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    Encre Noire Sport by Lalique

    A total different take of the original Encre Noire. A fresh opening of grapefruit, bergamot followed briefly by aquatic notes that settles to nutmeg, vetiver and wood. I have tested both Encre Noire Sport and TF Grey Vetiver and I could smell the resemblance. When both settle down Encre Noire Sport is woodier, lighter - Gray Vetiver is warmer and longevity is more than 8 h. Encre Noire Sport is a great warm weather signature scent of vetiver, long-lasting 7 hours for me. A great alternative to the smoky original Encre Noire for spring or summer. Encre Noire Sport = Mediterranean summer Encre Noire. You just have to test this on your own. Love the bottle.

    24 March, 2014

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