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cK one by Calvin Klein

Wonderful. Why it took me so long to try this I can't say but I'm enjoying it as well as the Summer version. It does put you in the mind of Chrome for Men but I happen to somehow like it better than Chrome. This and Obsession are the only CK fragrances I like but I like them alot. I love Obsession but don't wear it well. This however, smells great on me.
15th July, 2004

Chrome by Azzaro

Simple test. I was thinking of purchasing this fragrance, but was a little held back by it's presentation. So I ventured out a few days in my local mall. Each day I went to Macy's and had two fragrances sprayed on my arms (one on each arm). I had Chrome on one arm each day. I ventured out an only approached women for their opinion. EVERY time they chose Chrome. Even after their whining, I did not reveal any of the scents that I was wearing. Because I wanted to drill this scent, I put it up against, Dolce & Gabbana (which I LOVE but a friend wears... gotta be different), Curve Crush (only because it's selling like crazy, I don't see why), Angel for Men, Gucci Envy, and Visit (not sure, but someone claimed this was better... the women didn't think so). So I've made my choice and bought it and am very happy with that decision. Women love this one on me, as I can care less what guys think. So, take this post for what it is, it won't smell the same on everyone. Ask the woman first, they have a better sense of smell anyway.
10th July, 2004

cK one Summer by Calvin Klein

What a great fresh fragrance. Love it and I usually don't like fresh fragrances but this is truly the exception.
07th July, 2004 (last edited: 15th July, 2004)
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Envy for Men by Gucci

I can't seem to gather as many positive things to say as others about this. Just not what I want in a fragrance. But if others love it - go for yours.
02nd July, 2004

John Varvatos by John Varvatos

This has one of the best dry downs I have ever smelled. I'm glad I purchased, and actually purchased because of what I read here. That's taking a chance but this time it worked.
21st June, 2004

Romeo Gigli by Romeo Gigli

If anyone would like my bottle I'll give it free. Nothing unique from top notes to base notes in this one. Would never wear it.
06th May, 2004

What About Adam by Joop!

It's wonderful and fresh. The tomato note is great. I hear it is supposedly going to be discontinued and that would be a shame.
26th March, 2004

Lucky You for Men by Lucky Brand

Would be great if you could actually smell it more than 3-5 minutes. You have to pour the whole bottle on just to smell it.
26th March, 2004

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

I have to say this is a boring fragrance. Anticlimatic in every way. Every other boy wears it and that in itself is unappealling as well.
26th March, 2004

Bel Ami by Hermès

Gotta disagree with the majority here. This really smells rotten to me. Whatever floats your boat. keep it far away from me please.
26th March, 2004

Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

While there are scents I enjoy equally as much as this, for depth and richness of fragrance it just doesn't get any better. This is a wonderful, vibrant, incredibly beautiful fragrance. Frankly, if someone doesn't like it that wouldn't matter in the slightest. I do. Many many many thumbs up.
18th March, 2004

Animale Animale for Men by Animale Parfums

As horrible as Angel by Mugler. Smells virtually identical and just as cloying and nauseating.
18th March, 2004

Baldessarini by Baldessarini

I tried and it'll do. It's not my favorite but I would try the concentrated version if I can find for the cologne is just too weak. I never understand the comments about "aren't we over the 90's or it's not the 80s". If something smells good it smells good - period, doesn't matter when it was created.
17th March, 2004
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Coriolan by Guerlain

I was glad to hear this was discontinued. I found this repelling. It smelled like perfume that had soured, and this was a fresh bottle I smelled. How awful.
17th March, 2004

British Sterling by Dana

Boy this is a stinker. Remember getting this as a gift years ago and was devastated. It's incredible to read what fragrance notes are in this and then to smell the fragrance itself. With all the wonderful ingredients you would sort of think it would smell better than it does. But it doesn't.
16th March, 2004

Versace Man by Versace

It's okay. Gave it a try and while nice enough just not as nice as Dreamer. Dreamer is just the cream of the crop.
03rd March, 2004

Britto Man by Romero Britto

I find this one heavy and nauseating, I'm getting sick thinking about the smell. I hope the man's clothes are better since I hear he's a designer of some sort. Someone mentioned to me it reminded them of Pi and I couldn't disagree more.
02nd September, 2003

Jeans Couture Man by Versace

Nice enough. The top notes are especially nice but I don't think it stands up to Dreamer.
05th March, 2003

Effusion for Him by Iceberg

Nice fragrance. Glad I decided to give it a try. I bought this online without first smelling it, so try it on at a fragrance counter before you get it. Unusual and spicy.
28th January, 2003

The Dreamer by Versace

Dreamer is defintely one of the best fragrances available. I have gone through 2 large bottles in a short span of time. It is great.
21st January, 2003

Marc Jacobs for Men by Marc Jacobs

Hope to get a bottle soon. I don't know whether it's the fig in this or what but I think this stuff smells amazingly good.
17th December, 2002 (last edited: 06th January, 2003)

Polo by Ralph Lauren

I always think of Pinesol cleaning liquid when I smell this. It is very very strong.
09th December, 2002

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

While I don't dislike Green Irish Tweed, I think there are many just as nice fragrances on the market for far less cost. I'm not attracted to a scent because Richard Gere or Naomi Campbell or whoever else is. My own nose is enough to sell me on a fragrance. I am interested in trying Milliseme Imperial though.
09th December, 2002

Égoïste / L'Égoïste by Chanel

I just wish it had stayed a limited edition. Egoiste has a very medicinal smell to it that I find unpleasant. I'll pass thanks.
09th December, 2002

Desire Blue by Dunhill

Very nice. Loved Desire and Desire Blue is somewhat lighter and fresher, but not unlike the original. If you like Desire you will also like this.
12th November, 2002

Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne

Curve smells great other than that every other guy wears it. I wore it when it first came out but won't wear it again until the fever calms down.
29th October, 2002

Claiborne Sport by Liz Claiborne

Love this fragrance. Similar to curve yet somewhat different. Nice addition to my collection.
29th October, 2002

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

I REALLY dislike Angel for Men. My brother told me he loved it so I went out on my search and was dismayed when I smelled it. It smelled almost identical to Animale Animale, which is 1/3 the price. I find the chocolate and uncommon licorice I guess notes in it stifling and thick, and when I go to work I can't take being near someone who is wearing this stuff. I hope Cologne by Mugler is nicer.
16th September, 2002

Bora Bora for Men by Liz Claiborne

Seems bora boring to me. I felt it was similar to Curve yet not as good. Not offensive, but I wouldn't buy it. Like most Claiborne scents every other guy will buy it and you'll smell Bora Bora on subways, in restuarants, in grocery stores, way too often
12th August, 2002

Rococo Homme by Joop!

I guess I spoke too soon. Maybe I will learn to like it. Everyone in my office keeps walking by asking what I have on and how good I smell. Maybe I should reevaluate this fragrance before deciding to wear pickle juice.
01st August, 2002