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Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

This smell is not good. I had to wash it off within 20 minutes. It smell exactly- And I mean identical- to that cheap perfume "Tabu" that you can get at walgreens. And that will only cost you about $15.00. Thank goodness I got a sample 1st!
04th April, 2006

Fashion Avenue by Bond No. 9

This is another wonderful scent from Bond #9. It is soft, but has wonderful staying power, as do all of their fragrances. It smelld innocent, smooth and clean. The mimosa and cashemere musk and also the citrus topnotes make it smell a little like one a scent "Dlish" would make for their "Clean" line. I love it. I want it!
31st March, 2006

Brandy by Brandy

I just got a sample vial of this and dident expect to be very impressed. I am more of a vanilla/oriental lover. But I put it on and was wowed! It has apple and peach as the top notes, very fruity but not really sweet, somehow. It felt light and I dident expect it to last. BUt it has been about seven hours and I keep sticking my nose in my shirt to get a big whiff. It is still going strong. I promised myself I'd take a break from perfume buying- but I have got to get this one. It reminds me of that scene from Anne of Green Gables- where she rides through the apple orchard and it is covered in white, fragrance apple blossoms. It must have smelled just like "Brandy". Wonderful!!
30th March, 2006
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Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton

I only bought this because I was experimenting with pheremones. I was pleasantly suprised. I dident think it would be as nice as it was. More fruity than I usually like. Very light, so you could probably layer it easily. And, actually- I thought the staying power was great! It was still fresh after 5 hours. And in the morning my clothes still had the scent. If you like Victoria Secret perfumes than you'll like this, I garentee. It smells alot like VS stuff.---- I dont know if the pheramones did much, but I did get some nice complaments over the course of the night.
25th March, 2006

Wild Fig and Cassis by Jo Malone

Just got this one in the mail. When I sprayed it on my freind wrinkled her nose and asked, "Are you sure this is'nt a man's cologne?". It is not femanine at all, but it is true to life. It is very "fig-y".
Jo Malone discribes this as being warm and "sun-ripened", but it is actually very green and sharp. Not a warm, soft scent at all.
However, I did like it. It is quintessentially woody. It's not the best fig out there, but it's a good one.
18th March, 2006

Red Roses by Jo Malone

This smells so true to life it is scarey. I got this perfume initially because I read "Emporor of Scent" by Chandler Burr and it said that Jo Malone had an "astonishing" rose extraction. One of the best around. I bought it sight unseen!
So I sprayed it on and I did not get actual complements. Lots of people said "Wow! You smell like roses!" But no one said "Wow! You smell good!".

In short, if you want to smell like actual roses, try this one. It you want to smell like a person with a lovely fragrance- try something else.
18th March, 2006

Fiori di Capri by Carthusia

My mother went to Capri and brought this home for me. I wanted so much to like it. It was expensive, exotic, and famous in it's own right. Alas, it was not to be. This is one of the most sickining perfumes I've worn, and the worst I've ever owned. It is very floal. But, not soft florals like lilly or peony. It is made up of very sharp florals, such as carnation. I'm not sure exactly the notes- but it is a wholely unpleasant scent. The sharp floarls are not softened by vanilla or musk. They are handed to you like a big boquet of rancid weeds. It is a VERY mature scent. For very mature audiences- none of whom I'd like to spend much time near.
05th March, 2006

Chelsea Flowers by Bond No. 9

I felt like this was a little boring, compared to the unique concoctions that Bond #9 has come up with. It was just flowery. It did not inspire any feeling of like or dislike. Just a very straight foward, unintersting scent. I would suggest sampling a few other Bond #9 fragrances before settling on Chelsea Flowers. This is nothing special- except in the fact that, like all of the Bond fragrances- it has great staying power.
05th March, 2006

