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Santal 33 by Le Labo

This stuff is amazing. Sandalwood, cedar and violet all rounded out by a very smooth iris note. One of the best fragrances I've ever smelled.
05th February, 2014

Verveine Figuier by Phaedon

This is a very green scent. Smells just like a fig tree.....the leaves, the figs themselves and even the sappy substance that comes out of the tree if you break off a fig or one of the large leaves. Its also has the lemony smell of the verbena the comes in with the green fig after the first thirty minutes or so. Spring in a bottle.
30th January, 2014

Tabac Aurea by Sonoma Scent Studio

This stuff is amazing. Pipe tobacco, amber, leather and vanilla. Such a great composition. It starts off a little strong but slowly tones down and gets very smooth.
30th January, 2014
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Frank No. 2 by Frank Los Angeles

Allure Homme with plums

Reviewers below have this nailed. Michael Kors + Allure Pour Homme + plums = Frank No. 2. I really love this scent. The great this to me is that is seems a little "drier", if that makes any sense, than either of those two. It also seems more wearable as well. Definitely for cooler weather.

Pros: Great longevity and sillage

13th October, 2013

Orange Sanguine by Atelier Cologne

Great organic orange scent

Orange, orange, orange! The scent starts off with a strong orange note that reminds me of pure orange oil or fresh orange zest. Very organic orange. As the orange fades, somewhat, I get some white florals mixed with sandalwood. Its a great combination. The only draw back is that its longevity and sillage are poor. Sad, because its such an easy wearing, delightful scent. Such a pity.

Pros: High quality orange scent
Cons: Longevity is poor"

05th October, 2013

M Génération by Mauboussin

Great woody/incense scent

After all the love this scent has been getting lately on Basenotes, I had to give it a try. I purchased it off Ebay for relatively cheap. The scent starts off fruity and spicy which, at first, I was unsure if I liked it. Then it developed in a nice cedar, floral and incense which is really nice. The sandalwood slowly develops giving it a nice creaminess. Overall a very good scent, very manly. This will be amazing in the fall and winter. I definitely agree with rynegne. This can go toe to toe with CDG Incense series, no problem.

Pros: Eau de Parfum makes this have great longevity

23rd September, 2013

L'Hommage à L'Homme by Lalique

Amazing, versatile scent

The opening is a heavy tobacco note with some florals in the background. This slow fades to a very nice dry wood, saffron note that is extremely pleasing to me. Very good quality and versatile scent. Can be used year around and for all occasions. Its casual enough for daily office or out and about wear. Its also very good for night wear for formal occasions. Just can't go wrong with this one.

16th August, 2013

L'Eau d'Hiver by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Interesting almond fragrance

This scent is a unique mix of almonds, flowers and honey. Cello mentioned in the review that it was like Johnson's baby oil. As a father I can see that. It does reminded me of that. Its a quality scent, just not something for me. Not a manly scent either in my eyes, but I'm sure some could pull it off.

13th August, 2013

Blu Mediterraneo Sicilian Almond / Mandorlo di Sicilia by Acqua di Parma

Vanilla Almond bomb

Not much to say here. All I can get is pure vanilla and almonds. Very sweet fragrance. Reminds me of almond cookies.

13th August, 2013

L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Outstanding fragrance for any time of the year

The start of this fragrance is a beautiful mix of citrus, ginger and, I swear I get this, apple. I know its not in the list of ingredients, but I swear I get it. After about 30-40 minutes, the citrus and apple notes fade and I get a nice vetiver mixed with the ginger. It last a good 8 hours on me and the projection is great where I live, which is very hot and humid during the summer months. Great overall scent.

