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    Bugatti (original) by Etorre Bugatti

    This is a 90's powerhouse that is much more wearable than most of those from the same era. I agree with the three previous raters, and at the suggestion of Andre Moreau I just bought the Blue box with the logo and frosted bottle on Ebay for $49 (and there is one left). Very nice stuff that lightens at the right time.

    15th November, 2014


    Azzaro Pour Homme L'Eau by Azzaro

    As a fan of the old school powerhouse colognes, I always appreciated the original. However, as I have grown older I no longer reach for them (except for Aramis Havana). This is a very pleasant surprise for me as it has the essence of the original in a much more wearable juice. It is true to its given name as it is indeed a lighter version. I give it an 8.5 out of 10. As it is readily available at low prices I would recommend it for even a blind buy purchase.

    06th November, 2014


    Pi Leather Edition : Le Parfum Couture by Givenchy

    Pi spice + touch of leather= surprisingly good men's fragrance

    I was not disappointed when I finally found this one after searching for several months. I always liked Pi but found it a bit boring after awhile. This was a very pleasant surprise. The notes are no mystery and seem to be a bit less spice plus a bit of leather replacing it. Overall a very nice men's fragrance.

    Pros: Different, masculine EDT
    Cons: Very hard to find"

    11th October, 2013


    Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

    It fails as the masculine scent it is marketed as. The opening is not bad, but it dries down to a rather feminine mess of an overkill of ingredients.

    27th February, 2012


    Winter Star by Michael Storer

    A new, fresh, and quite potent masculine fragrance. I stated on the site that this could be the next "Le Male" if properly promoted and I stand by that statement. A perfect cool weather frag for men.

    20th January, 2009


    Oriental Woody by Pecksniff's

    This stuff is so much like Chanel Egoiste it is amazing. It is a pleasant generic juice, not too strong for summer and not too weak for winter. Very much a safe bet for an interview.

    08th November, 2008


    Rochas Lui by Rochas

    What Trebor said about it being what Gucci Pour Homme wanted to be is so very accurate. This is a very masculine scent and I don't get the floral notes at all. Jenson made a good point about it creating an aura of fine automobiles, perhaps from the wood panels of such. All in all a great creation.

    04th August, 2008


    Casual Friday by Escada

    Kind of like Le Male, but substituting anise/licorice for the lavender. I like Le Male and since I am surprisingly(since I can't stand eating this stuff) attracted to anise/licorice frags, I like this one as well. Difficult to find but worth a few dollars for a small bottle.

    12th October, 2006


    L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer

    Dry and spicy as the name suggests. It lasts forever and gets complimented frequently. Now in my top ten for sure. Tauer classifies this as a man's fragrance so it should not be listed as women's, although I can easily see women wearing it as well. Great stuff, particularly for the price.

    07th June, 2006


    Kiton Napoli by Kiton

    Excellent men's fragrance reminiscent of Dali Laguna. Very different from the original, much drier Kiton, as it is much sweeter. This is a Chardonnay while the original is a Sauvignon Blanc. Worth hunting for!

    15th December, 2005


    Relax by Davidoff

    According to Davidoff the triangle should read as follows: Top: Bergamot, Woods and Flowers; Heart: Geranium, Jasmine, Rosemary and Clove; Base: Balsamic, Vetiver, Patchouli, Amber

    26th January, 2005


    Scuderia Ferrari Black by Ferrari

    Similar to Boss Bottled(#6) which I like very much, but this is even better. Not as strong or sweet, just an excellent men's cologne at a very fair price.

    24th December, 2004 (Last Edited: 02nd January, 2005)


    Blu Notte pour Homme by Bulgari

    Smells exactly like a toned down version of Blu, which is not among my personal favorites.

    14th December, 2004


    Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

    Way too much anise for me!!!!!

    12th December, 2004


    Tabac Man by Mäurer & Wirtz

    I got this fragrance because it was said to be much like one of my favorites, Ghost Man. It indeed has many of the same ingredients. My first reaction was one of disappointment, as I really could not see the similarity. However, as I came back to total objectivity I realized how nice and complex this fragrance really is. Not surprising considering it has more ingredients than most fragrances. IMHO, one of the better unheralded scents out there.

    27th November, 2004


    Habit Rouge by Guerlain

    After reading glowing reviews, I obtained a bottle. Although it is obviously a quality fragrance, it is perhaps the most feminine men's cologne I have ever tried. Not for me, thank you. As a men's cologne- a thumbs down!

    16th November, 2004


    Ghost Man by Ghost

    One of the great new launches. Could not find it in the US so I got it from the UK. It has many of the same ingredients as Le Male(Bergamot, Mint, Orange, Sandalwood and Tonka), but without the lavender it is more refined. You won't be disappointed!

    15th November, 2004

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