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Vetyver Uomo by Malizia

This is definitely the best vetiver I've ever smelled. It's sweet, but not too sweet. I own Encre Noir and have tried Guerlain's vetiver, but prefer this one.
15th March, 2013

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

I don't get this scent. I almost feel sick when I smell this. Tried to give it away, but no one seemed to like it.
15th March, 2013

Old Spice Musk for Men by Shulton

Really lovely. Old spice with what smells to me like Datura, if I remember correctly. This is still available in India. Probably still available on ebay.
Beware: Contains Diethylphthalate.
25th June, 2011
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Versailles pour Homme by Jean Desprez

Just terrible. Worst of the eighties?

Thumbs way down for the scent itself. Thumbs up for strength and longevity.
Can't give it a neutral, though.
25th June, 2011

Morris Mens Cologne by Morris

Very nice. Lovely citrus. Lemon balm and not much else.

This doesn't seem to be discontinued. Search for it on ebay Italy and Germany.
16th April, 2011 (last edited: 17th April, 2011)

Uomo? Moschino by Moschino

I loved this fragrance right from the start. It's one of the few fragrances that doesn't tire me even after consecutive wearings. 'Versatile' is pinpointing it's greatest asset.

Rating: 5/5

01st April, 2011

GrigioPerla by La Perla

A very masculine fragrance. Barbershop style. Together with Rive Gauche my favourite in this style. 5/5

Edit: I think this was the inspiration of Gillette Cool Wave.

Edit 2: Changed the rating to thumbs down. Got really tired of the smell.
31st March, 2011 (last edited: 28th April, 2013)

Essenza di Zegna by Ermenegildo Zegna


I feel really relaxed and peaceful when I wear this. Like a summer's day in Andalusia. Maybe this isn't an aquatic scent, but it got that cucumber note that normally makes me nauseous. Love it here, though! The scent remains interesting during it's life span...around 8 hours. Never dull. Extremely comfortable to wear as someone mentioned.

31st March, 2011 (last edited: 02nd April, 2011)

Silver Black / Onyx by Azzaro

I don't think I'm going to keep this one. There's nothing charming about it. 'Forgettable' is an accurate description.

Grigioperla and Gillette Cool Wave somehow reminds me of this one, but Onyx doesn't hold a candle to either one.
31st March, 2011 (last edited: 01st April, 2011)

Polo by Ralph Lauren

Dry and bitter. It stings my nose. Masculine? Yes! Wearable? No!

This is really well done. It's very unique. But I can't stand it.
31st March, 2011

M7 Fresh by Yves Saint Laurent

A fresh scent with citrus and oud. I found it bland and boring and subsequently gave it away after trying it a couple of times.

31st March, 2011

Polo Modern Reserve by Ralph Lauren

I really like this one. I'm not sure it's very masculine. Wearing this got me a comment like 'Why are you wearing a women's perfume?'. Probably to perfumey, but still very good.
31st March, 2011

Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Fragrances like this is what got me interested in buying Colognes. Smells incredible masculine! Definitely barbershop. In my top 5
31st March, 2011
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Égoïste / L'Égoïste by Chanel

Just an OK scent. It doesn't evoke any deeper feelings in me. An unremarkable scent.
29th March, 2011

Versace l'Homme by Versace

This is the cheapest bar soap smell ever. Someone actually bottling this is mind boggling! *growing eight additional thumbs for the sole purpose of giving this 10 thumbs down*
28th March, 2011 (last edited: 31st March, 2011)

Oscar de la Renta pour Lui by Oscar de la Renta

Love this one. It smells like it's from a different era. Very masculine and very unique. This is the only fragrance I also spray on my wrist beacuse it's so darn good even up close
20th March, 2011

Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

At first I was a little disappointed when trying Bleu de Chanel. This was a blind buy. However, after a few minutes I was relieved as this really is a superb scent. You just have to let it sit for a while. I don't know how to pick out notes but it sure smells good.

This is an interesting fragrance as opposed to Allure which I find a total bore. My favorites from Chanel this far is Bleu and Anteus.
20th March, 2011

No.032 Bay Rum by C.O. Bigelow Apothecary

Very spicy and masculine! Very good longevity - lasts all day. I can't compare this one to other bay rum scents, but this one is wonderful. On my top ten list!
30th January, 2011

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent


Kouros, meaning (male) youth, was given to me at the age of 12. Wearing it was difficult. I got complaints from both boys and girls my age. Yup, it's that offensive. Still, I was mesmerized by this scent. Now, at 38, I get almost euphoric when I wear this scent. I still get some occasional complaints...but only from people widely considered geeks...hehe
Is it only us cool,sexy, uninhibited, classy looking men and women who appreciate this scent? :-))

30th January, 2011

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

Got this one from my brother when I was 13. I remember loving the smell right from start. It was so masculine! The problem was wearing it. I felt embarrased projecting such a masculine scent at that tender age. Somehow I managed, because the bottle was empty about a year later.

At 37 I still think it's very masculine and I don't think the formula has been changed noticable,or even at all, since I was a teenager.

Edit: Got a vintage bottle. The formula has been changed. I prefer the new formula.
26th September, 2010 (last edited: 28th April, 2013)

Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

This is awful. This was a blind buy as it is cheap. I tried it several times to no avail. This is a true stinker!
26th September, 2010