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cK be by Calvin Klein

This is a very different fragrance and certainly unisex. I love unisex fragrances because they're not pushed into a genre. I like wearing this at night. In the day it just doesnt feel as nice maybe because it's relaxing and calming.

Very nice over all.
24th July, 2012

The One Gentleman by Dolce & Gabbana

I like this better than the original the one. I find this less abrasive.
Over all I really enjoy this.
16th January, 2011

La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

This is a really nice scent.
It is very floral and spicy. I love how smooth it is. I think this is even more unisex than Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme just because of the sweetness and the florals.
Over all I like the original L'Homme more just because of the feel I get from this, not the scent itself.
16th January, 2011
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Chrome by Azzaro

This is just alright. I could wear this in the summer and enjoy it, but there's something about it that's kind of sharp.
I smelled Axe Proximity Bergamot before this and after that it was all I thought of when I smelled Chrome. Chrome is done much better but I can't get that out of my head haha.
16th January, 2011

RSVP by Kenneth Cole

I find this to be really nice. When I first tried this all I smelled was woody and spicy notes. But now that i've owned it for a while it can smell a bit of florals and a BIT of citrus/fruitiness.
For a musky/woody fragrance I only wish it would last longer. I get about 5 hours.
16th January, 2011

L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

I love this one.
It is floral, woody, and sweet, but I don't get as much citrus as others do. It is really smooth and comforting.
I think anybody could wear this.
I think it would be best to wear in the summer or fall.
16th January, 2011

Essential by Lacoste

I love this fragrance.
It is fresh, woody, and almost bitter/dry all at the same time.
This is my FAVOURITE spring/summer scent!
16th January, 2011

Burberry London for Men by Burberry

Just Wonderful!
I love this. It's so... delicious! (haha don't really know my stuff)

For sure one of my faves.
06th January, 2011

Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss

I found this to be just alright.
I kind of like the smell of it but definitley not something I'd wear. It's very "sporty" and that's what i don't like. I was really hoping for something with more to it because of it's name.
06th January, 2011

Essential Sport by Lacoste

This is a great fragrance. I don't find it to be sporty though.
It is very fresh like the original essential but maybe not as citrusy.

Over all I like the original Lacoste Essential more but this is definitely great as well.
04th January, 2011