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Pivoine by Esteban

This is a very clean "fresh water" kind of floral, with a boozy opening. The fruit dies out midway, and you're left with a clean, shampoo-like or body-wash type scent. It's not bad!....and nowhere near as loud as the screechy high-pitched, fruity-florals like Calyx or Nuit de Cellophane. I bought it blind for cheap. I would not have chosen this scent in the store, but but I think it's a nice addiction to my collection. Every collector needs at least one floral scent. This would be great for spring and summer. It is feminine, but if your a guy who thinks you can pull it off, by all means get it. People will think you've just showered.
13th March, 2013

Dark Purple by Montale

I sampled and then purchased from a local woman who shops in France for people every couple of months. This is my 2nd Montale scent after Musk to Musk. I sampled other Montales, including the iconic Black Aoud, and I can say this scent is distinctly different with it's orange peel and prune overtones. It is related to the others by virtue of it's sharpness, but it's not aoud this time, but ambroxan that makes it so piercing. It could stand for a little more plum. I like it. It's very unique and great for the coldest weather. In summer, it's murder.
08th May, 2012

Mena by Al Haramain

This is a great attar for summer. It's very strong, bright and sweet with a very clean finish. It certainly doesn't smell like anything I've tried before. It's very fruity and clean, but not as feminine as the description might lead to believe. It's leaves a trail behind you like no other. This would be great for clubbing or other situations when you wanna get noticed.
29th January, 2012
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Al Mahfuz by Al Haramain

I bought this blind back in the summer knowing little about such a fragrance. I have to say that now it has become one of my all time favorites. It's warm, pleasant and people have complimented me on how it smells. It starts off very strong. There is a very peppery rose in the beginning with a very animalic back drop. After a while, the scent loosens up to become something more and more pleasant. It somewhat reminds me of Black Aoud, but where Black Aoud is sharp and medicinal, Al Mahfuz stays a little on the down-low with the oud. The oud is rounder, smoother and the overall scent is on the sweeter side. It smells natural and not a bit least to my nose. A great warm rose-y scent that doesn't force itself on you or anyone else.
29th January, 2012

Fleur du Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

I smelled this in Perfume Mania. Either it was off, or it really does smell like shit. Very indolic, this one. I expected it to be very round and flowery at the start, but it was quite sharp and peppery. I tested it on paper rather than my arm. The SA warned me about it. He ask if I was familiar with Le Male and that it's nothing like it's older sibling. He was reluctant to get me a sample of he was ashamed to! I can see why. Pass.
05th December, 2010

Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

I could eat this!!!! I smelled it last night at Belk and it literally made my mouth water. I wouldn't
know rather to wear it or make a mixed drink out of it. It's very juicy, succulent and drool worthy.

Watch out ladies! Your boyfriends may bite you when you least expect it! I know I would.
18th November, 2010

Calyx by Prescriptives

Screaming, high pitched, fruity floral, evocative of the late 80's, when you had stuff like Claiborne and Exclamation hitting the shelves. Calyx seems more complex than the to mentioned above. It doesn't seem as dated, either. It opens with a certain bitter green note, then later, smoothing out to a rounder sweetness that works for anytime of year. But, watch out!'s really loud if you go heavy on the sprayer.
18th November, 2010

Comme des Garçons 2 Man by Comme des Garçons

Smells very autumnal.
Dried grass, autumn sunshine on sweaters, smoke and snuffed candles.
Quite cozy.
04th November, 2010

Pheromone by Marilyn Miglin

Smells like a greener, flowery, version of Windsong. Both have that dusty earthiness to them. The men's version is very similar, only a lot drier and even "dustier" (think green dust.) I like the women's version, especially the bath oil, which I've used in the shower. I used to wear the men's Pheromone quit a bit, but then I was introduced to Lutens and others. Pheromone (men) has lost it's charm for me, but not entirely. It's very nice for when I want something green, arid and powdery. Women should try the male version, too. Either one is nice on a Fall day....when applied lightly. A heavy hand, however, would send you and everyone around you to the ER.
22nd October, 2010

White Musk for Men by Jovan

I wore it in 90's. I bought it again last year. Very clean and somewhat "peach-like" upon application. This is what LeMale should have been, as it actually reminds of the "Clasique" version, but only vaguely.

According to Jovan, this scent is NOT discontinued.
30th May, 2010

7 Sinful Scents: Lust by Gendarme

Bad boy scent for people with allergies. Not sweet at all. Hypo-allergenic musty crotch.
02nd May, 2010

Pheromone for Men by Marilyn Miglin

Use with a light hand. Spray it on heavy and you and everyone around you will pay with a headache. Lightly applied, its rather forgiving. It's a dusty green scent that comes off clean, but not in a fresh modern way.

I wear it often, but lightly. It's from the same era as Kouros, so that should tell you something.
29th March, 2010

Chêne by Serge Lutens

I just bought Chene a couple weeks ago. I love it! I do tree work and I can tell you, that is an accurate depiction of oak. I've never smelled Chypre Rouge, but by reading the reviews, I'd gather Chene is no where near as sweet. I actually fine Chene very dry; with a rustic charm all it's own. It holds no glamour, or romantic connotations of exotic, spice filled fantasies of far away places or warm nights in guilded luxury. I find Chene to be more of a realist.
17th January, 2010
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Serge Noire by Serge Lutens

I just got a sample of this. It smells alot like Padparadsha (Satellite) which I own. I did a side by side comparison. Serge Noir has sweeter notes, where as Padparadsha is drier and woodier. It's the sandalwood that puts them so close to each other.

Serge Noir is very nice, but you can save alot of money by getting Padparadscha instead.
18th December, 2008

L'Anarchiste by Caron

I don't find anything cold about L'anarchiste. It's certainly bitter in the beginning, but on the way to drydown, it's very warm, spicey, if not very perfume-y. I have'nt had much experiance with Caron fragrances. Yatagan (which is wonderfull!...) was my first Caron and getting L'anarchiste is not going stop me from trying other Carons, especially the classics.
12th January, 2008

Sand & Sable by Coty

Smells kinda like Prell shampoo.

A nice take on tuberoses and gardenias
albeit a cheap scent.
02nd June, 2007

Messe de Minuit by Etro

I'm a big fan of dark, incense type scents and Messe de Minuit delivers just that. Although I can't make the connection with old cathedrals or new ones for that matter, (I grew up Baptist)I do appreciate incense. To me, MdM smells alot like Gonesh brand charcol incense cones. It starts out with next to nothing, but after its on your skin for ten minutes, it becomes quite strong and rich. It does'nt seem "cold" to me, but rather warm and a bit powdery. This would be great for cold weather. And if you love Avignon?....drop it! Get this instead. It's tough to come by but worth the effort when you find it.
15th June, 2006