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Icon by Gorilla Perfume

I absolutely adore this. Very dark, complex and unusual. At first it's a tad strong and almost medicinal, but very quickly it develops into something very, very unique. In my opinion, the description on the Gorilla Perfume website totally applies. "If this perfume was a man, he'd be a troubled literary genius dressed in crushed purple velvet. If it were a drink, it'd be the underground choice du jour for poetry appreciation groups. Churchy myrrh and intoxicating orange blossom absolute form hypnotic combinations in this impossible-to-forget fragrance."
09th October, 2010

The Smell of Freedom by Gorilla Perfume

I think this is fantastic. Very spicy and woody but totally unisex with a very pleasant sweetness. It's calming yet somehow uplifting too. I'm not sure it's for everyone, but if you like brighter and fresher woody scents this is a really good choice.
09th October, 2010

The Smell of Weather Turning by Gorilla Perfume

I think this is okay. It definitely does really well on it's theme - smelling this does conjure up some sort of autumnal feeling, but I'm not sure it's wearable. The mint is a little too toothpaste-like for my taste, and clashes with the oakwood. I really wish I could smell the nettle accord, but to me this is an entirely smoky fragrance without enough green notes to lighten it.
09th October, 2010
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Superworldunknown by B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful

Unfortunately the citrus notes used in this are a little too sharp at first, and remind me of toilet cleaner. I really think this could be a great fragrance if it were executed better, with milder citrus notes, that actually smell of fruit, not generic 'citrus' smell. On my skin, it smells of cheap public restroom soap after a few minutes. It's somewhat likeable, I guess, but not as complex as the long list of notes would suggest.
09th October, 2010

Ladyboy by B Never Too Busy Be Beautiful

I really wanted to like this because it seemed so unusual, and I like all the different notes by themselves, but somehow the combination (especially banana and violet) seems a little overwrought and synthetic. If only the chamomile were a little stronger! If this perfume were a person, he/she would be whiny, dramatic and annoying.
This scent just seems really unsophisticated, and while I've smelled worse things, I definitely wouldn't wear this.
09th October, 2010

Dear John by B Never Too Busy Be Beautiful

Starts off really zesty, spicy and crisp, really lovely, however that first impression is quite short lived, and the lime, pine and coriander fade into the background very quickly. All that's left afterwards is a boring and very standard soapy scent. Hugely disappointing, because it really smells great to start off with. I guess I was just expecting something more unusual and special, since that's what I love about LUSH scents.
The staying power is pretty pathetic, after half an hour it's almost completely gone. The one thing I do like about this scent once it's dried down and almost faded is the sort of gourmand cookie note that comes out, however it's not listed in the notes so I'm not sure where that comes from.
09th October, 2010