smell !!! id give this a 9.75 out of 10 rating
28th February, 2011

Live Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent

When I 1st tried this I really liked this but wasnt crazy about it... but after the 3rd time wearing this I ended up loving this and now Im going to be rotating this and Issey Miyake as my main Spring/summer frags.. The opening is really,fresh,crisp,refreshnig,minty and you a nice blast o citrus as well.Then 15-30mins later it transforms to a really calming type of green smell that reminds me of mint tea and this part of the frag to me is the best part. and lastly the drydown is pretty much the same as the heart except a little smooter with the touch of vanilla... All in all a great bang for your buck and deffinitly a must try if you like green frags or mint !!!
25th February, 2011
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Blue Seduction for Men by Antonio Banderas

To me this smells like a very bad mix of Adidas Moves and Versace Eau Frasche...Its very tangy but also bitter in a bad way and honestly I dont see any females liking this stuff. I only have smelled this because my step dad has worn it and right off the bat I hadto find out what this horrible smelling cologne was because I blind buy a lot of stuff and wanted to make sure to stay away from this,lol
26th January, 2011

Millésime Impérial by Creed

Beautiful scent and I love it but im not completely blown away by it like I thought I would be... For me though this thing comes off very loud (I only need 1 spray) and stays that way for 3 hours and lasts me 8-10hours which is weird cuz most people were complaining about longevity problems.

The only downside to this is I love the citrus in this but Im not crazy about the salty notes. If it werent for the salty notes this would probably be my signature scent.
Ill give this an 8 out of 10 rating but I wont be buying this again because even though its a great fragrance I can buy better fragrances for half the price
23rd January, 2011

Allure Homme Edition Blanche Eau de Toilette by Chanel

Well when I 1st sprayed this I didnt really like it just due to the fact that I didnt like that it was really peppery.. But the lemon and vanilla in this is awesome and is very natural smelling and pleasant...As it dries down a little the spices still remain but calm down and this starts to really smooth out and is quite pleasant... Honestly though unless this is kind of a more mature scent than I expected so if your an older gentlemen or someone in there mid 20's with a more sophisticated taste in fragrance, chances are you will love this. but if your looking for something youthful and more similar to Allure homme sport than look elsewhere.. The more I wear this the more I grow to like it but its not 1 of my favorites
23rd January, 2011

Love and Luck for Men by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

Like many others have said dont let the Ed Hardy name fool ya cuz if so you are missing out on an AMAZING fragrance...This scent is by far my favorite scent out of 20+ fragrances and it just matches my personality to a tee... But too me this is a really safe scent that is a nice mix of citrus and a somewhat sporty smell.. A deffinite BUY FOR SURE !!!


Overall scent: 9.5
Longevity:8 (I get anywhere from 6-10 hours on my skin)
Overall rating: 9
Age range: 18-40
Best times to wear this:Id say this is a casual wear fragrance only... so this would be awesome for a signature scent..

29th November, 2010

212 Men by Carolina Herrera

This is a very interesting fragrance to say the least ... The smell is different and original but at the same time simplistic.. Some days I love this fragrance and other days not soo much.. I absolutely LOVE the drydown to this fragrance and would have to say its 1 of my all time favorites but the opening is just repulsive to me.. The 1st time I wore this I wore it to work and someone said I smell like vinegar(after only 1 spray to the neck) ...So its like If I want to wear it out I have to wait like 1 hour and a half so that the initial grass smell in the beginning fades.On the flipside this has been a compliment getter(especially when it reaches the drydown phase)...


Overall scent: 7.5 (5 out of 10 for the opening and 9 out of 10 for the drydown)
Longevity:8 (I get anywhere from 6-8 hours on my skin)
Overall rating: 7
Age range: 18-50
Best times to wear this:

01st November, 2010

Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger

After all this time I finaly got my nose on this and ... well it didnt impress me much really. Its not awful but its nothing exceptional or anything. As far as smell I really liked the spearamint in this but all the other random ingredients kind of took away from that... smell alone id give it a 7/10 rating... and only lasted on me like 4-6 hours...
23rd October, 2010

La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

I loved the original L'homme so decided to try this 1 on for size... and to me it smells like the original but not as fresh and more masculine with a slight chocolate smell in the drydown... Personaly I like the orginal better but this 1 is really good to... Also before I forget, La Nuit has better projection and longevity (lasts 6-10 hours for me) than the original so if those were issues for you with L'Homme but you loved the smell of the original... Try this!!!.... The ladies love it!!!

