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Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens

Finally got a bottle after all these years! My mom went to Paris last week and she had to go all the way to Palais Royal Sheishedo to get it.

I am speechless, I love this scent. No need to deconstruct. You just have to smell it to appreciate it.

29th November, 2014

Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

I love this scent to death, it's the few fragrance that I buy repeatedly, this and Green Irish Tweed. If the Eau de Toilette is too strong, go for the similarly potent aftershave and combine with the deo stick, it is strong enough for day time usage. for night, go for the edt.

Love this scent!
08th June, 2012

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

Gives me a headache,I hate the smell of Eternity for Men. My buddies back in high school,1990,they all wore Eternity for Men and I was stuck in a car with everybody wearing it,makes me gag.Thumbs down.
06th April, 2007
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Devin by Aramis

Thumbs waaay up!My dad used to wear this when I was in grade school.Bought a bottle two weeks ago and it smells exactly the same!It's my fave right now.Sweet,leathery,fresh,deep,and women love Devin....Please do not discontinue this gem and bring back Havana and Portos please!
06th April, 2007

Aqua Fitness by Biotherm

Please bring it back!!!!!I love Aqua Fitness EDT and Shower Gel!!After gym scent doesn't get any better than this!!!
19th March, 2007

Aramis Cool by Aramis

To me, smells like ice cold Bombay Sapphire Gin with a twist of lemon.
25th February, 2007

Gigli Man by Romeo Gigli

Thumbs up! I bought the smallest bottle wore it for the first time today, and got tons of compliment! One girl said that it smells "delicious" and "yummy." Very masculine yet fresh, it reminds me of Roger&Gallet Open but less citrusy and barbershopy smell. I like this one better. Very easy to wear and I'm beginning to believe that the more straight forward the scent the more compliments that I get. Sillage is good! It stayed on me all day.
23rd June, 2006

Roma Uomo by Laura Biagiotti

I love this scent! If you like vanilla but not too vanillic, try this Ambery/Fougere offering from Biagotti! Girls love the smell! When I wear this, I noticed tha girls took deep breaths as to inhale the scent. They said that it just smells good. Sweet but not cloying and it still retains its freshness and yet the dry down is masculine,delicious and deep. I can see why some girls would want to rip a man's clothes when smelling LB Roma. Can't never over apply!
23rd June, 2006

Obsession by Calvin Klein

The sexiest women's fragrance!!!!!Yummy,yummy,yummy, only beautiful,tall, slim, extroverted,trendy women need to apply! I imagine this is the perfect scent for an orgy among beautiful young, nubile women!
01st June, 2006

L'Anarchiste by Caron

Ugggh! What is this? Smells like a dumpster laced with rotten orange peels.
24th April, 2006

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

If it is so terrible, then how come it became 2004 Basenote Award winner? It's good for what it is. Fresh, uplifting, and airy. Very casual and wearable. Perfect for dining al-fresco in Santa Monica Promenade or Sunset boulevard in the summer or late spring. Oh yah, and girls love it!
26th March, 2006

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Kouros,nothing like it! Such a memorable scent! Sweet,sexy and sweaty! The smell of sweat might be foul to some but if that person is a gorgeous girl, Hmmmmmm, sexy!!!!!! Kouros is that sweaty, sexy, and gorgeous girl! A little off-putting but just can't get enough!
26th March, 2006

Envy for Men by Gucci

Got it when it first made its appearance. Nothing special, a little too sharp and heady for me.
26th March, 2006
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A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

I liked it when it first came out. I can't stand it anymore! I don't find the smell of coffee,chocolote and vanilla sexy at all, especially on a man! This scent is totally effimate and girls find it a little, well, girly on a guy. Memorable just because people think that you just marinade yourself in a coffee and cotton candy bathe. They won't remember you because you smelled sexy. Stuffy,sickly sweet, and sinus blasting vile juice!
26th March, 2006

V'E Versace by Versace

This is the EdP version that says EXTRAIT CALAMAIO. It is bottled in a 1/2 oz glass bottled and encased in a beautiful acrylic case. Bought it back in 1991. I think this was a limited release scent. One word: Luxurious! They don't make it like this anymore for sure! Smooth,flowery and completely wearable for an EdP. Appropriate for both day and evening scent. Very feminine yet super super sexy! Quality and class all the way!!!!!!
26th March, 2006

