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Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

On a cold winter evening, you went to meet a newly met acquaintance to their house. You sit down in their living room, playing with your mug of coffee. You dont know these people so well. You are constantly watching your mannerism: thinking twice before speaking, watching your gestures and posture, your body slightly tense due to the air of discomfort. Suddenly, you have an urge to empty your bladder. Very politely, you ask your hosts to direct you towards their bathroom. They do so with utmost courteousness.
You enter the bathroom and frisk the walls in darkness searching for the light switch. The bathroom being dark yet, you cannot see anything but you can smell. A combination of smells hit your sinuses. Smell of clean toilet , smell of air freshener, smell of soaps and lotions laying on the edge of the bath tub and the natural musky smell coming off the undergarments belonging to the owner of the bathroom. It is a combination of these smells, but while you perform your restroom ritual, you take time to analyse each smell according the its source. You feel oddly comfortable with this foreign aroma. Slowly, the cords of your discomfort loosen up and you feel an abstract intimacy with these smells. You are feeling intrigued, amused and slightly embarrassed at the same time. Now that your restroom ritual has ended, you get up, wash your hands and look in the mirror to check your appearance. Satisfied, you wipe your hands with a tissue paper and leave the bathroom.
Now that you have been through the olfactory experience of one the private areas of your acquaintance's house, you take your seat with a broader smile. You grab the mug of your coffee. Now your new acquaintance has become your friend.
02nd June, 2011 (last edited: 12th June, 2011)

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

When I will depart from this world and knock the doors of heaven, I know it will smell like Paco Rabanne Pour Homme. This fragrance never fails to put smile on my face. It is uber classy scent and those who can not appreciate it, I feel sorry for them.
12th May, 2011 (last edited: 16th May, 2011)

PS by Paul Sebastian

I love PS. It is one of those fragrances, I keep a sample because I just cannot get enough. I dont wear this publicly but that is a different issue. This is by definition the smell of mature man. Not old, but seasoned and refined. It smells like a mature man, sitting in his library in his suit and wingtips. It is not meant to appeal the masses and thats ok. In fact, I really love that part.
02nd April, 2011
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Aramis by Aramis

Aramis was to my father back in the day, what Rive Gauche is to me today. A formal scent that is reserved for those special occasions. I dont know why, but since I bought it, I still feel it is a special occasion scent. The symphony of leather, patchouli, cumin and sandalwood is beautiful, yet too much sometimes for everyday wear. I consider this fragrance to be the father of all powerhouses. Aramis, is my favorite classic scent along with English leather- the scent that inspired Aramis.
Sometimes, I really wonder what children of this generation's men will describe their father's fragrances.My dad used to smell: "Hot"?, "Sissy"?, "Cute"?, "Delicious"?, "Light"?, "Airy"?, "Sweet"?, "Fruity"?, "Candy like"?, etc.!!!!! I dont want my children to describe me like that!!! No sir! This is a fragrance that is a must in any man's wardrobe. This is how men should smell like.
The best powerhouses and the best of the men's fragrance in general. Its 50 years old and still going strong. Really strong!!!

29th March, 2011

Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

Old Spice has been a constant in my life. Ever since I was a kid,I saw it in my father's cabinet. Other fragrances like english leather, arden sandalwood, brut, tabac etc. came and went but my father was never without a bottle of this. And same is true with me. I have a huge issue with people calling fragrances like old spice dated. I can almost say, I take it personally. This fragrance is TIMELESS people. I was so much in love of Old Spice, that even wore it proudly on the prom night. (And I took the prom queen to bed) I was and always will be a true admirer and owner of this wonderful scent.
Now just for information, the Old Spice that is sold by P&G is definitely inferior to the Shulton offering. Those who want the original smell can easily find it online. Just do a little research on basenotes regarding it.
26th March, 2011

Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

This is jarring. I have made several attempts to try and get this fragrance. But no avail. I bought this blind after reading positive reviews and tenacity of this fragrance on the skin. I get rose flavored tobacco along the lines of the olfactory mayhem. That illusion makes me momentarily happy. But apart from that, this is absolutely unwearable. This remains the only power house fragrance which I positively dislike. (I like Salvador Dali PH too) Having said that, I can imagine some people may like this for novelty reasons. It is not a stinker but VERY VERY VERY heady. Aroma is not the word that comes to mind when thinking of Lapidus. Instead, the most perfect word is ASSAULT.

My final words: Blind buyers beware. Sample this first. Seriously!
20th March, 2011

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

There is nothing to be upset about this fragrance! It smells very clean and fresh. In summer, 80% of guys wear this (or azzaro chrome!) but I dont care. This fragrance is very presentable and unoffensive. I dont hate aquatics as such because they give more options to play during summer time.
When a fragrance is of good quality, I gotta acknowledge it. In many ways, this fragrance is a landmark. Tracing the history of colognes from 4711, clubman, aramis, PRpH, APH, Quorum, Drakkar Noir and cool water. This just goes to show that fragrance evolved from earthier side to air-ier side (if any such term exists). I am not a snob so I dont lament this transition even though I am a huge fan of 70s and 80s style fragrances.
This is not a bad fragrance at all. But as a man grows up, he should grow (figuratively) his wardrobe too. Just as you give up wearing chuck taylors for pair of oxfords and jeans-tshirt for suit, you gotta give up AdG and wearing something more "manly".
A+ if your are under 21.
F if you are above 30.
20th March, 2011