Ratings: ranging from 1-10

Smell: 8

Overall rating:8.25

Age Range: 21-40

Best seasonal use: fall,winter and early spring
Best times to use this: Going out on the town,clubbing,bars,intimate purposes
17th October, 2010

McGraw by Tim McGraw

Tried this a few weeks ago because my step dad has it so figgered id try it out 1 day to see what its like...and well its not bad by any means but its very cheap and synthetic smelling and just reminds me of the old musty barn smell mixed with some whiskey. Not for me but my step-dad seems to like it and I could see a lot of "Country Folks" that arent into fancy colognes liking it as well...Which of course is the audience its geared towards
17th October, 2010

1 Million by Paco Rabanne

Love this scent but its a bit too metrosexual/feminine for me ....

Rating: ranging from 1-10
Smell: 9
Longevity: 9

Overall Rating:8.75

Age range: 18-30

Best uses: Deffinitly a going out scent... perfect for bars, and clubbing !!!
17th October, 2010

Driven Black by Derek Jeter

i only tried the sample of this but I must say that its really nice !!! A lot of people may get turned off of this because you can buy it from AVON but hey whatever,lol... it smells good and thats all that matters... Thank goodness my mom sells Avon cuz now I can always get it at an awesome price... And ya its not on the same level as the L'eau D'isseys or anything like that but whenever I cant think of what I wanna wear I can always turn to this
17th October, 2010 (last edited: 21st October, 2010)
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Ice*Men by Thierry Mugler

THUMBS DOWN for sure !!! This is by far the worst smelling scent... I got this cologne when I was first gettin into colognes and heard great things about the Thierry Mugler house but I wasnt ready for the gourmands yet and saw Angel ICE MEN thinking... Ive heard great things about this brand and with a name like ICE MEN this has got to be a great aquatic scent... Well it is a summer fragrance I can tell that for sure but this IS NOT FOR THE YOUNGER CROWD and smells like a fragrance someone ages 45 and up would wear.. Now to the smell. Smells like Vicks Vaporub with some coffee and nutmeg... As for a rating id give it a 2 out of 10... This is 1 of those scents that old people wear that you never forget... But not in a good way... IM only keeping this because the bottle looks badass !!! Which too me is the only good thing about this,lol
17th October, 2010

Burberry London for Men by Burberry

A true Classic !!! This scent to me smells like a brilliant blend of Pine and Cherry if they were to clash... A classic scent that I would love to wear but right now I feel its to mature for me... Prolly my 2nd favorite scent though next to L'eau D'Issey !!!

Rating: ranging from 1-10
Smell: 9.25
This has perfect projection for the first 2 hours not too overpowering but you deffinitly get a smell of someone wearing this when there near) but then dies down and stays close to the skin after the 2 hour period
Longevity: 6.5 ( I get anywhere from 2-6 hours with this) so time varies a lot and is unpredictable
Overall Rating:8.75 (I really want to give this a solid 9 but since the longevity is so sketchy I have to give it an 8.75)

Age Range:25-60

Best Seasons to use in: The perfect fragrance for fall and winter
Best uses: I see this as a good going out fragrance, but can also be used for intimate settings and formal occasions such as church,dates, and formal dinners
17th October, 2010

L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Im still new to fragrances and wanted to add a masculine floral to my collection and saw decent reviews for this 1 so decided to give it a shot... SO... I blind bought this 1 and ya win some ya lose some they say right ? HAHA, Well this time I got a BIG win because this was EXACTLY what I was looking for.. At 1st I was having some second guesses despite the good reviews just for the fact that this had ginger and im not a big fan of ginger... I must say though that the ginger note is done well in this and its a must have for sure... To me its kind of hard to describe what this smells like but it starts out fresh,floral, with that ginger note slightly in the background and as the fragrance progresses the ginger kicks in more making the smell you get in the beginning warmer smelling,inviting, and a tad spicier.. (the drydown to me smells like gingerbread cookies,lol) Also this is a favorite of the ladies... But ive noticed only women that are 21 and above seem to dig this... So if your looking to attract a younger crowd you may want to look elsewhere

