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Kalimantan by Chantecaille

Just tried this and it seems to share a lot of dna with Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan but slightly less balsamic which makes the vanilla come out a little more. Longevity is very good as is projection. I give this thumbs-up as it smells great, but I don't think I will ever purchase it since I already own Ambre Sultan and Copper Skies (which leans more towards the balsamic end of the spectrum) and the price point is not much different from those. However, it would be a good purchase for someone looking for a great sweet, resinous fragrance with a nice dose of vanilla.
27th July, 2014

Dior Homme Eau for Men by Christian Dior

I was looking forward to this one since I love DH, DHI and DH Sport. With FD as the nose it seemed like this could be a winner. Sadly I found it suffered from below average longevity and projection and it also has a synthetic heart that reminded me of parts of Givenchy Gentlemen Only and Gucci M2M, two frags that I did not like from last year. The iris is still there, it's somewhat muted and not accompanied with the usual woodiness of DH and DHI. If you are looking for a lighter version of DH I would highly recommend DH Sport with is a wonderful citrus version of the original that is done very well and has decent longevity. My rating is on the low side of "neutral" but I do think this one will sell quite well. Edited my rating to thumbs down, this fragrance is redundant and an insulting money grab. Dior Homme Sport is a much better fragrance than this watered down slop.
17th January, 2014 (last edited: 26th September, 2014)

Burberry Brit Rhythm for Him by Burberry

I was looking forward to trying this as I have liked some Burberry fragrances in the past and was very interested to see what the company would do with its first release done entirely "in-house". The notes seemed to be right up my alley and the noses that created this release are well respected powerhouses and have created several fragrances of note both individually and together.
This fragrance was a huge let down, weak, without much staying power and boring. It's as if the trio actually created a good fragrance and Burberry money crunchers came in and said "That's nice, now let's water it down like crazy so it's cheaper and might appeal to a bigger audience".
Then Burberry has the nerve to try and trick us by making the bottle look similar and be the same price as other Burberry frags, but this one is only a 3oz or 90ml bottle instead of 3.4oz/100ml. If they are going to charge more the least they could do is offer a quality product.
I reviewed this on my youtube channel as well:
Very disappointing.
13th December, 2013
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Burberry Summer for Men 2013 by Burberry

Sadly a very boring and inconsequential fragrance. Last years summer release, Burberry Brit Summer, was rather decent and I have worn it a few times. This was a very generic, weak citrus fragrance mixed with the note that everyone seemed to use this year, Mint. Not even sure if it would be worth it to pick up at TJ's for more than $15 a bottle.
07th December, 2013

Chrome Summer 2013 by Azzaro

I think the black tea in this makes all the difference, but you may have to wait for this frag to develop to get the full effect. A nice refined summer offering. I reviewed this on my YouTube channel as well, link in my profile.
05th April, 2013

Miss Dior Le Parfum by Christian Dior

I was seeing what was new at the women's counter and smelled some pretty bland stuff, but this was the last thing I smelled and I loved it!!! So deep and mysterious at the top, I almost thought there was oud in it, perhaps I just associate this particular rose smell with one they commonly combine with oud. Either way, this is beautiful and as a man I am enjoying having this on my skin a lot! I may have to pick this up for myself.
29th March, 2013

Gucci Guilty Black pour Homme by Gucci

Not much to say especially since it doesn't last long at all. Very disappointing
14th March, 2013 (last edited: 07th December, 2013)

cK one Summer 2013 by Calvin Klein

Not bad, cucumber dominates here but this is still a typical CK One summer frag. Not the best longevity, but also not a bad price. I will say the longevity is better than other CK One Summers of the past but I'm not a cucumber fan. If you like cucumber I think you will like this one.
14th March, 2013

Le Beau Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

Interesting opening with mint and absinthe. Not a typical JPG flanker. Weird thing is, when it dries down it smells very similar to Mont Blanc Legend to me. Decent longevity, but a pass from me since I have others that smell very similar to it.
14th March, 2013

