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Burberry London for Men Special Edition by Burberry

Beautiful fragrance. A hint of original Burberry london without the strong christmas tree accord. If orginal London's christmas tree accord is turned up to a 10, London special has the christmas tree on a 4. A nice amber accord has been added which gives it more warmth. This one is blended quite nicely and the woods in it even the fragrance out and makes it very smooth and pleasant. This one is a 10 in my book and i'll be wearing it very often this season. Sweet, spicy, warm, manly, sexy. Thats London special edition.
18th December, 2010

Guerlain Homme by Guerlain

The dry down reminds me of regular Faultless spray starch. Not exactly a bad scent but I cant see wearing this on my skin.
03rd December, 2010

Pi by Givenchy

Nastiest frag i've put on my skin so far...I picked up a note that smelled like medicine to me. Probably those Benzoin Crystals. Then the sweet notes were very cloying on top of that. I waited for an hour to see if it would dry down to something nice but I couldnt stand it any longer. I had to go take a shower to get it off of my skin then i drowned myself in a different fragrance just to cover it up. I absolutely do not understand why anyone would wear this let alone like it.
01st December, 2010
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