13th August, 2013

Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

Imagine taking Allure, toning it down some, adding some lemony aquatic notes.....Boom...Allure Homme Sport. Nice longevity and sillage. The creamy, lemony smell of the fragrance seems to be a big crowd pleaser. Not generic at all. Don't know where some of these reviewers are getting that.
27th September, 2012

Cruel Intentions by By Kilian

This is a very high quality scent. Floral Oud is the best way to describe this. Its a bit earthy, but the floral notes keep it light. I can see the comparisons with M7, but this is way better than M7. Not has heavy and of much better quality. I am NOT of fan of oud, but even with me, this is wearable.
26th September, 2012

A Taste of Heaven by By Kilian

A Taste of Heaven opens up with amber, lavender and wormwood. The lavender slow subdues at which time you can start to detect the more floral orange blossom. Very good, high quality unisex scent. Best for fall/winter. Classy.
26th September, 2012
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Polo by Ralph Lauren

This scent is a classic masculine scent. Heavy on the pine, patchouli, cedar and leather. As others have said, a little will go a long way.
23rd September, 2012

Banana Republic Classic by Banana Republic

I picked this scent up today and LOVE it. Great clean scent that reminds me a fresh laundered linens. Awesome spring and summer scent. If you like Thierry Mugler's cologne or the Gerdarme series, you'll LOVE this! Light, clean, floral with citrus scent that has respectable longevity. Drydown is green/sandlewood. Great stuff. Imagine a soapy Tam Dao.
15th April, 2010

Dirty English by Juicy Couture

I enjoy this scent. It starts off really boozy, spicy and leathery, but dries down rather quick and turns into a creamy, leather scent with hints of nice woods. Very good scent in my opinion. My problem is that is has very low sillage and longevity on my skin. Still, a quality scent that I'm very glad I bought.
02nd November, 2009

Calvin Klein Man by Calvin Klein

CK Man is a really good fresh, clean scent. Upon opening, I get more of the violet-mandarian top notes. After about 5-10 minutes, the top notes soften and the bay and spearmint come through...a little loud actually, but nice. The bottom notes is where it really shines for me. The sandalwood, cypress and amberwood become dominate and mesh with the green notes giving Man and very nice, pleasant, green, clean scent. I really enjoy Man. Sillage is about normal and longevity is normal to high for me. I can see this being a crowd pleaser around the wearer. I concur with surreality's review and I don't see the similarity to CK One Scene which I also have and adore. Sunsetspawn nailed it with the image of a forest after a light rain. That is a good visual for Man. Will this turn heads at a rave party in the Paris underground? No, which is what most of the reviewers are basing their reviews on. There is nothing in the formula that jumps up, slaps you in the face because its so potent, overbearing and weird demanding attention because its from a $300 bottle. Will it get you complimented on a normal night out with friends, at the ski slope/beach or walking around town? Most assuredly, yes.
25th September, 2008

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

Not much to add here that hasn't already been said. I have Lavender, which is its strong top note, but, its not too overwhelming and dies off after about 20 minutes or so. After that, the rich vetiver, patchouli and oakmoss notes come through. They never really go away, but s...l....o....w....l....y fade ever so slightly and give way to the nice, warm musk. They all mesh nicely. This is a very good, classic scent. Perfect for any occasion and atmosphere. Its still relevant today as it was in the 70s. Classy 70s, not cheesy 70s.
24th September, 2008

Fou d'Absinthe by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Vibert nailed it. It starts off with strong anise and blackcurrant notes. I hate anise...well, licorice candy anyway, but I like this. Its not harsh, but smooth. It then starts to turn green and piney. Mcjra describes it well in just one word......CHRISTMAS. Its Christmas in a bottle.
19th September, 2008

Versace Man by Versace

Versace Man starts out with a strong flower and spices not the really compliment each other. The top notes actually last a long time but they smooth out to a sweet, tobacco, spice base that is really nice. Like others have said, its synthetic, but in a good way. When I first smell this, I was like "This smells like bug spray." Ew......but.....after a few minutes, I was in love. I turned back around on the highway and went back to buy it. Couldn't resist.
19th September, 2008

