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Reviews by solar

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Elite by Floris

An anniversary gift to me from my fiance. I love it, its very floral and mellow. Could last a bit longer, but great nonetheless.
29th August, 2004

Samsara by Guerlain

I love this, second to Dune on my all time sensuous women's fragrances.
15th August, 2004

Moustache by Rochas

This really is my favorite Citrus (Lemon) scent. Its very fresh, very soft, very gentle and long lasting. Its great on a hot day when lounging around at home.
20th March, 2004
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Aquaman by Rochas

My girlfriend bought this for me on our first shopping trip together. Its peppery, and very smart, but it fades in a few hours. Its great as a work-based top up.
20th March, 2004

Arber by Body Shop

Whilst walking through the body shop with the lady, I stopped at the men's section. I was looking at a few products and noticed their EDTs. I began to test them, see what they were like. A quick verdict test from the lady resulted in us both agreeing that Arber was a very nice masculine scent indeed. I liken it to a much softer and warmer Memoire d'Homme. The good thing is that its cheap and the Shower Gel is fantastic.
06th December, 2003

Endymion by Penhaligon's

Endymion is a really soft and sweet scent. It reminds me of Body Kouros, but doesn't have the dark incense trail to it. Its definitely a romantic occassion scent, and worked a treat with a walk in the park during autumn.
29th November, 2003

Mémoire d'Homme by Nina Ricci

This is one that I got fairly cheap, and I can see why. Firstly it smells 'dry' - or at least it dries your throat doubly quick to make it seem very arid. Then it soothes a notch or two, but it ends up just smelling arid and woody. Not a warm woody, a harsh and dry one. Its airy, but not in the same way as Issey is, which is a more suitable version of this type of scent.
24th November, 2003

Ultraviolet for Him / Ultraviolet Man by Paco Rabanne

OK, I admit it, at first I thought - blimey very minty and icy. But then I thought why not spray it all over. I did, went clubbing. The sheer amount of kudos I got from the ladies was amazing. Turns out my girlfriend loves Ultraviolet for women, and for men too! I can understand how the varied tastes of the members of basenotes can ignore this one, but really, it brings in the compliments, and its by Paco. A sure winner.
24th November, 2003

Spanish Leather by Geo F Trumper

This is a very fresh and sweet leathery scent. I splashed it on in the bathroom, spilling a little on the sink in the process. Went out, casual attire, got lots of 'ooh thats nice' comments from friends. Got home, went to the bathroom, and thought - blimey, thats fresh and nice. Indeed, this is a fresh, sweet and leathery scent. Wasn't expecting it, but another Trumper Gem (like Eucris).
24th November, 2003

Boucheron pour Homme by Boucheron

I cant really say this is a great office scent, despite what the other reviews hint at. Nor would I say it was a great formal dinner scent. It smacks of oranges, and citrus. If you want a more refined version of the citrus grove, try Cartier Declaration. Oddly enough, another jeweller's scent.
24th November, 2003

Eau de Santal by Floris

I was after a sweet sandlewood based EDT, and it was suggested that I try Santal. I've used and liked Givenchy Pi in the past, but Santal is a cut above that. It starts off a little flowery, zesty almost. But it slowly mixes into a sweet, sensuous, soft sandlewood/vanilla base. I've worn it on some really hot days, and its stood the test of time, lasting and evolving with body heat. Its ideal home though, would be on a soft intimate night out. Definitely a fantastic addition for those who prefer a sweet, but distinctive cologne.
Comes with an excellent range of grooming products - the post shave hydrator is rather good.
23rd August, 2003

M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

M7 is without a doubt a very striking and distinctive scent. Yet, despite this shocking characteristic, it has the ability to mix it with a suit at work, casuals on a night out, and a romantic dinner. There is a lot to be said about the soothing and arousing properties of Agarwood, a very potent ingredient of Eastern aromatherapy and meditation. Combine this baby with some Templeflower Shower gel, and you walk out turning heads and will have the inquisitive ask you just why you smell so smooth and refined.
The new masculine archetype, for sure.
23rd August, 2003

