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Burberry London for Men by Burberry

Burberry London is a simple square bottle with a plaid “cover” on it. It’s a different design, and fits into the Burberry line. Overall this is a great mature scent with a ton of spice throughout the fragrance. It starts out with a lavender/bergamot opening. This goes away rather quickly and the rest of the scent is spicy note. The cinnamon note really comes out and mixes slightly with a note of leather and port wine. It overall has a classic winter/holiday scent to it. For me it takes me directly to Christmas, snow, fresh cut Christmas trees etc. Burberry London screams festive!

The issue that I had with this fragrance is that it just wasn’t consistent. Some days it lasted 2 hours and then it was just totally gone. The next day it would last 6-8 hours with really no reason at all. The projection on this for the first few hours was great, and then after the initial drydown (2-4 hours) it gets close to the skin. For me Burberry London is a perfect evening wear scent, but I could see it being worn during a winter day. I think this is the perfect fragrance for those December activities either in or outdoors. This is a spicy fragrance, and I’d mainly suggest it to the 20+ crowd. I think it’s perfect for 25+ but it can be pulled off by younger folks. Again I see this as a date/evening fragrance. I wouldn’t use this at a party, but more an intimidate setting.


If you’re looking for a fragrance to be worn in December, then this is perfect. It really depends on your motives. If you’re a one/two bottle of cologne type of person, then I’d say just get a sample of this. It simply isn’t versatile enough to be purchased for those folks. However, if you’re a person that has 5+ bottles for different occasions, then I think this is a buy. It just can’t be beat for the winter evenings and in those intimate settings.
Scent strength: moderate
Recommended age: mature
Scent life: 2-10 hours
Recommended use: casual/evening
Classification: oriental/spicy
Price: $$

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02nd December, 2010