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Original Vetiver by Creed

It is one of the scents I keep smelling on myself. My nose is ceaselessly attracted to the sources of it; throughout the course of the day. At first there is not much vetiver itself into it - just happy green grass thing. Soapy? In a way yes. The day gets tired, my clothes saturated with all the scents I had contact with... Usually not a particularly satisfying mix. Yet my shirts remain reminiscent of the morning bathroom labour. The note of the house of Creed still there. Be it soapy or not, I still like it.
25th February, 2006

Sandalo by Etro

Tried to combine it with other scents from Etro. Nice to play with. A note od Etro Lemon Sorbet + little bit of Etro Ambra... I kinda liked it that way (in fact I loved it). As my nose is probably not to be trusted I give thumbs up to the Sandalo pure. Lovely scent!
25th February, 2006

Le Roy Soleil Homme by Salvador Dali

I have just read the review of Ken Russel, which makes so little room for me... Anyway, the scent tastes well, very well in fact, and is "easy to wear", as noted before. Dynamic. Not to be well defined... My favourite notes in it are the warm and floral ones. Is it, however, warm and floral scent? Far more than that!
25th February, 2006
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Bois du Portugal by Creed

Failed being very analytic on that one. It falls into the category of good scents I'd rather not wear myself. Yet I have imagined such a situation. Sea shore, one washes off the sea salt; it's getting trembling cold. One packs the beach set, and, just before putting a casual shirt on, one applies a mist of BdP to the chest and perhaps shoulders. The way back home will be accompanied by a classy warmth of rich notes. A mystery in such a setting. Is that formal?
25th February, 2006

Allure Homme by Chanel

As an ugly brother of my beautiful sister I developed once quite a keen interest in feminine fragrances. I wouldn't serve as an expert. Many, many... many years later it occurred that apparently I was not so ugly after all, and another beautiful woman messed up my mind up. That very moment my interest shifted towards masculine scents. Just to become more attractive. Unfortunately, masculine fragrances seemed all alike. Probably in the very same manner, as faces of Asian people to European eyes. All but Allure. That one I liked on instant. Allure is the very first fragrance I put on myself. I am gentle giant kind of a guy. Allure is neither aggressive, nor arrogant. It does not convey self-confidence. It is just soft and gentle. Perfect smell for tough guys, that dare wearing soft fragrance on them.
25th February, 2006