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Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca by Guerlain

I appreciate what this scent is trying to accomplish. Unfortunately it leaves me cold.

The smell of mint in perfume has got to be tricky to execute. And it seems in this fragrance it just doesnt work out at all on my skin. Im left with a scent reminicent of mouthwash and lily of the valley. In all fairness I hate lily of the valley so maybe Im not the right candidate for this perfume. I wanted something to remind me of my late dear Grandmoms garden in the summer accompanied by the smell of homemade iced tea with fresh mint leaves and lemon. Annick Goutal's Ninfeo Meo does a better job.
29th August, 2011

L'Ombre dans L'Eau Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

So enchanting. The best rose perfume Ive ever smelled. Ive been looking for a wonderful floral green perfume to replace the sadly reformulated Lauren. I think this is it. L'Ombre dan L'Eau opens with gorgeous tart and sharp green notes, and I mean green. Think of the scent of wet soil and grass after a hurricane and then think of the most beautiful rose bush drenched after the downpour.

Even though it opens rather astringent and sharp. It dries down to a beautiful rose scent that retains its earthy greeness.

I imagine layering this with Keihls musk oil for an amazing combo for the senses.
29th August, 2011

Black Aoud by Montale

Like a rose buried under asphalt.

I cant get into this one at all and Ive tried. It smells like the inside of a head shop. Lots of dark patchouli floating around, with wafts of inscense, leather satchels, rose oil, and the stink of the fresh laid tar. But theres also a medicinal note from the aoud to deal with. That eventually fads then its pure head shop in the drydown.

Its a dark scent, with major power. I love dark scents, but unfortunatly this one doesnt hit the right chords.
29th August, 2011
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Hypnôse by Lancôme

A generous SA gave me a big sample of this scent at Macys. I wore it yesterday and as soon as it hit my wrist I thought... Guy magnet. It was so pretty. Almost too pretty. In its initial application it was a delicate unusual vanilla but not too sweet. I thought I would need to have a bottle. Then the unfortunate happened. It turned sweeter and sweeter to the point of nausea. I hate orientals that are heavy handed with vanilla and sweet things. In fact I detest them. I couldnt wait to shower so I could ease my senses with something more dry and close to nature. My beloved Prada Infusion D'Iris.

But I will say that it could just be my chemistry. This may smell great on others. I have noticed that there is some similarity between Hypnose and Ange or Demon by Givenchy. But Ange or Demon is much more sophisticated and mysterious and doesnt have that overbearing sweetness.
05th July, 2011

Black by Bulgari

Cant believe this has been discontinued. Its such a unique perfume.

This fragrance is a comfort fragrance to me, yet I find it sexy as well. Its a smoky, musky, woodsy black tea scent that has the perfect amount of vanilla so that its not sweet. And its soft. It has a grounding effect on me. I dont get the rubber tire smell at all, I guess this note translates to a smoky smell on me.

Sillage is there but not in your face. Just right. And it lasts and lasts on my skin until my next shower.

Mysterious and comfortable. One of Bvlgari's best.
28th June, 2011

Hot Couture by Givenchy

Its like I just toured the Willy Wonka chocolate factory and got trapped in the cotton candy room and decided to jump into a vat of strawberry cotton candy. Pink sugar lovers will love this one. I think its great for my ten year old niece, but you wouldnt find me smelling like this unless I really did get the grand Willy Wonka tour.
09th April, 2011

Aomassaï 10 by Parfumerie Generale

I love that this scent is a gourmand, yet not very sweet on me. The hazelnut and caramel accord sit on a base of the most perfect vanilla. I dont get the woods from this, just a delicious hazelnut coffee scent with a just the right amount of cream. Its warm and comforting. What you might smell in the air of a very quaint and classy coffee shop in......... What country makes the best coffee?
09th April, 2011

Infusion d'Iris by Prada

I gone through quite a few samples of d'Iris and Ive been putting off buying this scent as Im not sure its got lasting power. But Im currently being haunted by this delicate beauty of a perfume. Just when I thought I had it out of my mind, I sat and read an article in Vanity Fair, and then noticed that there was an ad for Infusion d'Iris with a flip out for sniffing. I sniffed it and ahhhhhhh gorgeous. I put the mag down so I could read something else and I kept smelling occasional wafts from the scent strip. In a state of unawareness I forgot that it was the Prada I was smelling. Im starting to think I need a full bottle.

If I could use one word to describe this perfume I would call it soothing. Its crisp, herbal, and green like character makes me feel at ease. Its like being outside on a perfect summer day with all the smells of nature passing by you and conjuring up fleeting emotions of pure joy.