Ratings: ranging from 1-10
Smell: 8.5
Projection: 8.5
Longevity: 8 (last anywhere from 6-8 hours)

Overall Rating 8.5

Age Range: 21-40

Best times to wear this: Perfect for goin out and could be used for clubbing... Mainly I see this as a going out scent. Could be used for work if you work an office job or a job that requires a suit and tie
17th October, 2010

Voyage by Nautica

I got this fragrance because I have yet to find a nice aquatic scent to use for work and was hoping this would fit the bill.... WELL,lol.... The PROS: of this fragrance are that it has good sillage and projection, as well as longevity(3 sprays last me anywhere from 10-12 hours) and its a scent that is enough to get noticed but not too strong and this smells pretty decent for the first hour or so... Now to the CONS: The heart smells like cheaply made, soapy,sour smelling fabric softener and the drydown is the same with a little musk added to it...And dont get me wrong I like soapy scents but this just does it the wrong way for me and you get what you pay for really(which is a generic piece of ****).... Maybe its just my body chemistry but this did not only not cut it but its now the worst smelling cologne I have in my collection next ANGEL ICE MEN
17th October, 2010

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

One word to describe this fragrance....BEAUTIFUL !!! I blind bought this and this is now my favorite fragrance of all time.. Its simply amazing and matches my personality very well I think.... But when I 1st sprayed this I thought wow this is pungent,lol... Which is why you should never judge a cologne by its opening.. And I say this because this has a very weird type of lemon smell when you first spray this but once it dries down its truly a work of art... The heart of this is really floral with lemon in the background but then you get to the best part which is the drydown...And Its like the floral you get in the heart only its creamier,smoother and so soothing. By far my favorite scent of all time ... I saw a reviewer below me describe this as a breath of fresh air and that reviewer couldnt be more right.... This reminds me of a state of utter peace and tranquility... So deffinitly a MUST BUY !!!

Ratings: ranging from 1-10

Smell:9.5 (would give it a 10 but the beginning is a bit rough for me )
Projection:7.5 (This isnt a projection monster but people will smell this if they walk near you)
Longevity:9 (This last me anywhere from 8-12 hours)
Overall Rating: 9

Age Range:18-30

Best times to use: Casual use mostly... School,Work,Going out and can be used in any season... not really bold enough in my opinion for a date or clubbing
17th October, 2010

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

Finaly tried this out !!! And after trying it Id have to say its nice but why on earth is this the most bought mens cologne,lol ? To me its a nice subtle smell that cuts through without being overpowering but its really only OK at best. And there is so many better colognes out there for much better prices... But to describe the smell now... HMMM.... The opening is like a sour lemon-lime smell similar to 7up mixed with musk(the musk to me is the best part of the fragrance) and it smells pretty linear throughout but the farther you have it on the lemony-lime smell fades and the musk takes over...

Ratings varying from 1-10:
Longevity:7 (I get anywhere from 5-8 hours)
Overall Rating: 7

BEST TIMES TO USE THIS: School,Work, Could use as a club scent but theres better colognes out there for clubbing in my opinion, and just goin out whenever... Also can be worn any season of the year although spring and summer would be best
AGE RANGE: I believe anyone could wear this really

All in all a decent scent but im only giving it a neutral rating based on the price,its popularity, and its nice smelling but its unoriginal and nothing to brag about
17th October, 2010

Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

Great fragrance I rate this a 9 out of 10 !!! This is perfect for casual use whether it be school,work,running errands but could also work for goin out as well.. And the scent on this is amazing !!!.. Starts off smelling like a fresh semi-masculine orange creme pie(weird description I know,lol) and the drydown is a really nice musk..This has the typical outline of a sports fragrance (citrus dying down into musk) but Chanel did an awesome job with putting an original classy touch to it that makes it different and stand out from the aqua di gios and such. Also this has pretty decent projection but is not overpowering and has really good longevity as well(I get 8-10 hours with this) Ive only wore this once to try it out but I know this will also be something that the ladies will love..Age group on this would probably be 25-35 ... A must buy for sure !!!
29th September, 2010