Dark Obsession by Calvin Klein

This gets a thumbs down only because I have smelled this juice before. I liked it better when it was called CK One Shock. Dark Obsession isn't the same exact juice, it's a little older and wiser, but it's close enough that I don't need another bottle, especially when I can get 6.7oz bottle of CKOS for $30 and they want me to she'll out $69 for a 4oz bottle of DO. I don't know what's wrong with Coty and Calvin Klein lately, but they are ruining a once decent designer house.
If you don't have CKOS and you can't find it cheap near you then this might be a nice addition to your collection.
09th March, 2013

Halston Man Amber by Halston

Just received this from eBay and I have to say out of the bottle I loved it! A dry, gasoline/kerosene vibe to it drying down to a powdery, softly spiced amber.
My only problem is the projection, within about 2 hours it turned into a better-than-average skin scent. I'm glad I bought this and I think I paid a fair price for it, and maybe this is just me being paranoid but does anyone else find it suspicious that there seems to be only one supplier for this in the states? I'd love to compare bottles with someone who bought this from a department store or the like. Not trying to start a conspiracy theory, just find it odd :)
28th February, 2013

A*Men: Les Parfums de Cuir / Pure Leather by Thierry Mugler

Wonderful fragrance for fans of the original A*Men and those who may think A*Men is too strong for them.

First of all, I do not agree with all the people saying that is smells exactly like A*Men, it's definitely a relative, but the differences are noticeable. The overdosing that Mugler is known for is not as prevalent here or else it is not as shocking. The leather is not dry one, but like others have said it gives a feeling of waling into a vintage shoe store.
A huge improvement from Pure Shot earlier this year, it may not garner as much hype and attention as PH, PC or PM but this one is worth having in your wardrobe
27th October, 2012

Alien Essence Absolue by Thierry Mugler

I am loving this one! I have taken the trip down to women's fragrances and worn it at work 2 times so far and it's been great! I agree with the previous reviewer who says that this is easy for a man to wear, quite easy. I love the dry-down where I perceive a very classy root beer :) I wish I could afford a bottle of this right now, but at $100 an ounce I just can't do it with as bad as I have been lately in buying other things. Definitely a winner!
19th October, 2012
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La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme

Another very nice fragrance from Lancome. They have really turned things around in the last few years with releases like this, Tresor in Love and the wonderful Midnight Rose.
This one is a very seductive fruity gourmand, luckily it is not like the typical fruity florals that are dominating women's frags these days. At first I got a lovely peach note from this, but it may be the pear combined with the orange blossom, either way it is a lovely concoction. Longevity does not seem to be as great as with Midnight Rose, but I will have to test further. A little on the expensive side, but recommended.
07th August, 2012

cK one Summer 2012 by Calvin Klein

Watermelon Jolly Ranchers. It's a pleasant fresh, sweet fragrance. Not sure if I would ever buy it, but at $48 for 100ml it's tempting.
29th June, 2012

The One Sport by Dolce & Gabbana

I double the sentiment of drakecito. At first I was a little optimistic with this one, a very fresh blast of aquatic goodness, but it disappears soooo quickly.
31st March, 2012

Gucci Flora : Gorgeous Gardenia by Gucci

Just got a sample of this with a recent order, decided to try it on myself before giving it to my Mom :) and I LOVE it! Opens with a very sweet cotton candy aroma which kind of scared me for fear it might be too cloying, but that was not the case.
This reminds me of H.M. and Butterfly by Hanae Mori, but with more florals and less cloying sweetness which makes it more wonderful to me.
The patchouli adds a nice touch as well and reminds me of a combination of the good aspects of Jimmy Choo + Flora by Gucci + Pink Sugar (I think)

Very pleased with this one!
22nd March, 2012

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Sport by Issey Miyake

First impression of this one is not so good. I am a big fan of the original and this one didn't do it for me. Perhaps its the nutmeg or something, but this frag just seems a bit dirty and not in a good way. I will give it a longer wear soon, maybe my mind will change

UPDATE May 2013
(I originally gave this a thumbs down)

So, I decided to wear this one again and the result was completely different! The opening is still not to my liking, but after that harshness goes away the result is just short of wonderful. Longevity is, in fact, wonderful and I think I have done a 180 on this frag.
16th March, 2012 (last edited: 05th May, 2013)

Truth or Dare by Madonna

Tried this on myself in the store just to see how the longevity and sillage were. I can tell you this thing will last thru just about anything! I used hand sanitizer 4 times and rubbing alcohol 3 times and it was still very prominent.

