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Prada Amber pour Homme by Prada

Prada Amber is always the fragrance I spray on if i'm caught without cologne in a department store. It's personally one of my favourite, fresh, clean and soapy. Something you want to wake up spelling on a sunny morning.

It does smell like an up-market soap but it very well made fragrance, the only quiff I may have with buying a bottle. Is the longevity and projection, it seems to be lacking a few times i have sprayed this one. But maybe you want someone you like close, so they smell this wonderful fragrance and are not one to brag.
14th June, 2012

cK one Shock for Him by Calvin Klein

A real surprise, got a few samples of this when i bought my new bottle of Paco PH. At the start, sweet but i get a whiff of obsession at the start the old classic. As the fragrance continues, the wood and tobacco come in, the fragrance has good longevity.

A real improvement by Ck, i might even big up a bottle on this with 200ml around £45 in the uk. Seeing this being huge with teenagers and the young people market !
15th March, 2012

Mitico by Tonino Lamborghini

Sprayed this in shop, really nice smelling and reminds me of Le male, never bought a bottle of Le male, but with this stuff easily picked up for under £10, i would probs go down the budget route
06th March, 2012
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Brut by Fabergé

Pure Masculinity from simpler and better times/era. From the moment Brut is applied its a punch in the face of oakmoss, lemon, Basal and all the top notes. It has great projection and lasting power, i get 5-6 hours easily.

I'm on my 2nd bottle now, the first was the one available in drug-stores in the plastic bottle which did it's job well. However my 2nd was a glass bottle the Eau de cologne, which i think smells more like the old Brut from yesteryears.

This Fragrance is worn in times of relaxation within urself, when you don't care what people think about you and this fragrance speaks volumes. However with the fears of Brut being an old man scent, no one has ever came up to me and said you smell like an old man or what are you wearing, and i have worn it for 3 years !.

A Classic, so give this old boy the respect it deserves, even if the world around him has moved in much quicker pace, than he deemed it ever would.
21st February, 2012

Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

The expensive version of Fairy liquid, clean-cut soapyness. With hints of green and musk, i do quite like it, but come on would i really pay £60 to smell like something which is commonly used and buy for £2 in Tesco. My mind is not yet made up, but you never know this might grow on me and the depths of the scent hide something i've not been able to remember where i have smelt it before. I welcome the chase !
21st February, 2012

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

This is a fragrance i have waited for a while to try and buoy was I not disappointed. Azzaro Pour Homme is the king of aromatic fougere's. Of course i have tried Quorum & Paco Rabanne, the first is far more dirtier fragrance, while the latter has a much better opening than Azzaro IMO. Azzaro just shines in class and quality of product, you could wear it all day everyday and be a signature scent.

Azzaro opens with Lavender, Geranium and if smell real close it smells a little dirty, but as the fragrance progress's it just get better and better, and last's a good number of hours. Get ur favourite Shirt or suit on, in the process fire 2-3 sprays of Azzaro on too your chest, the best way to wear it.
10th February, 2012 (last edited: 19th October, 2012)

Escape for Men by Calvin Klein

With a Quick Whiff, Escape for men gives the impression on tropical cocktail waiting to explode. However when you rub/apply to the skin, the fragrance relax's it becomes smoother and fresher. It kinda relax's you when u smell it, the Eucalyptus note is probably the reason why. By dry-down it become a typical Vetiver, I'm really not sure what to give this Fragrance, but for those who bash Calvin Klein, Escape for men is yet another example their fragrance are not as bad as they are ridiculed
11th January, 2012

Lacoste Challenge by Lacoste

Lacoste Challenge is pretty average all over from smell to lasting power, but it is an ok citrus fragrance which could be used in the summer months and after a gym session. But its not really one to go mad for.
03rd September, 2011

Aramis by Aramis

Well what else can i say about this, which hasn't been said. A real old- school classic, i'm too young to wear this right now but once i reach the right age, i shall indeed pick up a bottle.

Elegance in a bottle for a man of 40+, i can see myself wearing this in the future to my daughter wedding or any other major social event in my life when i'm a little greyer.
28th August, 2011

Tomorrow for Him by Avon

Another great fragrance at a reasonable price, i got this off ebay for £5-£6 for 50ml.