Exceptional Because You Are for Men by Exceptional

Like everyone else I got this as a sample from fragrancenet ... And well when I first smelled this scent I was like WOAH this actually smells nice so I might buy this. But after tryin it out 2 times I still have to say that I love this scent but it doesnt project well and the longest its stayed on my skin is 4 hours. SO, based on the longevity and projection im not goin to buy this. Also I looked at the price of this and WOW is this overpriced. Id be willing to pay like $15 for this tops but deffinitely not $50 plus dollars...What a shame though cuz this has such a nice smell but thats all it has going for it.
27th September, 2010

Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

Got this scent because of good reviews I have seen on youtube..And Im actually pretty pleased with this fragrance. The scent is a typical fresh,citrusy scent at first and has a bit too much lemon for me in the beginning but after about 20mins when it starts to settle the lemon fades and the fragrance starts to get a sweeter more pleasing almost like a more pleasing masculine cotton candy/bubblegum type smell...So dont judge this by the smell you get right after spraying because it does get better. Id recommend this scent for casual use or just a nice day out. Nothing extremely unique but it is better than most summer scents out there. And Age range on this bad boy would be 13-30 In my opinion


Overall scent smell: 8.5
Longevity: 8 (got 6-9 on my skin which is awesome for a summer frag)
Projection:7(This has good projection for about 3 hours but then stays close to the skin)
26th September, 2010

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

When I first smelled this scent I wasnt too sure about it.. But now that Ive tried it I've absolutely fallen in love with it and have to say its in my top 3 favorite scents.. Also this is a favorite of the ladies and is my most complimented scent I have. Great going out fragrance and the smell on this is amazing.. Starts off a bit citrusy but then coolsdown into a smoky,sweet,mysterious, vibe of a scent with still a hint of citrus. (A little powdery which some may not like but to me its not that bad.)


Overall scent: 8.5
Longevity:9 (I get anywhere from 8-12 hrs on my skin)
Overall rating:8.75
26th September, 2010

Cool Water by Davidoff

I first got this cologne based on the fact that its super popular and I mainly just wanted to see what the hype was about... And well,after trying this out I have to say I can see why its popular but it didnt really wow me,lol. The smell on this is decent and has an earthy type smell that is decent and pretty good smelling, but nothing that really made me fall in love with this. Its just slightly above average at best..


Overall scent: 7
Longevity:6 (only get 4-6 hrs. on my skin)
Overall rating: 7
Age range: 18-50
Best times to wear this: Can be worn casually to work/school, but best worn in warm or hot weather
26th September, 2010

Chrome by Azzaro

I first off wanna say that this is an excellent cologne if your getting started as far as wearing cologne or starting a collection... Yes this isnt the best smelling or classiest cologne out there(its for sure not to shabby tho) but its perfect for anyone wanting a nice fresh smelling cologne for a decent price... The smell on this kinda has a sharp synthetic fresh apple smell at first but its great none-the-less, and after it dries down you get pretty much the same smell as what you did in the top notes of the fragrances only a little warmer with some musk... Projection is actually pretty decent and longevity on me is about 7-10 hours(so not to bad in those areas as well)Also id recommend this scent for everyday casual use and for the crowd in the age range of 13-25... But as an overall rating Id give this a 7.5 out of 10 just because its a good scent for the price but there are better colognes out there... Worth checking out for sure because for me at least this was a compliment getter !!!
26th September, 2010

Allure Homme by Chanel

Wow !!! is all I have to say about this fragrance. When I wear this fragrance I feel like a million bucks,lol... And yes this scent hits you from a bunch of angles like a lot of people have said but to me the best way to describe this scent is it starts out fresh (not an aqua di gio type fresh tho) and then stays fresh throughout the fragrance but transforms into a warmer freshness combined with some very pleasing Masculine Vanilla.. ELEGANT AND CLASSY SMELL !!! .... Id recommend this fragrance for nights out or romantic evenings in with that special someone, and for formal occasions such as going to church,weddings or anything that requires you to dress up really. This is way to nice smelling for work or school. And recommended age for this I would say would be between the ages of 25-40


Overall smell: 9
Longevity: 9.5 (I get anywhere from 10-15 hours on my skin,so deffinitly a winner there)
Projection:6.5(This scent is more to be enjoyed by you and by the ones close to you but when they get close to you they WILL smell this)
Overall rating: 9

26th September, 2010