The fragrance was not what I expected, it seemed rather old to my nose. In fact the first thought in my mind was if someone came into the store looking for an newer version of Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds, this is it! Later another associate and I figured out Truth or Dare smells like the love child of White Diamonds and Hanae Mori Butterfly. Someone did point out that Madonna is not a spring chicken anymore, so this makes sense. I still think it's 1984 and "Like a Virgin" just came out.

That being said, it is not an offensive fragrance. The main reason I wanted it off my skin was because there were several new men's frags that were just unpacked and I couldn't give them a good test since ToD was so powerful.

For an EDP it is very reasonably priced $55 for the 1.7 oz and $68 for the 2.5 oz. The bottle design to me is a bit cheap, kind of wanting to be a throw back to a luxury bottle from 50-100 years ago, but just comes off looking like a cheap chinese knock off bottle.
16th March, 2012

Burberry Brit Summer Edition for Men by Burberry

This is my favorite designer release of 2012 (so far) :)

Not as powdery as the original, what comes thru more to me are the woodsy notes.
I wouldn't pigeon hole this as a "summer" fragrance myself, I think it will be great in any season.
Longevity and projection are quite nice and at $62 for a large bottle (100ml) it's a steal.

I can see it being worn day and night. Overall a very good fragrance
16th March, 2012

Love Fury by Nine West

Very light, fruity floral. Interesting bottle that does not reflect the juice inside. Projection is VERY minimal and doesn't last long. Price looked great until I smelled it. Might be a very nice frag for a young girl or someone that doesn't want to impose their scent on others, but the striking mature bottle clashes with the faint scent it holds.
27th January, 2012

Royal Oud by Creed

I desperately want to give this a "Thumbs-UP" but it just does not last on me. Out of the bottle and on the skin I react with the typical "eyes-closed-long-audible-sigh" that many of you may recognize. It's the reaction I (and I assume some of you) give when putting on a fragrance of great beauty. But, an hour or 2 later I am struggling to find it on my skin. The fragrance itself reminds me of Sean Connery standing next to a huge fireplace drinking scotch in a fancy ski lodge in the Alps- OK, maybe too far there- but it has an incredible warm, masculine, mature sophistication and I start thinking I have found my new favorite scent; then it disappears.

I've worn it a few times since I got a VERY generous 1/2 oz. glass atomizer from NM just before Thanksgiving and, sadly I have had the same disappearing act every time. It's the kind of scent that I would not mind re-applying several times a night so I, and those around me can enjoy it, but at $300/2.5 oz's I just can't do that.

I'm not one that has frags disappearing on my often at all, so I don't think it's just me. I do hope that others out there have had much better experiences with it, because I really do love the fragrance, I just wished it lasted longer. :(
04th January, 2012

cK one Shock for Her by Calvin Klein

Pales in comparison to it's masculine version. With the love I have for Shock for men I was extremely disappointed with the women's version. It is so light, almost non existent coming out of the bottle and then it disappears quickly. The only shock here is that you spent $65 on virtually nothing.
11th October, 2011

cK one Shock for Him by Calvin Klein

Shockingly, I LOVE IT! I have never been a fan of CK fragrances (Eternity Aqua came close, but it didn't last long on me) but this has quickly become my favorite mass market (to me that means available at your local mall) release since La Nuit De L’Homme in 2009. I am a big fan of the darker, spicier scents and the Tobacco, Patchouli and cardamom in Shock do very well for me. If you are a fan of a more crisp scent do NOT worry.. I have shown this to many ppl at the frag counter and the majority of them comment on the freshness and crispness of it. Obviously the cucumber, clementine and lavender of the Top make this a well rounded fragrance, an one that truly lasts and throws well! I wore it at work then went to see my Mom 8 hours later and she asked me what the nice scent I was wearing when I was still across the room. On top of my olfactory love for Shock the price is a shock as well, in a very good way. $65 for a 6.7 oz (200 ml) bottle! I loved it so much I also bought the deo stick ($14) and body spray ($15). The body spray is not my fave since it doesn't seem to match the scent of the juice that well but the stick is quite nice. Next up for me to buy is the shower gel. I can't believe I am giving a CK fragrance 5 stars for the juice and longevity, but between the price and the way it makes my nose feel when I smell it giving it anything less would be wrong. The only thing that isn't great about Shock is the clumsy spray that is associated with all of the CK One bottles. Try it, I think you will love it!
11th October, 2011

