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Corduroy by Zirh

Oh yes, oh yes, this is a wonderful scent. I love the cardamom which is ever so present in this cologne. It goes well with the vanilla in the bass. I will say however, it is very much a unisex scent, but I like that about it. It goes on strong with the citrus and cardamom. but dries into a soft sweet scent that many compare to Bvlgari Black. I really enjoy this, as it smells expensive but costs less than $10. It can be worn as casual as something like Old Spice, or it goes well with the suit and tie in a formal occasion. My only big complaint is that the lasting power is not a good as I would prefer, but while it lasts, it is amazing and for the price, you will love it! I highly encourage you to give this a try.
30th July, 2011

Vermeil for Men by Vermeil

I like the bottle a lot, its good to have in the collection. But I think the website I got it from must have sent me a really bad/old bottle of it. It came in a plastic box with mold growing all over it...and smelled awful. So i took out the bottle from the moldy box and sprayed it on. It is strong at first but settles into a nice tobacco scent. I only truly "like" this scent after about 4 hours after application. It starts off just being to strong, overpowering, and the top notes just don't fit my style. I dont wear it often, but whatever...the bottle rocks!
27th May, 2011

Royall Muske by Royall Lyme of Bermuda

Very nice musk scent, good for working in close quarters with people as it will not over power. It smells very classic, like something from the 19th century. I like it a lot. The lasting power is something like 5 hours max on me, which is ok. It feels good to use on my face like an aftershave, but the one i got came with a sprayer that screws on the top so I can use it as a spray. The bottle is nice as well, very beautiful. I really like this.
27th May, 2011
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Blu pour Homme by Bulgari

Smells great! I got some awesome compliments on this one! At first I wasnt sure if I liked it, but after a while it grew on me. I really enjoy it now. It smells very unisex to me, but I like the sweet and powdery scent. It lasts about 5 hours on my skin and is a rather light scent. It does not seem to project a lot, but it seems to stay closer to the skin. Anyhow, it is a good fragrance and if you shop around on the internet a bit, you can get it for pretty cheap. I highly recommend it.
27th May, 2011

Jovan Musk for Men by Jovan

I use this cologne very often. It has a pretty nice smell. When first applied, it is strong and spicy, but after a while it becomes a nice sweet musk. It has good lasting power too. The sillage and projection don't seem to be great, but the longevity makes up for it. I wear it a few times a week and it never stops amazing me. Also, the price is wonderful. I will keep buying this.
16th November, 2010

Hummer by Hummer

This is ok, I sometimes like it, but I have many fragrances I like more. Its a very sporty scent...and im not very sporty. I also sneeze a lot while wearing this. I have gotten some negative comments on this, so I tend not to use it much. I have had this cologne in my collection for about 2 or 3 years, the same bottle, and its not even used up yet because I just don't wear it often. Honestly its not a bad scent overall, but I like other fragrances better.
27th October, 2010

Old Spice Pure Sport by Procter & Gamble

This scent is wonderful! They make it in the form of aftershave, deodorant, antiperspirant, body wash, and body spray. Each form seems to differ slightly in scent, but generally they smell sweet and have a bit of a spicy scent in there as well. The best way I can explain what this smells like is...think of a sweet musk mixed with old spice classic and a bit of Bvlgari Blu...kinda spicy but also really sweet. So you get sweet, spicy, powdery, and kind of an aquatic scent all blended together. Its AMAZING! I use the after shave almost on a daily basis and the body wash is one of my favorites. The deodorant is great as well. I didn't much like the body spray, as it only lasted about 20 minuets before the scent was gone. This is a good scent over all. It is simply one of my favorite Old Spice scents.

(Im on a horse...)
12th October, 2010 (last edited: 31st May, 2011)

Brut by Fabergé

I personally like the smell of brut...sometimes. It use to be a favorite of mine until I started using Stetson. But then when I tried this again I was not as happy with it. But what ever the case, I never liked how brut seemed to have such a small ability to last. Its scent simply went away after an hour or two on me. But that was the american version made by Idelle labs. I tried the french version made by Unilever, it was alright, but i got comments saying "it smells like a public bathroom" and it did kinda smell like pee. Maybe I got a bad bottle, idk. So what is my view point on brut? Well, its a hit or miss, you might get a great smelling but not so long lasting scent, or you might get urine. So I enjoy the scent of the american one a bit more. I do however love the brut deodorant products. They are almost flawless. With that said, I like the smell of brut...sometimes.
12th October, 2010

Musk for Men by Coty

This fragrance is a favorite of mine. It smells so sweet and clean. Its longevity is not bad either, though it could be a bit better. It seems to be the type of scent that people don't tend to rave about. Usually when I wear this and ask friends of family how it smells, i get comments such as; "hmm...its ok" or "its alright". So with that said, its not the scent that will have everyone flocking around you, wont repel anyone either. As for me, I love it and I will keep buying it. It is a good scent for every day use. Its not too strong, not too weak, just right, therefore...I LOVE IT!
11th October, 2010