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Burberry London for Men by Burberry

Burberry London is a woody, spicy, oriental fragrance that has an outstanding reputation. It also is on the cheap side, which is nice. The note lineup is very nice and extremely unique. I mean Cinnamon, port wine, leather, and tobacco, I can not say that I have seen notes like that in any other fragrance. It really comes off as a very spicy top, with a floral aspect, given from the lavender, and a tiny hint of citrus. As it dries down, it becomes even darker, and much more woody. The port wine, tobacco, and leather come into play. They give Burberry London that boozy, intoxicating feel that it is known for. This is a perfect fragrance for the winter and fall, and it would be hard to find a better fragrance for the holidays. It is pretty masculine and mot certainly very unique. Longevity can at times be spotty, but I usually get 5-8 hours when I wear this fragrance. This is for sure an amazing complement getter as well. Overall, Burberry London is by far one of the most unique and interesting fragrances that I have ever encountered. The notes help to make this one extraordinary along with the unmistakable bottle. For any one looking for a woody, spicy, oriental fragrance to us during the fall and winter, I would strongly recommend Burberry London.
30th January, 2011

Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

Bleu de Chanel, Chanel's most recent offering, is a fresh-woody-aromatic fragrance. It is very generic, and smells like something that I have smelled before. It is your average fresh-woody fragrance, but taken to a higher level with Chanel. It starts out as a fresh, blue, citrus, grapefruit, ginger fragrance. It then goes into a very woody incense stage, along with the vetiver. It smells like a very high quality fragrance, and it smells much more expensive than it is. Longevity and projection are both good for a fresh fragrance. Why do people hate this fragrance so much? Not every fragrance has to be groundbreaking and revolutionary. If you are looking for a fresh, Summer fragrance, this is great. Chanel almost always does a good job with their fragrances, and Bleu De Chanel is no different. Maybe people should actually try the fragrance and form their own opinions rather than just saying what is popular and what other people will agree with. Bleu de Chanel is a solid fragrance that I will most definitely be wearing in the Summer and Spring. I get good complements from this fragrance and no one seems to have a problem with it. For someone who is looking for a Summer/Spring fragrance, I would absolutely recommend this one. It is a very safe, every day fragrance but done very well.
29th January, 2011

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

This is a fabulous fragrance. It is an incredibly unique fragrance and I personally have smelled nothing like it. It is a very interesting take on a mossy-green fragrance. It is very clean, very mossy, and, even has a petroleum smell. Some people even go as far as to say that it is a gasoline smell. For me, the top has a very clean, crisp, dark, petroleum feel. Also I get a tiny hint of citrus (Lemon I believe) and it also has a mossy-green feel, as I already mentioned. As it dries down, it becomes slightly softer and less harsh and less offensive. In the dry- down I get a lot of musk, and sandalwood, which gives me a very dark, nutty vibe. It is a very masculine fragrance and most likely geared towards older gentleman. I have also seen people classify it as a sexy fragrance. Longevity and projection are phenomenal. I do tend to get a good deal of compliments when I wear this as well. The best thing about this particular fragrance is that you will get noticed. When you wear this fragrance, you will not smell like anyone else. You will demand attention and respect. All this is just what I have come to expect from the classic known as Fahrenheit. It is still selling well, even though it has been out since 1988, which means it has a lot of repeat buyers. Make no mistake, there is a lot of love for Fahrenheit, and for good reason too.
14th January, 2011
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Bulgari pour Homme by Bulgari

Bvlgari Pour Homme is a very fresh, citrus, floral scent. It is from the Bvlgari House, which is a good house, but overrated. Longevity is very spotty for me and it is a close to the skin fragrance (it does not project at all). For some this is great because it is subtle and classy. Personally, I like my fragrances to project some. I have been using this one as a scent to wear to work. It has a lot to offer as far as the note lineup goes. It also is pretty cheap, which is a plus. If you enjoy fragrances that develop on your skin (the fragrance has many stages and phases) you will love this one. It starts out as a very fresh, classy, sweet citrus floral. It goes into a warmer, darker, more spicy floral. It dries down to a very spicy, dark woods. Overall, it is a nice subtle, fresh and classy scent that is cheap. Despite its projection and longevity issues, I continue to use it.
31st December, 2010

Cuba Blue by Cuba Paris

This fragrance is nauseating at best. It is not unique at all, does not last, and does not project. It is very, very synthetic smelling and does not develop at all on my skin. I guess you could say I got what I paid for, but Cuba Blue makes the rest of the Cuba fragrances look like Creeds. In my opinion, it smells like Cool Water except more synthetic and mixed with a bunch of stale herbs. Yes, the dry down is slightly better than the top, but still....... DO NOT BUY CUBA BLUE!
31st December, 2010