Vetiver by Guerlain

Vetiver by Guerlain is a fantastically fresh Cologne, that has a home on every distinguished shelf. I cannot explain just how fresh and soothing this smells when you squirt it on. It lifts the spirit without fail, and it mixes well to settle into a warm, fresh and soothing scent. Its done me well on occassions when I've worn it for dinners out, and a quick trip to the flicks. Keeps your mind focused and people seem to come in close to get a whiff - weird but true. Give it a try at the counter, you'll be amazed.
23rd August, 2003
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No. 89 by Floris

No 89 is a very interesting scent for men. At first hit you are exposed to a very fresh citrus type smell, but its not hard, its softened by the use of flowery notes. This middle note stays with you for a long time, and settles to a very soft and woody end note. It lasts all day, and re-releases as you heat up. It works very very well at the office, and I've not been tempted to try it anywhere else. Its a gentlemans scent, and it just oozes class.
23rd August, 2003

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

Habit Rouge is a very smooth, soft, leathery cologne. I was surprised at just how sweet and smooth it turns out, whilst the leather continues to ensure it has a masculine edge. It's an absolute winner during the winter months, both at work or on casual nights out.
23rd August, 2003

Desire for a Man by Dunhill

Its hard to define this one. At first I thought it was Joop rebottled, it smacks you with a fruity (well, rosey/vanilla) smell, that seems to linger after first contact with air. But as it settles, and gets to work on your skin, you begin to notice subtle oriental shifts. But where Joop lacks freshness, Dunhill Desire maintains a bit of 'still fresh in the morning' scent. "Its Fruity with a hint of Spicey Freshness" - is the best definition I can give it. Not sure if everyone will like it, one to buy after a Sampler methinks.
20th December, 2002

Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

After reading the reviews here, I decided to try out both Boss and Allure. Of the two, I'd have to say Allure is the more refined. I don't know how best to define Boss, but 'Woolworths counter special' is close. A quality product, that somehow is just that little bit too popular and bland. Its nice nonetheless, and would suit a younger chap who is just getting himself into the Suit/Office routine. Then you just have to move onto something more refined - like Allure?
15th December, 2002

Contradiction for Men by Calvin Klein

Contradiction is a let down if you're looking for a classic man's cologne. Its more suited to the family of modern citrus fragrances - with the heights in the lime and clementines. Its definitely a fresh smell, but it fades fast, and ends up smelling like something out of the Gillette range. A disappointment for such a high price brand.
02nd November, 2002

Opium pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Opium pour Homme is definitely a fragrance for the fan of the spicy oriental family of scents. It starts off as strikingly sweet, which is perfect for those morning blues. It soon calms down to a very spicy yet subtly sweet fragrance that continues throughout the day without fail. The bonus is, if sprayed onto pulse points, as your blood pumps faster and hotter, the fragrance kicks up again, and this time it comes back in a spicy-sweet aura. Its lovely how the ingredients manage to mix into another burst of scent, and the girls often wonder where that sweetness is coming from. Definitely one to try, and if it works for you, keep at it!
06th July, 2002

Jako by Lagerfeld

Jako is definitely a flashback to the days of musky men's colognes. None of this unisex stuff here, it immediately smacks of a man's scent through and through. It starts off with a smacking burst of bergamot. This can fool the undiscerning man trying it out at a counter, making you think its a cheap mix. But give it a moment or two to settle. As it mixes into your skin it starts to emit the true scent. The Divan and Rosewood come out clean, and its this that stays through the day. Without fail the women take a second look - this is not an CK One washing up smell! The best is reserved for the moments when your body heat picks up. The second release of the scent, mixed with your own heat, gives off what one can only assume is the Musky base notes of sandalwood and leather. This is definitely one for the Gentlemen. Give it a go, a small bottle, but don't be put off with the initial smart of the spray, let it settle.
06th July, 2002

Chanel Pour Monsieur by Chanel

What we have with Pour Monsieur is the definitive Gentlemen's fragrance from times gone by. Its no secret that this is the first men's fragrance from Chanel, but its a classic. It starts off rather sweet indeed, the neroli and lemon mixing quickly. The common scent through the day is a very distinguished but sweet one, neither modern nor aged. Its worth getting the Concentrate as this lasts longer, as the only fault of this beauty is that it fades very quickly.
06th July, 2002