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Samsara by Guerlain

Samsara is an all time fav of mine, it brings back memories of my late teens & the naughtiness me & my friend used to get up too. I first wore this scent 14 years ago & LOVED IT, it was a favourite for many years. Then i found so many more wonderful scents I moved on, altho my friend 'STILL' wears it!!! I've thought about buying it again because nothing is like Samsara, if u like it u can tell if someone is wearing it straight away...It has such a unique woody, sweet scent and in 14 years i haven't found anything else that smells like it.
I have to say I'm not fluent in describing scents like many members here, but for me I can find the top/middle/bass note info anywhere, I want to know how ppl feel about the scents or how they describe it in 'down to earth' terms rather than a collection of descriptive words that u might find on the back of a perfume box!!!
06th April, 2006

Emporio Armani City Glam for Her by Giorgio Armani

I sprayed this on in town and couldn't wait to get home and wash it STUNK, it actually made me feel sick, my hubby hated it too!!! Gotta be up there as one of the worst scents I have ever smelt....Disappointing because i love 'she' & like 'white' but not this!!!!Brrruuuu
02nd April, 2006

Emporio Armani She by Giorgio Armani

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this scent, it is an all time favourite of mine!!! It's sexy, sweet, warm and adorable...I have had many bottles of this and can't live without it...It's great for day time use or layer it up for night, when I wear this people know it :0)
02nd April, 2006
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