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1775 Valor by Royal Copenhagen

Masculine, clean, good longevity.
05th October, 2015

Aramis by Aramis

Based on the positive reviews here and elsewhere, I thought I'd like this. I didn't. It had this sour, vaguely unpleasant, "crazy old lady down the street" smell. Not terrible or anything, but not the image I myself am trying to convey.
07th July, 2011

Swiss Army by Swiss Army

This wasn't bad, especially after a few minutes. On the other hand, it wasn't great either. Nothin' special.
17th February, 2005
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Unbound for Men by Halston

This was actually the first EDT or cologne I ever purchased, and I still like it. Yes, it smells a lot like Acqua de Gio, but I prefer this for reasons I can't thoroughly articulate (sorry, I don't speak Fragrancese). I would add, however, that the Unbound aftershave balm was definitely not to my liking. Go figure.
11th February, 2005

Good Life by Davidoff

I actually kind of liked this stuff for the first couple of minutes. After that, I had a splitting headache and the urge to bathe thoroughly. My wife didn't care for it, either. I only used a tiny bit, too. It wasn't horrible, but the rest of mine now belongs to the garbageman.
11th February, 2005

Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

Very masculine, in a good way (not a gym locker way). This is definitely one of my favorites.
11th February, 2005

Aquaman by Rochas

This is my personal favorite right now. It smells great, it's not too strong, and it doesn't smell like anything else that I'm familiar with. I guess I would describe it as "clean," in the best sense of the word. I just wish it didn't fade so quickly.
11th February, 2005