This is the first amber fragrance i have obtained in my collection, when first applied ( and when you smell a cap) it opens with a sweet blast but on top i can smell a latex/Clingfill smell, but after 30 seconds this evaporates to nice mild spicy tarragon smell which is pleasant. It opens sweet not as sweet as A-men for example but more Carmel and yummy like a nice desert.

I have got many complements when wearing this fragrance epically from girls, i don't know if it luck or just divine intervention but some fragrances women just love.

The bottle is a carbon copy of 'Dior Homme' but that does not bother me, so if you looking to add a sweet amber fragrance to your collection instead of shelling out more for roaches men, give Avon tomorrow for him a chance. Another great smelling fragrance which gives bang for it's buck
26th August, 2011

Gillette Storm Force by Gillette Series

What can i say i love a good cheapie Fragrance, and few give more bang for their buck than the Gillette Series. After already owning cool wave, i decided to hunt out for another member of the series. This is where i managed to pick up storm force for £2.80 on Ebay !

The Fragrance itself opens with a spicy blast alongside a melon/fruity note, as it enters the base notes storm force is quite pleasant. Even through its an aftershave i get a good 4-5 hours out of it in every use.

So if looking for a fragrance from the Gillette series, i would properly recommend cool wave more, but for £2.80 ! what harm can be done in picking up storm force at the same time !

21st August, 2011

Burberry the Beat for Men by Burberry

Not a typical Burberry fragrance as said above but it is quite unique for a mainstream fragrance.

Sprayed this one many times, and each time i have done so i'v liked the smell, when first applied you can smell the pepper straight off i can smell a bit of citrus but not alot. As it dries down you can smell Bourbon which too be fair the inclusion of alcohol ( booze Notes) has became a trademark for Burberry Fragrances.

Overall i think this would be perfect for fall and winter in the lower temperatures, i tired it in summer and you could properly get away with it but i feel it will come out even more so in the winter.

One to buy for the coming fall/winter.
02nd August, 2011

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

One of the best sellers of the 90's and no surprise why it a fragrance the public will like and shed out for.

Fresh, green and yes a bit too synthetic but its pleasant to wear

almost a thumbs up
28th July, 2011
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Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

Had tried this many times when i was in town and friend off mind bought a bottle for himself from duty free 125ml for under £40

Polo black is now what its seems, u would believe due to the colour choice of black that this aftershave would be woody heavy and smell slightly like a biker.

But ever time i spray i can smell strawberry not to same extent as paco black xs but it is there and you can smell the lemon and other fruits overall polo black is a woody fragrance but thankfully the fruit notes gives this a little bit of a identity and different than pretty much any other woody fragrance

i would say this can be worn by any age and i would wear this at night or clubbing i get 6 hours when i spray this on. So buy this if you like it :D
25th July, 2011

1 Million by Paco Rabanne

My story began well 3 years ago in 2008 when it first came out i was 16 years old. Every now again through the mists and sprays in a department store you find a mainstream fragrance that hits the spot and you have to buy at the soonest opportunity. This has happened twice to me, the first was Hugo boss bottled and the 2nd was 1 million !.

3 years on everyone wears this and its the most popular fragrance in the uk, but before the fragrance snobs turned there nose up at this due to the fact the masses or peasants as they view them began wearing this. I wore it during the first few months it was out and everywhere i went i was getting complements. I remember during the a bonfire night a girl went " someone smells amazing !!!!" I began to blush while girls came closer to smells, so yeh 1 million is a girl magnet one of the best i've wore.

But as months passed i discovered that a few of my mates had bought this fragrance and they were wearing this, even their dads were using it went i bumped into them at the pub and during shooting. My brother has also wanted this for his b-day in 2011, so its seems the populance of 1 million will not fade at any time soon.

Very few fragrances when applied can be called like dropping a nuke but 1 million is one of them it might not be on the same level as Joop! Homme but its not far behind. Overall i get 8-10 hours with 1 million so it is extremely strong.

The smells its self when first applied you get the grapefruit and orange note when some hate but i quite like, when it drys down i can smell the rose and the fragrance gets more spicy

But not to sound blunt the reason its so popular is because its so good but that has also been a double-edged sword every ned and man clubbing is wearing it, so u will not feel unique wearing this but you will smell good and thats is half the battle.

