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    Un Jardin Sur Le Toit by Hermès

    Honest? This is the first Hermes I like (and thanks to this, I kinda wish to test the rest now), I got kinda shied away from Hermes due to 24 Fabourg, Eau de Merveilles and Sur le Nil.

    When I read how Sur le Toit was supposed to smell ,' garden on roof terrace' and herbs and pears, well that put me off, thinking, yet another cold and frigid Hermes fragrance (no offence!), no way. I do not want to smell fruity teeny beebops nor the food I cook, neither :) Aromatic, I was thinking, no, I cannot want that.

    Then read some reviews, mostly they compared it to Sur le Nil. Now again not a good thing, as to me Sur le Nil was a lemon car refreshener bomb...and sour. Sour no good - you know, my acids (hehe, I love the fact how you depict me knitting).

    So when a precious friend of mine sent me a surprise sample, I was like , OK, cant hurt that much. Bought very soon .

    To cut the long story short,this one is crispy, yet rich, green yet sweet and very bold. It is a fragrance meant to make you happy, that provides the extra sparkle to my day :) I love the little carrot-y, grassy feel to it :)

    Meant to be a summer fragrance but defo gonna use in the dark cold and horrid winter to brighten my moods. And when they want to clear it - hell I am gonna be buying stocks of this! :)

    04 October, 2011


    Lily & Spice by Penhaligon's

    One of the white flower fragrances that does not turn stale on my skin.

    very elegant and feminine and the cinnamon gives a little twist so you wont smell like a flowershop :) It is then one of those warm florals

    16 September, 2011


    Divin'enfant by Etat Libre d'Orange

    marshmallow & tabacco. Very original and twisted as well :)

    16 September, 2011


    Dior Addict Shine by Christian Dior

    come on girls, there is nothing bad about this other than the longevity.

    I would categorise it as a floral fruity with a backbone (that is cedar). Unlike the Escadas and Moschinos this smells playful and elegant at the same time. I can smell raspberries first of all. A little bit of citrus only (myself not a fan of citrus fragrances , which is a sign there is no tangyness overdone here). Gardenia and Cedar to further balance it.

    Like I said it is kind of a careless and happy scent yet elegant, a lot less cloying than its sister J'adore. I would say it feels like wearing elegant white designer outfit in summer and no lingerie under.... I know ;)

    16 September, 2011


    Jil Sander Style by Jil Sander

    it is good quality but i cannot like it - too dense and sweet to my taste.

    13 September, 2011


    Miele Rosa by I Profumi di Firenze

    this smells really weird on my skin, most probably chemistry. but it smells like a woman who did not bathe down there for a while. :s sample before go full bottle.

    23 May, 2011


    Rose of Kali by Neil Morris Fragrances

    i find this one a dark rose scent. A little fizzy and green at the opening but with time more and more roses open up.

    Also, there is an articulate incense and myrrh appearing on my skin. It turns a little sweeter with time, yet I do not find it particularly gourmand/sweet or chocolatey. Only find it a wee chocolatey if I force the idea and try to smell it that way, searching for the note specifically.

    17 May, 2011


    Reflection Woman by Amouage

    I am very surprised not to have found any positive reviews on this gem. Good to know though that some men don't fancy this that much ...although most men around were very keen to sniff around me, haha

    I must tell, this fragrance is really unique to me. Transparent and rich at the same time. Lasts long (8 hours +) and has noticeable sillage.

    The opening is green indeed...but i would prefer to use the word 'melonesque'. Not green like herbs/leaves

    After the opening I will mostly get magnolias and with time the amber/musk shows itself too, nicely blending in adding a fine creaminess.

    I have to deny all the bad allegations this being yet another fruity floral. It isn't, I do not like any of them.

    Guess you just have to have the specific noses to appreciate? True, this is not a banger in the head, not a sugar-overdose or patchouli/oudh babe.

    It is an extension to sophisticated and gentle women. I love its warm aura, makes me feel at peace.

    29 April, 2011

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