1 Million by Paco Rabanne

This is a fabulous fragrance. It is difficult to acquire in America which (if you have it) makes you very unique. Very few other men will be wearing this in America. Besides unique, it lasts a long time and also projects. I get 8 hours + every time I wear this one. Also people notice it because it projects. The scent itself is very pleasant. It is all natural except for the leather. It is very sweet, spicy (love the cinnamon), and floral (love the rose). I pick up a ton of grapefruit at the top of this fragrance. Most likely you will love or hate the fragrance based on the grapefruit, because it is (at least for me) the main note in the top, and heart of the fragrance. Unfortunately, it is very feminine smelling, so women could be wearing the same thing that you are. The scent is nice, but not groundbreaking, so if a bunch of other people have it, then you ill not be unique. From what I have heard these things are selling like hot cakes in Europe right now, so it is difficult for people over there to wear it. Overall, 1 million is a nice scent that lasts and projects. It is feminine smelling and not very unique in some places. I really am fond of this fragrance, so I really had to give it a thumbs up.
31st December, 2010

Eau Parfumée au Thé Rouge by Bulgari

I would like to start by saying that i am a big fan of all Bulgari products. This one i got in a gift pack with the lotion, and after shave. to me, this is a floral, sweet, crisp, and light fragrance. The longevity is very spotty, and the projection is alright. The red tea and the pepper also play very important roles. It settles down form light and energetic to a more mellow, soothing, and relaxing tea scent. I like this line of products (au the rouge, blanc,and verte) and if you are into floral tea based scents, i think you will enjoy this. the longevity is one of the worst things about this scent however. This is definitely a unisex fragrance in my eyes, and is slightly on the feminine side, which i do not mind. Overall, i give this a solid 8 out of 10, and a thumbs up, which i don not give too often. DEFINITELY CHECK THIS ONE OUT. you will love it!! It is a great complement getter.
17th November, 2010

360 Degrees White for Men by Perry Ellis

This is a spicy, woody and sweet scent, that i like pretty well. The longevity and projection are very good, and it is a great winter wera, and can be used as a signature scent. The vanilla and musk are strong, and they are the stars of the show. Props to perry ellis for the fragrance, I do enjoy it, and it is, in a way, unique. It is almost like a gourmand, with that sweet vanilla. I actually really do not like gourmands generally (i.e Le male, Thierry muggler) but this is a nice alternative. So give this one a try. It is understated, classy, and very appealing in my eyes. Nice job Perry Ellis!
17th November, 2010

McGraw by Tim McGraw

This is a spicy, very woody, and slightly sweet scent. Definitely the whiskey, and nutmeg are too strong for me, and it smells very synthetic. By the way, I am talking about Mcgraw southern blend, not silver or any of the other ones. It is supposed to be a fall scent, and it is okay. I would give it a 5 out of 10. Longevity and projection are poor, and the overall scent is okay, but strong and fake to be honest. most likely one to avoid. This is not very original either, and does not stand out against any other woody oriental fragrances.
17th November, 2010

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

I think people do not spend enough time wearing this fragrance. they put it on , smell it, and then think it is awful, and very soapy. When I first bought this I thought the same thing, but he more time you spend wearing this fragrance, it turns into a refreshingly sweet crisp apple scent that is actually alright. DEFINITELY not even close to being one of the best summer fragrances, but the scent itself is actually okay, and slightly unique. I started grabbing for the bottle more and more often, and I realized that there was more to this scent. So if you think you would like a crisp, slightly sweet, warm and refreshing apple scent, give it a try. Longevity and projection are actually pretty good for this fragrance.
17th November, 2010

Light Blue Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

This is a very appealing aquatic scent for younger men, and is sweet, crisp, and a lot of citrus. I have to say i do enjoy this fragrance, and it is one of the better summer fragrances (designer). Okay longevity and decent projection. the scent itself i am a big fan of. Definitely is very floral, and fruity. scent strength is not very strong though.
17th November, 2010

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

This is a nice fall fragrance, that is great for the younger crowd. However, because it is a Giogio Armani fragrance, lots of people do have it. I would describe it as a warm spicy woody scent, that is a great night wear. Longevity and projection are decent, but with an armani fragrance you are essentially paying for the name. so there are definitely a lot of better woody oriental scents out there. However, it is a relatively enjoyable scent, and i would give it a 6.5 out of 10. I have to say i do like it, and it is very appealing. one to look into if you are looking for a fall/winter scent.
17th November, 2010

Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

This is a fresh, and crisp aquatic scent that I have recently acquired. Overall, pretty solid fragrance, with good longevity and projection. I definitely pick up on the various woods, and tobacco, which makes it more complex, and a little bit different. This definitely reminds me of Dolce and Gabanna light blue, and they smell very similar. Also, i believe it has rose, which is very nice. This is one of the better aquatics out there, and i would give it an 8 out of 10. It is refreshing, lively energetic and something to check out.
17th November, 2010
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