Vetiver Hombre by Adolfo Dominguez

I love this vetiver. Finally, one I like. I'm not a big fan of Guerlain's...I don't hate it, but I don't much like it either. This vetiver is great. Very green and peppery at the start and it dries down to a nice woody, green, soapy scent. Very nice and well done. My only problem is that its has poor longevity on my skin. Pity.
19th September, 2008

Byblos Bamboo by Byblos

Great fragrance. VERY green with an underlying sweetness. Great summer fragrance and suitable for office or daily wear.
25th June, 2008

Richard James Cologne by Richard James

This fragrance starts out very clean and green, but it doesn't last long. The middle notes come on strong after a couple of minutes. The tuberose, rose and lavender dominate the middle notes. I hate lavender, but its not very overwhelming so its not bad. The patchouli and vetiver start poking their head though first for the basenotes. The dry down is really good and high quality. Its finishes a nice clean yet spicy scent. Top notch!
23rd June, 2008

Paul Smith Extreme Men by Paul Smith

PS Extreme is a great mix of bergamot and spice. Wonderful combination. Rodent nailed when he described this one as a bergamot bomb at the beginning. That's spot on. It also has a nice, strong spice note with it. After the drydown, the spiciness comes out more. Its a really nice, well made fragrance. I also agree with twinbee. Its good year around for all weather. To me though, it think its fits best during a fall rainy day.
23rd June, 2008

Aramis Life by Aramis

I really like Aramis Life. Its a very clean, slightly sweet, citrusy scent. It opens with a nice mellow citrus burst that slowly gives way to a slight floral note. Its doesn't last long though and the basenotes come one strong. Its totaly sandlewood. I do get a HINT of leather, but not much. The sweet, creamy sandlewood is all that is left with slight mixing of wood, cedar. Nice, unobtrusive fragrance. Great for daily or office wear. I don't think the sillage is that great though. I don't get the coriander or pepper at all.
20th June, 2008

cK one Scene by Calvin Klein

This is a great scent. I can definitely smell the ylang-ylang from the very beginning, but it gives way pretty quickly to the ginger. Its lingers with sweet, vanilla and amber base. Its not super sweet, but just enough to make in enticing. Very nice and well done. It has become one of my favorites.
18th June, 2008

Cédre by 06130 Zéro Six Cent-Trente

I love Cedre. It always has an underlying cedar note, but what really stands out is the sandlewood and amber base. Great combination. It reminds me a lot of Tam Dao. Woody-sweet scent that could be worn by any man or woman.
18th June, 2008

Set Sail St. Barts for Men by Tommy Bahama

When I first smelled this, I thought "OH, this goes straight to the Swap list.", but after awhile, I kept wanting to sniff my hand where I spritzed a little. I reapplied a larger spray this time. The lime was overwhelming, but in a good way. The boozy-tequila notes, to me, was faint...behind the lime. The dry down was where this won it for me. It was a softer Tommy Bahama. Imagine taking TB for Men and mixing with Body Kouros or sun tan lotion....thats the base. Quite nice.
25th December, 2007

cK one Summer 2007 by Calvin Klein

I have both this version and the 2006 and I think this version is better. The 2006 smelled quite good, but it was a little too floral for my taste. Its more feminine. The 2007 is better blended and the florals more muted. The drydown is outstanding. This is truly unisex and much easier for the male to wear than the 2006. Don't miss this one.
25th December, 2007

Boucheron pour Homme by Boucheron

Boucheron is a great, elegant fragrance. It starts out with a very lemony burst as the top note...lemon Pledge type of scent, but do NOT be turned off with this. It calms down really fast to a nice citrus/green top note followed by a greener/floral mid note. After about 30 or so minutes, it dries down to a creamy floral, powdery note that isn't very feminine. Very classy and very well made. It definitely a dressed up scent...suit and tie type scent for the 30 and older crowd. Thank God i'm just over 30!
11th October, 2006