As far as my issue with longevity, I think that sometimes my body chemistry needs some time to get used to wearing the perfume before the perfume with finally stick. This happened to me with some of my other perfumes. I see a bottle of d'Iris sitting on my vanity in the near future.
08th April, 2011

Féminité du Bois by Serge Lutens

Surge Lutens relaunch of FDB is a soothing, relaxing fragrance that seems to fit the mood of delving into an intense day of reading on a leather recliner and contemplating on the mysteries of life. This perfume doesnt strike me as a head turning fragrance at all. Its intellectual and introspective. On my skin the spice and cedar are most prominent with a sort of dry plummy note that lingers in the background almost like dried fruit or potpourri. Its sheer, yet has staying power with moderate sillage. Could easily be a scent for a man, the name FDB doesnt seem to suit the juice. Its definitely unisex. I can smell the similarities between this and Dolce Vita. The difference is that Dolce Vita has a honey like sweetness and vanillic base, while FDB has neither. I do enjoy this fragrance but it hasnt made the full bottle worthy cut.
07th April, 2011

Dior Addict 2 by Christian Dior

Grapefruit and pinapple are the main notes I smell in this perfume. The overall effect I get is that of scented body lotion. Not bad, but not good either. One thing this scent has going for it is that its not very sweet. Any modern pink perfume that can refrain from piling on the sweetness deserves some credit. The verdict? Not for me obvoiously. But I think that a teenager or young twenties something would enjoy this scent for its clean, pink, shampoo, shower fresh scent.
01st April, 2011

Kiehl's Original Musk by Kiehl's

Wow. Im a musk lover so this is bliss to me. Kiehls OM is a no nonsense musk. It reminds me of that movie... Perfume the story of a murderer when the crazy scentaphile collects the aroma's from all those beautiful women. OK maybe this is not the best idea to plant in ones head. My point is OM smells like a persons natural odor. Beautiful natural skin in all its glory. Interestingly I get no dirty notes from this as many have mentioned. On me OM turns into a clean, skin scent. No one knows Im wearing perfume when I wear this. One has to be very close to me to smell it and when they do they catch a whiff that is mistaken for my natural smell. I get no floral in this, on me its pure musk. Its quite earthy when first applied but the dry down keeps getting cleaner. Soon its just a pure musk. Heavenly. And I adore the apothacary style bottle. It really represents the scent very well.
01st April, 2011

Tam Dao Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

Very natural smelling perfume. I get mostly cedar with a bit of spicyness. Its a dry scent, no sweetness at all. It gets a little musky and soapy as it dries down on me. Overall its well done. I wont be needing a full bottle, but I enjoyed the sample. Its kind of aromatherapeutic. And for this reason, I would rather spend my money on a bottle of cedarwood essential oil.
27th March, 2011

Armani Mania for Women by Giorgio Armani

Ive smelled perfume like this far too many times. Its smells generic, nondescript, and painfully boring. Its like the smell of a perfume shop after every perfume has been spritzed into the air, sort of a conglomeration of scents. I cant seem to pick out a note. It smells like perfume for the sake of perfume. No heart, No soul.
21st March, 2011
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Amber Absolute by Tom Ford

Im not a big fan of basic amber scents. I like them blended in a more complex fragrance. But I have to say that Tom Ford created a masterpiece with this amber dominated scent. Its a smooth, boozy, and almost edible amber that I believe amber lovers would orgasm over. Today I wore some to work from my sample vial and my co-worked was blown away by it. She asked me what it was and I told her, and also warned her of the price tag. She said she would pay it. She loved it so much.

Oddly, I dont love it. I just dont connect with it. Though I feel its an incredible creation. I just dont love it for me. But if your an amber lover and you like minimalism in your scents with amazing quality ingredients TRY THIS.
19th March, 2011

Tea for Two by L'Artisan Parfumeur

The name does not sum up this fragrance at all. I get very little tea from this. I mostly get a smoky, spicy, slightly sweet oriental fragrance. It kind of smells like those sugar coated jelly candies that had a variety of flavors, and there was one jelly that was spicy, and as a kid I avoided those and ate all the cherry and grape ones. The spicy ones got hard and stale.

Theres something about it that reminds me of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanilla, but a tamer version. I find it to be a comfort scent. Something to wear for yourself and not for others since the only way other people can smell it is if their noses are smashed up on your skin.

Its a interesting scent but not FBW due to the fact that it has such poor sillage. Longevity is nothing to brag about either. But Ive found this to be the case with all the L'art scents Ive tried so far.
18th March, 2011

Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

Dry as a bone. AP is a fragrance that is all woman with out any frou frou sweetness. Its a modern take on something old, and I love that. On my chemistry, its mostly a musky, woodsy fragrance with the vetiver making it a tad sharp. I dont get too much florals in this, they mostly remain in the backround. I get faint hints of rose and magnolia. I wish I got more floral from this.

