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Velvet Flowers by Montale

Notes: peach blossom, rose, jasmin, ylang-ylang, saffron, fruits(?), sandalwood, musk

Despite this scent is not one of those 'heavy-on-the-oud' Montale fragrances, V.F. starts with the recognizable opulent, complex, right-in-to-your-face aroma, that I like soooo much, and which is hardly tolerated by my ambience.
The main part belongs to the Jasmine . But this jasmine is sweet, and creamy , and in no time it loses the sharp, stinging side and becomes enthralling, pampering, fruity and creamy.
Velvet Flowers is one of those extra-hyperfeminine scents, which leads you to the time when women were women and men were men. No compromise . This scent is for grownup ladies.
26th October, 2010

Aoud Velvet by Montale

According to Luckyscent: Oud, Ylang-ylang, orange blossom, tiare, vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood.
For my nose aoud-shot in the beginning isn't restrained at all. It presents oneself in no time, as a leading instrument in an orchestra. No manner of doubt - this gonna be a ruthless beauty, unforgettable, and unique. And then comes the show: enthralling, rich white flowers with the sweetest oriental base. The whole juice is so bizarre, 'cose you are starting to crave after something unattainable. I just simply want to eat myself every time I wear this.
The real beauty of this scent develops in an hour. Warm, voluptuous, deep, refined.
I would say it is a fruity floral rather than a floral woody musk. I dont know what causes the fruitiness, but it has some kind of similarity with Chinatown from Bond, or Miss Dior Cherie..... with the recognizable quality from Master Pierre of course.
25th October, 2010

Aoud Blossom by Montale

After longish disfavor against the white flowers, I took a deep breath, and started to approach gingerly. As a Montale-fan, what else than Aoud Velvet,and now Aoud Blossom is on the carpet.
Bergamot, sicilian mandarin/ ylang-ylang, violet, jasmin, tubereuse, rose / sandalwood, gurjum, white musk......
Don't be bamboozled! Aoud is firmly there! It opens with the well-known medicinal - still rich, balsamic note. This covers the flowers for a while - 30 minutes - than comes the bouquet! Jasmin or tubereuse.... I can hardly find my sweet ylang-ylang (what I love so much in Aoud Velvet) and rose is effaced. This scene is a bit loud, but very fresh and feminine. And barely after an hour - the scent becomes a truly nice, quiet, calm, flossy, elegant beauty. A french-kind fragrance, from a talented man.
30th September, 2010
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