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Tabac Blond by Caron

This review is for the actual/new version compared with the vintage stuff ( which I own as well)
The new and fresh Tabac Blond is a mere ghost of scent, compared with the old perfume.
I must admit I was very curious, and after a few moments of sharp and edgy leather,tobacco and a touch of carnation a nasty sweet and cloying honey note comes up to me which really is more or less disgusting. This note does not at all appear in any of my vintage versions, regardless how old or "turned" they may be.
The staying power of the EdP is mediocre, what lasts for about 30 minutes is a girlish flowery sweet breeze- nothing spectacular, boring and not worth to be mentioned as one of the most talked-about perfumes of the past.
I am utterly disappointed and will ebay my new "find" asap.
21st December, 2010