Some have mentioned the overwheming potentcy of this fume. On me its melts into my skin and becomes one with my chemistry. Its not perfumey on me, not offensive, and not too much. I can wear this perfume pretty much anywhere and feel at ease.

AP is a perfume thats smells of womanly confidence. Its sexy in a way that exudes a womans wisdom and feminine power. Not girly, Not romantic, but strong and wise.
06th March, 2011

Casmir by Chopard

The fragrance equivalant of a decadent dessert. You enjoy it once in while, but cant take it everyday. Cashmir gets so sweet on me that it becomes annoying to wear. I can appreciate the composition, I mean it smells wonderful on my wrist, but thats as far as I can stand it. Its the sweetest vanilla based perfume Ive ever smelled. Its like I jumped into a tub full of vanilla frosting and a barrel full of berries. I do enjoy the opoponox and benzoin in this, its beautiful. If it werent for the cloying sweetness of this perfume, I think I would love this. But I imagine this perfume works wonders on the right chemistry.
06th March, 2011

Chergui by Serge Lutens

It took a while before I came around to "getting" this scent. But now I have found a respect for its uniqueness. Its unique, without needing to shout "look how much I can stand out from the crowd"! It can be worn anytime, anywhere IMO.

I love that its a smooth amber and vanilla scent with just the right amount of sweetness. Some amber scents become cloyingly sweet. But its not just another boring amber and vanilla based scent. The tobacco and hay give it an interesting vibe. Cant quite put my finger on it, it kind of has a soothing medicinal quality. I think it blows TF Tobacco Vanille out of the water.

Its a scent that lays close to the skin and lasts for the whole day on me. I think it leans more on the masculine side. Which I like. But its still undeniably unisex. I wont be needing a full bottle, but Im loving my sample.
03rd March, 2011

Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein

Plums and spice and quite unisex IMO. It reminds me somehow of Jo Malones Pomegranate Noir due to the fact that both frags remind me somewhat of poppurri. Someone had compared this to a rootbeer float, and I totally get that. All in all Im not impressed by this scent. I would never by a bottle. But its not bad either. Its not loud, or in your face, but its no wallflower either.
22nd October, 2010

Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood

This scent is all about violet to me. Violet seems to always dominate on my skin. But as Im not a big fan of violet dominated perfumes this one is blended so well that the violet has character and warmth. Its sweet, warm and floral. I dont get too much leather in this, although I can detect it. What I do get is a mildly spicy violet with an oriental vanillic base. This scent does not overpower on me and lies close to my skin. I like that its unique. I cant say Ive smelled anything like it before.

Its a good fall, winter perfume that would be a great choice on a date for romance and possibly seduction.
21st October, 2010

Omnia by Bulgari

Omnia is one of my favorite perfumes. A very modern and original oriental. It has all the components that make it a fragrance for comfort. I get the creamyness of the chocolate, the spicyness from the ginger and saffron, and the wonderful woodyness. Its perfection on my skin from beginning to end. I love spicy fragrances but a lot of spicy perfumes can come off as being too harsh. This has got it all. Spicy, inviting, warm, sensual, cozy, and outdoorsy. And it lasts on my skin until my next shower. Its fabulous.
21st October, 2010

Eau d'Elide by Diptyque

I totally agree with Ipaidforthisname. This perfume DOES smell like an orange creamsicle to me. I get no musk at all, all I can smell is a creamy sweet orange smell, some vanilla, and if I really try I can smell the lavender. But all in all, it smells like an orange creamsicle.
20th October, 2010

Pure DKNY by Donna Karan

This smells like a variation or some lighter version of Mugler's Alien. You got the vanilla, jasmine, and wood mix. Aside from that, this perfume is a bore. Its generic and uninspired and smells like all the other newbie perfumes on the market. Its like someone ran out of ideas and just smelled some popular fragrances and made a variation of it. Nothing original. Its not bad, its just not that good.
17th October, 2010

Burberry for Women by Burberry

Burberry Women is a clean, yet warm, musky fragrance that is subtle as an everyday perfume. BW is the girl next door, she was taught to be polite and sophisticated, yet down to earth and always approachable. I love that this perfume is not a floral, yet so feminine. It has an ambery, woodsy, vanillic base, with a hint of spice. Its sweet, but not too sweet. I love the musk and apple notes I smell in this. The apple makes this scent a real snuggler. It brings to mind moods of staying in, with a loved one, watching a movie, fire place roaring, and red wine on hand. This is a perfume that may always be in my wardrobe because its such a no brainer scent. Its one of my go to perfumes for good reason. Its last forever on me and lies close to my skin. Those who are lucky enough to get close enough to catch a whiff, will no doubt be charmed. This fragrance is the ultimate Burberry. The best of all the others.
17th October, 2010