YSL pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Bracing,Uplifting,Refreshing akin to walking across a field of cut lemon field! This scent takes you to places, perhaps innocent days gone by?
12th March, 2006

Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

Heady,sweet to the point of stuffiness. Smells exactly like Lacoste PH albeit with a much better dry down. Too stuffy for tropical,hot and humid climates. Now, where is my Kouros?
12th March, 2006

Himalaya by Creed

Very nice scent, fresh and classy but gone in 60 seconds! This is worst than Armani Code that I had a while ago! If I can get Himalaya for $80 for the 4oz bottle I'd give it a thumbs up, but for full retail of $150? I don't think so.
18th February, 2006

Original Santal by Creed

I really liked this! I'm not sure this is a masculine scent? The top is a bit too feminine/sweet for me. I think Creed should relabel this unisex!
07th February, 2006

Original Vetiver by Creed

I tried OV when I bought SMW and OS. The first burst smelt like freshly cut grass,moss,water and the odour of a billy goat. Then it smelt exactly like a barbershop, actually it reminds me of Pinaud,Talcum powder,and Barbicide! One of those old fashioned but immaculate barbershop that you might find around New York City. I don't really know what Vetiver smells like, but I kind of like OV. I sprayed it on my wrist and couldn't stop sniffing it all day. Very fresh/antiseptic/soapy smell!
07th February, 2006

Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

I love this scent! I'm almost finished with my Armani Code and definitely getting this! It does remind me of Kouros but I like the powdery smell of Rive Gauche. Very unique!
07th February, 2006

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

Smells too similar to Cool Water. I hate Cool Water, it reminds me of my girlfriend's father, but GIT drydown is just fantastic. I don't know if I would buy another bottle though.

I don't think GIT is for anyone below 27.
25th December, 2005

Aromatics Elixir by Clinique

My mother loves this scent. For me, it's headache in a bottle. Very pungent and piercing smell. Very cloying too. Not a fan of dry, chyprey scent.
10th December, 2005

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

My dad, his brother and my grandfather wore this. So the images stuck. Gives me a headache and it smells like "old men" and their bathrooms. A parfum that you might find in the bathroom of 50 and older men, next to an ancient can of Barbasol,Pinaud,and Colgate.
09th December, 2005

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

I love this fragrance, a good substitute for my signature Mania Man. Problem is it doesn't last 10 minutes on me so I have to spray it like crazy to get the same staying power(sillage) and strength as Mania Man. So I have to spray at least 6 times, 2 on my neck, 2 on my arms, and 2 on my body. Delicious dry down, girls love it, but not as much as they love Mania Man. It could be great if Armani could make it much stronger(maybe in Extreme edition?) and maybe add a littel amber or white musk on the dry down?
07th December, 2005

Armani Mania by Giorgio Armani

The best scent that I've ever worn. I had my share of scents sinc 1985, too many too mention. But none of them received as much compliments as Mania Man. All girls, I mean all! love Mania Man,whether teenagers, adults in their 20's,30's,40's love this scent. My bottle is empty, askes everyone that I know what other scent should I get? Get this, all them, I mean all,my co-workers,girlfriends,my girl,students from teens to adult,unanimously told me to get another bottle. Getting another one at the duty free but at the mean time, I got a small bottle of Black Code, a good substitute but I have to spray it like crazy to get the same sillage and staying power as Mania Man. Mania Man, no substitute, went to the mall with my friends(all of them girls and familiar with Mania Man on me), tried most of the thumbs up scents in Basenote,GivenchyPHRed and blue, Aramis Cool,Lacoste Homme, Baldasarinni,Del Mar, Miracle,BurberryTouch,L'EauParKenzo(they like this one),BlackCode(love it after I sprayed ten sprays on me,very short lived),RivegaucheHomme,Very Irresistable,guess what came on top? Mania Man and Black Code. Mania Man, excellent staying power on my skin, it just works with my body chemistry,when I hug or cuddle or fool around with my girlfriends, they told me afterwards that they could still smell the scent on their clothings, and I definitely love that!
07th December, 2005