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Angel by Thierry Mugler

If I were a dragqueen I would wear Angel, here's why:


It's 6' 4" tall (without heels)

It's so conspiciously feminine there's no question about who's the most FAABULOUS LADY in the house

Yet, it's suspiciously masculine - as Luca Turin sharply puts it, Angel has an adam's apple (that brilliant patchouli!)

Did I mention it's FABULOUS?
11th January, 2011

Route du Thé by Barneys New York

Disgusting, smells strongly of some hazardous household cleaning product with it's sharply synthetic notes. I'd rather wear Cillit Bang.
09th January, 2011

Palermo by Byredo

A sparkling and very juicy bergamot scent built on top of a soft, clean and woody musk base. First whiff immediately brought my mind to the cooling sensation a breeze brings you during a sunny day by the Mediterranian.

Palermo will be perfect for hot weather wear and lasts for days when worn on clothing.
09th January, 2011
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Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

While I'm usually quite analytic about my scents, constantly trying to break them down in order to understand them in a deeper sense, Terre D'Hermès stops me cold from doing that. I don't want to ask any questions and I don't care what notes are in it, I just want more of it. Pure, masculine, seduction.
09th January, 2011

Velvet Gardenia by Tom Ford

What Mr. Ford has presented us here is a strikingly photo-realistic Gardenia rendition. Indolic, dark and almost intoxicatingly heady, it makes me feel slightly narcotic while fiercely smelling my wrists. I'm an addict now.
07th January, 2011

J'Adore by Christian Dior

About as mass-market a female fragrance can become. I am completely unable to distinguish any of the singular floral notes (where's the champaca?) other than a starkly synthetic rose accord. Basically, it smells like some cheap hair product and nothing like the refined french luxury Dior is trying to sell us.
05th January, 2011

Pulp by Byredo

Pulp is one of those holy grail scents for all fruit lovers out there. The name couldn't be more fitting as it really smells like juicy, ripe fruit flesh.

The opening is mainly a HUGE fig note combined with some tartness from bergamot and what I'd call grapefruit. It remains rather linear in its drydown though, the fig is there to stay, although the apples and spiciness from cardamom becomes more evident.

It also deserves to be mentioned that it has amazing longevity and is a sillage monster. Which always is a good thing in my book.
04th January, 2011

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

An absolutely divine statement in men's perfumery. The sweet, powdered iris accord combined with rich amber and cocoa meld together into a smooth, yet sweet and intensely intoxicating gourmand. My favourite perfume of all time.
04th January, 2011