John Varvatos STAR USA by John Varvatos

As a big fan of the original, Artisan, Artisan Black and Vintage (in that order) I was so excited when I saw this. Sadly, the feeling faded as quickly as the fragrance did on my skin.

The bottle is interesting, but gimmicky and often times difficult. Out of the bottle the scent lacked the wow factor of the previous Varvatos releases. I was hoping for a nice change on the dry down, but none came and the fragrance disappeared, it maybe lasted an hour on me which might have been a blessing in disguise. It is not offensive in any way, just rather bland and doesn't leave much to brag about. The first true miss in my humble opinion.
11th October, 2011

Allure Homme by Chanel

Put this on and while I liked it, I kept thinking it reminded me of another fragrance I own. Finally realized what it is - Boss In Motion.. does anyone else smell this? I should say BIM smells like this since Allure came first of course :)
Other than that, I am not sure how long it lasts. It seems to stay very close to the skin, but is still there. Not my fave Chanel.

If anyone else has the same reaction to it smelling like BIM let me know :)
02nd August, 2010

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

I was able to get a hold of this at the fragrance counter earlier this week. While it hasn't been released I was able to get a very healthy decant of it and at first was very impressed. Different from the other Chanel releases (someone said a Chanel rep called it a combination of Platinum and Allure Sport, which is just wrong in my opinion) which is good for me.

It seems to be much deeper than most other Chanel's and might be good for me for fall and winter, but I am getting inconsistent length from it. One day it lasted very well, then next not long at all. I will test this more and hope for consistent results.

To me it smells like a combo of dark tone of JPG le male, the green leaf of JOOP!'s What about Adam and bit of the brightness of Prada Amber without the sweetness.

The more I try it I am not sure if I could distinguish it as a high quality fragrance of Chanel's caliber. Shamefully, my nose almost thinks of this as a newer upgrade of Preferred Stock.

Honestly I think I will need to wear it in cooler weather since it has been in the 90's here everyday and that may be messing with my judgment.

In a few words: Interesting, Hopeful and cautious. neutral rating for right now, but leaning toward thumbs up.
24th July, 2010

Hearts & Daggers for Men by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

At first a nice, strong, spicy scent that is nothing like it's namesake or bottle. However, it does not last at all on me more than an hour. Also, I feel there would be some personal shame for me answering the question "What are you wearing?" with 'Ed Hardy'..
24th July, 2010

H.M. by Hanae Mori

*update below* October 2010: I know this is probably a very personal thing, but this made me physically ill. After I had it on for less than an hour I had to wash it off quickly. Not for me.

January 2012: OK, so after having forgot about the above review and this experience I purchased the Sephora $50 sample pack while out of town and decided to go with the HM edt for my actual bottle. I really love this fragrance and didn't remember my terrible reaction to the edp until recently. Sadly, I am back home now with no way of sampling the edp again. I remember the edp being very cloying and syrupy when I first tried it, but the edt is quite lovely. It doesn't last as long as I wish it would, but it is very respectable, like 4-5 hours. I lked it so much I ordered the Deo stick online, but have not been pleased with it since the scent is very very faint. I'm very glad I was able to try the edt and purchase it :)
16th February, 2007 (last edited: 04th January, 2012)

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

This one threw me for a loop in my quest to stray away from my typical light, fresh scent and go more spicy and musky for the winter. Although the more I wear it I think it is a nice transition fragrance for that effort.
Definitely citrusy (which I tend to like very much) but the pepper seems to change the grapefruit to more of a blood orange for me, which is a nice change. The other elements blend wonderfully to a very alluring effect. Highly recommended.
14th November, 2006 (last edited: 11th December, 2009)