L'Eau by Diptyque

No, no- not a good one, Diptyque! The clove is just too much. This will absolutly make you smell like potpourri. This is more of a room spray scent to be used during Christmas. It's not a bad smell in and of itself. It just should'nt be worn on a person. A bowl of wood chips in the middle of one's table would suit this fragrance wonderfully.
05th March, 2006

Dirt by Demeter Fragrance Library

This scent is so cool! I loved the accuracy of it! But, alas- the scent was so fleeting that I became angry for having spent 35$ on a bottle of almost just alcohol and water. If this fragrance "stuck" even for an hour , I would have been pleased. THis is something you only want to buy if you are intrested in the novelty. The "Hey, look, guys! If you press this button you'll smell like dirt for about 2.4 seconds!". I recommend sniffing a handful of actual dirt for 2.4 seconds, and saving your money for a real fragrance.
05th March, 2006

Michael Kors / Michael by Michael Kors

I own about fifty perfumes. I am always looking for that one signature scent that will obliterate all the others. But, when I get sick of trying new stuff- my "go to" fragrance is Michael. Something about it reminds me of when I was a little girl. I dont know why. It is so warm and comforting, this fragrance. It has some nice watery florals, a beautiful musk. It is rich and long lasting. Not a hot summer day scent, but definitly a Sunday smell. My husband loves my baby girls smell like Micheal after I've been holding them. It is a heavier scent, but I am 27 and have been wearing it for about 3 years. It is not only for the older crowd- I promise! Hey, mabye I HAVE found my signature scent!
05th March, 2006

Glow by J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez

I love Glow. It is really clean, but also musky and sexy. Has a little coconut in it, which most "clean" scents wont give you. It lasts a wonderful length of time. I often wear this to rock concerts, because even when you are hot and sweaty, you still smell fresh and sexy. This scent is easy to like, is very well formulated, and is almost impossible to over do. You can spray on a ton and not be overwhelmed. I get complemnts on this alot. Her best perfume by far. This one has staying power and will become a classic, even if it was made by "JLo".
05th March, 2006

Youth Dew by Estée Lauder

I had heard how this was an epic fragrance. One of the greats- like Chanel #5. One must at least try it is one is interested in fragrance. I went to my local shopping mall- spritzed it on, and immediatly wanted to run away from myself. I raced to the car as quick as I could- with the Youth Dew demon fast on my heels. I speed home and took a shower at 1:00 in the afternoon. It was an awful experience. The most "Old Lady" perfume I have ever, ever come across. It is a sad, sick joke that it is called "Youth Dew". Ridiculous.
05th March, 2006
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Amour de Cacao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

I really like all of Comptoir Sud Pacifique's fragrances, including this one. It is mouth watering and it lasts a good amount of time. It also is wonderful to layer with almost any of their other fragrances. This is the only concern I must voice: These perfumes are very expensive, but their performances do not reflect their pricetags! They all have a slight alcoholic undertone. They are packaged in aresol-type cans, and they smell like something that came out of an aresol-type can. However,regards of my issues with this line, I will probably end up buying it again because the smells are so unique.
It is quite hard to find a chocolate scent that is not inundated with orange or patchouli. It's a good one- but the entire perfume line is getting a neutral rating. At this price, they can afford to do better.
05th March, 2006

Aromatics Elixir by Clinique

Why, oh, why does Estee Lauder always but so much aldehyde in her perfume? I have never smelled a fragrance of hers that I liked. I have almost liked a few, put they have this chemical quality to them that is just unpleasant! It's all that aldehyde!!!
This pefume in particular. Forget about the lovely floral topnotes that it supposedly contains. This fragrance is full on aldehyde and patchouli. Two notoriously disliked fragrances. If you want to offend a very large percentage of people around you- wear this. I implore you, however to not be so unkind as to put this fragrance on if you work in close quarters with others (ie; a secretary) or at any place that serves food.
05th March, 2006

Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera

This is a very nice perfume. It is classic. It is very non- confrontational. I garentee that no one will be put off by you're wearing this one. It would be so much nicer, thuogh, if it were just a tad heavier. It is so light and airy, that, unless you are sitting VERY close to someone on an extremely hot day, it will go absolutly unnoticed. If you are a timid scent-wearer, but still want to know in your heart that you are wearing somthing beautiful ( even if no one else knows it... like lingerie....) then this is a great scent for you.
05th March, 2006

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

This is a very nice perfume with one of the most effective marketing strategies I've ever seen! They gave you an actual sample in a vast number of magazines, rather than just a scented page. So, I got to try this on my skin straight from the advertisement!
When I first tried this on I SWORE it had chocolate in it! I was shocked to learn that it did not. It is a very "foody" smell. Very rich and creamy. Actually, what finally prompted me to go out and buy a bottle was when my husband tired it on and said he would also use it. It is no girlier than HM or Rochas men. I feel like this is definatly unisex. I hate that it is so trendy right now. But, when the hype dies down, it will definatly be a favorite!
05th March, 2006

Amazing Grace by Philosophy

You cannot go wrong with wearing Amazing Grace. It smells so clean- but not in the way the Dlish Clean fragrances smell. It doesnt smell like lemons or limes. This is totally unique. It is difficult to even say what notes it contains, it is blended so beautifully! It is a light musky, floral scent. The only downfall is you have to use a ton of it. It waers almost like a body spray. And because it is so unique it is hard to find any lotions to complement it. You have to wear it alone, beause any other smells will clash.
04th March, 2006

Chinatown by Bond No. 9

I loved this scent!!! From the description of the notes, I thought it would be much more floral. But, the cardamom really came through well- along witht the vanilla. It ended up being a spicey, sweet scent. The Gardina was almost butter-like, also. I have tried almost all of the bond #9 fragrances. This has been my favorite. So good! Give it a try!
04th March, 2006

Tubéreuse by L'Artisan Parfumeur

This was a strange one. When I read the description it said it was a gardinia scent that was "almost buttery". It was not "almost buttery", it smelled like actual butter! I almost could'nt even smell the floral notes! After an hour or so of wearing it I decided that I actually do like the smell of butter, and wouldnt mind wearing it on ocassion. It's a fun smell, for sure. But, I doubt it will end up as anyone's signiture scent.
04th March, 2006

Clean Baby Girl by Clean

I really liked this scent. It is the least expensive of the Clean scents, but also my favorite. The other clean scents feel like you're biting into a lemon. This has very little citrus in it. It actually does smell like a clean baby girl- soft, musky, and pleasant. It smells alot like Philosophy's "baby Grace", also. The concept is the same- smelling like a baby. I would really like to know who came up witht this fragrance first- because someone outright robbed another company's idea and scent!
04th March, 2006

Eau de NoHo by Bond No. 9

This scent was wonderful! One of my favorite fragrances is Philosophy's "Baby Grace". But, it fades so quickly. This fragrance smells very much like it, but, being a Bond #9 scent, it really sticks. It smells clean and soft! I loved it!
04th March, 2006

Index Fig Apricot by Fresh

I cant get enough of this perfume!Out of all the fresh index scents this one is the best. It is definatly more "peach" than it is "apricot", so I find it strange its not called "Peach-fig". I also found that this fragrance lasts longer than most of the other index fragrances. This is a very non-confrontational scent that most anyone would like.
04th March, 2006

Angel by Thierry Mugler

This smell is almost wonderful. One can smell how good it could be if it had just a tad less patchouli. The choclate is a wonderful- Godiva-type quality. The vanilla and carmale are rich and warm. And then comes the patchouli. All those wonderful food notes seem to DROWN in a thick cloud of patchouli. If Thierry Mugler had created this fragrance with just a fourth less patchouli this fragrance would be my favorite. But, as it is, one should wear this with a very, very light hand. That patchouli is just too potent!
04th March, 2006