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PS by Paul Sebastian

Paul Sebastian is a refined, soft, gentlemanly fragrance. I like it. It can be powerful depending on how much is applied, so be careful with this one. It exudes the quality of the traditional up-and-comer, established, formal, and elegant. The notes are wonderful in this frag. The top notes smell is light and fluffy with the lavender dominating. The base notes reinforce the manly smell of this fragrance as the musk and patchouli combine to project an image of definitiveness. Its not a powerhouse fragrance like some other colognes from the 1980s out there. Paul Sebastian is for those evening occasions when you are dressed in business casual and enjoying a fine meal at a quality restaurant. A conservative choice because the fresh scents we often find today can be overpowering. Excellent value for the quality of this fragrance.
09th October, 2010

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

Although Drakkar Noir remains a classic scent from the 1980s, I don’t like it. It’s a fresh fougere scent that does not have much going for it in my opinion. It is not like Cool Water by Davidoff and feels mellow and hollow to me. It would have been nice if there was more complexity to this frag, but I’m just not finding it. The value proposition is not optimal either. Drakkar Noir can be a bit expensive depending on where one picks up a bottle. Many people will continue to buy this fragrance though simply because there is this sexy, alluring quality to it. Part of me thinks it was designed with females more in mind than males. I can’t understand the popularity of this frag, but the ladies seem to find it agreeable.
09th October, 2010

Canoé by Dana

Canoe is one of those inexpensive colognes that is best worn on melancholy days. It has a light, powdery feeling to it that feels altogether comforting. If I lived in London or Seattle I would own more simply because it meshes so well with the prevailing climes in those cities. Canoe remains a classic staple in my wardrobe, and for the price it is an excellent value.
09th October, 2010
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Halston Z-14 by Halston

Halston Z-14 is quality at its finest. It could almost pass for sex in a bottle as many compliments as I get going out to the clubs and bars. The women find it alluring and appealing. One mentioned she enjoyed the "ruggedness" it bestows upon the wearer. While cheap, this frag should be a staple for the average kind of Joe guy. Its notes waft into the air and give off the impression of aspirational goals, seeking the high life, all while portraying the quintessential down n dirty, rough n rugged type of guy. I agree with Cedarmoth it projects the element of testosterone to aggressively capture the ladies' attention.
30th September, 2010