Pi by Givenchy

This is my first negative review and deservingly so. I cannot simply describe how awful this fragrance(?) smells. Vanilla is one note that is so temperamental and I understand that. And so I decided to give it some time. I gave time to Le Male and it turned out to be a good fragrance in the end. But Pi smells the same even 4 months after. I feel sorry for my brother who bought full bottle of it blind. I would prefer my body odor instead of this. Givenchy is a great house with a lot of winners under its name. Sadly, this is an exception.
20th March, 2011

Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

I bought this fragrance last Christmas but did not give it ample wearings to really judge it. I thought it feels dated and so I gave away my bottle to my father. Needless to say he was an extremely happy man.
Then while discussing this fragrance on basenotes, one fellow Basenoter suggested I revisit this fragrance because in his opinion, I was missing a gem. I was hesitant initially but I finally bought it again, thinking that if I dont like it (again!), I can always pass it on to my dad. I gave it a few full day wearings and thought: Man o man, this one rocks!! This is not dated. It is such a classic fragrance that it almost smells timeless. This smells extremely luxurious and rich.
If Azzaro pour homme is the apex of aromatic fougere (which I believe it is), this beautiful fragrance could well be the apex of orientals right next to Opium pour homme. The best thing I like about Giorgio is that the sweetness of this scent is measured and controlled very well. If it was a tad sweeter, it would have been cloying. But it is just right to give a great patchouli-honey-vanilla-oak moss olfactory ecstasy. A+
19th March, 2011

Quorum by Antonio Puig

To make things short, if I were to die tomorrow, I would prefer to wear quorum while dying. It will smell masculine, dark, rugged, sexy and mysterious.In short, I will die like a man. When I was a kid, I first smelled this when my father got a bottle of this as a gift. I wore this to the Batman movie (The Jack Nicholson/ Mike Keaton/ Kim Basinger movie). And from then on, my association of this cologne is very dark, chivalrous, brave and super sexy. So I call it the batman cologne. (Its funny how smells shape our memories and this right here is a perfect example). I have stockpiled this one in case I cannot find it. Simply love it.
For those who are not afraid to be men- this is for you.
14th March, 2011

Halston 1-12 by Halston

This is a story of two brothers. One of them is very charming, rugged, mainstream and acceptable. The other guy is artistic, misunderstood, rebel and understated. You know this story of I-12 and Z-14 reminds me of one of the most famous siblings in the world. Vincent Van Gogh And Theo. My father is a fanatic of painting, so in my childhood, he would read the book Letters to Theo to me instead of fairytales! And as I began to wear Z 14 and I 12 on regular basis, I naturally associated them to the famous Dutch brothers.
I happen to love both of them. My only complain is that glory of Z-14 has over shadowed his elegant brother. Now being in my late 20s, I understand that this would take beating by current generation who cares to smell "fresh" rather than masculine. Can there be any cologne more fresh smelling than Halston I-12? Well atleast not to me. To describe this fragrance, I would just say imagine a fragrance that has essence of Halston Z-14 and Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel. Yeah I know many are frowning now! But thats okay. I will take pleasure in knowing that since this scent is so misunderstood, I wont easily run into a guy wearing this.
06th March, 2011

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

Drakkar Noir was my first cologne. In retrospect, I am glad it was. Because this cologne set a great benchmark of masculine fragrances. This cologne inspired me to get quorum, one man show, bijan, grey flannel and halston Z 14. This was my usual rotation. I love this dark oily, leathery feel to it. It earned me a nickname teflon hunk (boy I loved that :-) ) This is probably as powerhouse as it can get. This is as macho as it can get too. I dont know how Laroche came up with the concept of this cologne but he sure pulled off a winner. I now have a lot of cheaper alternatives of this cologne so I am not sure if I am going to buy it again but this one deserves all due respect for the sheer quality of scent.
28th February, 2011

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

This scent could arguably be the most sophisticated scent of all time. This is a good way to define classical perfumery. The top gives off anise and lavender mostly. Then comes woody middle with hints of patchouli and vetiver and sandalwood and at the end I get some amber and musk (see what I mean when I say that this could define classical perfumery?). They list oakmoss and leather but I dont get it. May be they are so well blended to the other notes. This is art of perfumery that is almost extinct in current era. Please dress up when wearing this fragrance. This is not your jeans t-shirt and sneakers fragrance. This is formal, dressed up and classy fragrance. Another plus point is its inexpensiveness. Excellence bottled at excellent price!!!
26th February, 2011 (last edited: 20th March, 2011)
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Halston Z-14 by Halston

the way i choose a scent is by how much it elevates my spirits and how manly i feel wearing the scent. thats it. i love halston z 14 and i dont think it is dated. i dont feel like a old guy when i wear this. ( like paul sebastian ps). i feel mature, fresh, rugged yet very refined.
here are my ratings:
notes: 8/10
longevity: 8.5/10
personal appeal: 10/10.
If you want fresh, out of the shower, deep, dark and leathery experience, buy this cologne. This will be in my wardrobe forever.
29th November, 2010 (last edited: 26th February, 2011)