21st July, 2011 (last edited: 22nd July, 2011)

Boss in Motion by Hugo Boss

Typical Base-notes Snobs turning their noses up at another Hugo boss fragrance ?. My friend wears this alot and is his signature smell and he kept raving about this. So when we were going out before leaving his house i sprayed some on.

This really quite nice and i love the orange smell this fragrance produces, im sure a posh frag house just released something like this ummm.

I feel this is a hybrid of a evening and sport frag and i feel you could wear it all year round, i got around 5-6 hours with this fragrance a nice average length.

03rd July, 2011

Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

I have tryed this a few times in town and each time i have came to the same conclusion. This is strong and smells a bit old for a person of my age and after 10 mins of application i'm sure it smells like a food i ate as a child.

The dry-down is quite nice, but this one is too strong and old-spelling for my liking, however this could be quite nice to wear going to an Indian restaurant or Chinese.

Will try this again in the winter too see if the change of climate, effects the fragrance in anyway.
22nd June, 2011

Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

I am currently 18 year old and i have also known about old spice being one of the cult/legend fragrance of all time. So with the new advertising campaign with Ad's hitting the TV i decided to pick up a bottle of the spice, got a good deal on Amazon a fiver for a bottle and a stick.

when i first applied, i was shocked to smell that it did not even resemble something an old man or a granddad would wear !. spicy with a hint of rum and a cinnamon. Overall time i get with my old spice ( mine is the Aftershave Version) is about 4 hours which quite good for a aftershave, next time i will probs pick up the cologne version.

I usually wear this when i can't be bothered wearing anything else to work, or when i meet up with mates at the local bar, i don't see wearing anything special going to my local as i'm not chasing after girls or going clubbing. But i have got a few complements for both sexes when i wear this too my local, of course a few know its old spice and are pretty shocked to see someone so young wearing it !. I have not worn it clubbing yet but maybe sometime in the future i will too see the results.l

so i say if you under the age of 30 don't be scared to pick this up as it seems it coming back into fashion again and old spice smells alot different than to the normal men fragrances on sale right now so you might stand out for once...
20th June, 2011

Polo by Ralph Lauren

Holy god, that is what your nose and brain are saying to you when you first apply this on your wrist !

Smells strong Ancient, something your granddad would wear, dirty old fragrance smells like a smokeay boaby ( Scottish people will ken this ) lol.

Don't go near anyone in the first 15 mins of applying this fragrance, you have been warned !.

The drydown is what makes this fragrance pleasant and mysterious but this aftershave is not for young people but for the more mature 40 yr old in me, he might return one day to polo but until then, we will meet on this side or the other.
02nd May, 2011 (last edited: 12th May, 2011)

Diesel Zero Plus by Diesel

Woah that is a spicey meatball, lovely smooth spicy fragrance not too heavy or light and perfect for daytime. Smells like Christmas to me with the nutmeg and cinnamon

A damn shame both zero plus and plus plus have been discontinued, and were left with such rubbish from diesel such as 'only the brave.'
02nd May, 2011

Intimately Beckham Men by Beckham

Woah not expecting this from a celeb frag !

But Intimately Beckham is a pleasant fresh, sweet, smells like paco Rabanne ultraviolet at start but it smells more and more natural than synthetic with 'Paco'

Overall fantastic Fragrance for the price and very versatile can be used from work to date and day to night
25th April, 2011

FCUK Him by French Connection

Smelled quite nice when first applied , really modern and young but it only last near 2-3 hours on my skin so no one to buy in my opinion.
23rd April, 2011

cK one by Calvin Klein

CK One will always have a place in my heart, as it was the first ever aftershave i bought when i was 14/15 in 2007. My first expired i loved the smell i didn't know however that it was a unisex fragrance, citrus and fresh perfect for summer wearing for those awkward and life-long loving moment u remember many years afterwards.

After finishing the bottle, i never bought it again and never smelled ck one for a few years, now in 2011 i gave the old boy another smell at the department store and the first thing that i realised. It's more unisex smelling than i remembered as it been changed ? or is it me just getting older?. Either way i still love the clean-cut smell and i might even get a bottle for the upcoming summer just for old times sakes, and those who complain about price i see CK One on sale for £14.99 for 50ml and sometimes £20 for 100ml during the year you just need to hunt out a good deal :).

