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Coach Leatherware by Coach

Leatherware is definitely a nice fragrance to wear. To me, the opening isn't too attractive, as it's a rather sharp and, as SirSlarty mentioned, harsh citrus scent. With that, once you let the top notes sit and mellow out, (after about 15-30 minutes), the fragrance really transforms into a balanced scent with hints of the top notes. For me, this is a very safe and grounded cologne. I can wear it at the office, as well as school. Longevity is not an issue for me as I applied this some 10 hours ago and can still smell it, although faintly, on my arm. The strong range seems to be between 6-8 hours though.

I would apply three sprays in total: one on each wrist/forearm, and one around the lower-mid neck.
05th December, 2010