Overall 9/10
22nd April, 2011

Gillette Cool Wave by Gillette Series

I have always been a believer you don't have to spend huge amounts to spell nice and Gillette cool wave shows this to be True with it being available for £5.

It smells Dark greeny like a rainy day with a hint of moss and leather and spells 10x its price tag, it smells like old school male frags !, last about 5-6 hours on me really respectable

Highly Recommend and for £5 you will never get a better aftershave at this price it smells better than some of the posh ones that sell for $60+

24th March, 2011

Diesel Plus Plus by Diesel

The opening spray is very harsh to the nasal passage, with the high volume of alcohol.

But Plus Plus quickly settles down to produce this lovely Creamy coconut milky smell with hints or tonka, and even sometimes i smell strawberry as it enters the middle notes.

i've timed how long the frag lasts and on me it seems to give only 4 hours, while projection varies almost everytime u wear Plus Plus with the elements playing its part.

This Fragrance is the perfect pick-me up scent aimed mostly at teenagers and the young adult market. I picked this up for only £8.99 a real bargain you will properly not find a better fragrance for around this price tag, and get it while you can as unforgiving it has be discontinued. If your a teenage or under 21 defo give this bad boy a go.

The bottle is funky looking in all white, looking like a bottle of pills is something different and out there so from that aspect i quite like the bottle as it's something different than the norm.

03rd March, 2011

Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss

One of the biggest disappointments of 2010, the opening is nice enough but after the first 30 seconds just plain boring.

it gives out 1 note for the rest of the projection Birch Leaves.

how dare it ever be compared to the classic boss bottled, which smells better at night even this is made to do so its does not AVOID !
21st February, 2011

Joop! Homme by Joop!

Well it seems this is the 'Marmite' fragrance from base note reviews, i've never owned this a few mates of mine have, and i spray it every-time im at there house.

yes its at the point of being sick, but this is a fragrance the ladies love and it just reeks sex, be careful on the doze you spray on

Buy it for the female attention alone !

Edited 20th april

Well i finally picked this up at boots, with a gift voucher for my birthday. What can i say i wore this the day after buying to go out in the town, and got a complement from a few lady even though it had been put on 7 hours previous.

About a month later, wore it again to a party and yet again got complements from girls, one even kissed my neck cause she loved the smell so much !

Hands down a classic Fragrance from my fave era the 80's :D
13th February, 2011 (last edited: 20th April, 2011)

No. 89 by Floris

Stocked up on this when John Lewis had a big bowlful of samples for like a month and i knew it was the aftershave of choice for 007

Even from the first drops on ur neck or wrist, you can feel and smell that 89 is Suave and sophisticated yet totally understated. Bergamot and flower flavours, the early notes are mostly dominated by the lavender and citrus smell, while moving to rose and ylang ylang.

sophisticated bottle, this defo not for daytime wear, but for a nice black-tie event or date in the evening time, wear your tux and spray this on to take on the world.

El classico
11th February, 2011

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

I see a classic in the way it has been produced, but for us unlucky mortals whos skin does not work well with this its hideousness and it u can't get over the chocoholic note even, when ur smelling it up close with urself

A damn shame, cool bottle as well :(
09th February, 2011

The Dreamer by Versace

I discovered the Dreamer when going out for a meal with friends, and while i waited for my mate to get ready he told me to put one of fragrances on. I saw he had a new bottle of something and decided to spray it on, the opening is absoluteness perfection Floral but masculine at the same time with hints of what to follow such as tobacco , it actually smells like a fresh tobacco pack being open.

I asked him what was the name of the bottle, and he said it was Versace the Dreamer, we went for a dinner and a few drinks and even 4-5 hours after i applied The dreamer you can still smell it, it has amazing staying power and projection. It last up to 8-10 hours and even 12 hours for some peoples skin.

The dry down is really nice as well as the base and middle notes are slowly released hour by hour.

The bottle itself is stunning with a glass Versace face on the bottle, giving it a sophisticated look and look of mystery.

In review the Dreamer is a classic fragrance and it will forever be in my top 10 of all time, and in the April of last year i managed to get a 50ml bottle for the some of only £14!, £14 i know its too good to be true but its just perfection in every way it can be.

10 out of 10 !
27th January, 2011